My Gang
On the street, theres my gang,
My gang is either naughty or nice,
Its really important which side you on,
Yeah me and my gang are dangerous,
But who wouldnt be with this life and the rumors,
We got guns in our shoes and belts,
Its all we got to protect ourselves,
We have street fights and gun fights,
If your walking, its either a stab in the back or a shot in leg,
Revenge is a big thing to us and others,
If one of our members turns up dead,
Then guess what? We get revenge on those who killed him,
Our rival gang is very dangerous and deadly,
Theyll kill you in a instant if your not careful,
Their leaders name is Angela,
Get this. Angela and me were great friends,
But thats the key word, were,
She just turned her back on me and her friendship,
This is why you never trust another or its gonna be betrayal,
I only have 1 thing to say to her,
"Stay away from me and my gang,
Or, police, your gonna have a new body to investigate."
If your on the streets, remember this is life and my gang