What he goes Through
Nobody knows what he goes through,
He could of gone to hell and back,
But it doesnt matter to anyone,
He walks home in the rain, headphones blaring,
He cant hear that somebody is coming up behind him,
He suddenly gets hit in the back of the head,
Everything goes black, but this is just a normal routine,
Wakes up in a dumpster, trash all over him,
He pulls himself out and starts walking again,
While walking you can hear him mutter, "This is always happening,"
As he starts walking home, he remembers,
He remembers his life, his school, and his parents,
School is just hell, they mock you and laugh at you,
Your just an outsider, what are you gonna do?
Nothing. You can do nothing but be an outsider,
Hes just a problem to his parents also just a disappointment,
His parents wont even talk to him or treat him right,
"They give him clothes, shelter, and food," they say "thats enough,"
The parents are always gone or on business trips,
Hes all alone in his house or better yet his life,
All in all, hes got no friends or family that cares,
All around his neighborhood theres street fights or gangs,
They dont know but he carries a knife in his shoe at all times,
Hes been jumped before and almost shot or stabbed,
Everybody admits it, he doesnt fit in with them,
Lucky he doesnt cut or smoke since he lives in this neighborhood,
This is just the way things are,
Maybe, one day, he will be a respected man,
Maybe he will have lots of friends who are just like him,
Might never get the respect he should get from his parents,
But he will keep trying to get their respect,
Even though his life is down right now,
He can and will rise again,
This is what he goes through