The knife grows ever closer
Every time I see you two together
It tears me more and more apart
Cuts me deeper every day it happens
Every day it does happen
There is no way to avoid it now
The knife is cool against my arm
I can't deal with it!
I'd be better off dead
The tip of the knife is now in my vein
Drawing blood slowly as ever
The pain is in no match to the pain you give me
For giving me up
The knife goes deeper
Your picture stained with blood now
As it lies on the floor under my dripping arm
Pain more
still not amounting to the pain you've given me
I want to top that pain
The knife points through the bottom
Feeling the ridges cut through muscle and flesh
The pain doesn't amount to the pain you've given me
Pulling the knife back out
Relieving this pain that doesn't amount
Your photo dyed blood red now
The knife moves to the other arm now
Inserts itself between my bones
Cuts the deeper, cuts the more
I can feel it piercing flesh and muscle
Scraping bone it hurts so much
This pain doesn't amount to the pain you've given me
My skin is turning a pale white
Looking more and more like a ghost drenched in paint
This paint is my own blood
This white is my loss of life
This pain will never amount to the pain you've given me
I can't stand it anymore
Life might as well be over
The knife comes out and moves towards my neck
Still not dead yet
Pierces the skin
Pierces the vein
Blood flows down my shirt
This pain won't ever amount to the pain you've given me
Piercing flesh and piercing muscle
Piercing the tube from which air flows
Breathing is difficult
Coughing up blood
Death is inescapable
This pain nearly amounts the pain you've given me
As I lay there dying
Unable to move
I utter my last breath
And my last words
"You'll never understand this pain, this pain you've given me"