Cyber Girl by Sweet n' Yummy

Chapter One: Shinbo Creates Cyber Girl Momiji

Claimer: I CLAIM EVERYTHING!!! I mean it, a lot of hard work went in to this. All of the characters are mine, and the story is mine as well.

Shinbo rubbed his eyes, he'd been looking at the computer screen far too long. "All right, she's almost complete." Shinbo hit the 'enter' key on the key board. A pop-up came up on the screen: 'Project Name?....' Shinbo paused for a moment and thought, What would he call her? ............Then it came to him, Shinbo typed in, "Cyber Girl, Momiji" then hit the 'enter' key once more.

"Cyber Girl Momiji"

Shinbo got up off his computer and went over to a soulless looking figure of a girl of about fifteen with light brown hair and creamy skin. The girl was motionless, slouching over a metal beam that was supporting her. The girl had all kinds of wires hooked up to every joint of her body. Shinbo Began to take all of the wires out, one by one...... He finished, then moved the body over to his bed and laid the heavy form down and all of the holes that were left from the wires began to seal as if they were never there. Then Shinbo went back to his computer and began typing again; The computer read: 'Code Number: 193887.' To activate your personal Cybercom read aloud this code to their ear directly then speak their name and they will automaticaly put it into their memory bank as their personal title. Shinbo then got up once more and went over to the pale faced girl and put his mouth up to her ear and began to read the code, "193887..... Momiji......" Shinbo lifted his head, suddenly the girls eyelids began to open to reveal a set of brightly colored amber eyes.

(author's note: during this part of the story on, Italics will mean the character is thinking.)

Shinbo: Her eyes are so beautiful.... Well that's it I guess........ Lets see, what's your name?..........
Momiji: .......Momiji........ (author's note: pronounced, MO Me Gee.)
Shinbo: What a soft voice. Great! Can you stand up Momiji?

Momiji then stood erect, wobbling slightly, but gaining her balance quickly.

Momiji: ......?
Momiji: ????
Shinbo: .....How uncomfortable... Well?
Momiji: Y-your code?
Shinbo: (!)

Shinbo smiled then laughed.....

Shinbo: Right. How could I forget?......I'm Shinbo........

Momiji then smiled as well......

Momiji: Hello Shinbo.......

Chapter One, END.

* * * * *

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Note: When going back and rereading this, I realized that I switched back and forth between novel and script format. Just so you guys know, I have decided to mainly use script format, but sometimes I will use the novel format if it helps the scene better.