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Cyber Girl Momiji by Sweet n' Yummy

Chapter Six: A Letter From Shinbo's Cousin

Shinbo didn't really sleep the night before last. He had just kept thinking about what he'd done to Momiji and how wrong it was. And that he even started to think for a second that it was Momiji's fault somehow and not his....... There he was, Shinbo had only had Momiji for just a few days and he had kissed her. What was his problem? Momiji's fault? How could it even possibly have been her fault, if she didn't even understand what Shinbo had done to her. Shinbo couldn't stop thinking about it. Had Momiji been a person she would probably never talk to Shinbo again for catching her so off guard and it being against her will.

But the next mourning, Shinbo found that Momiji had practically forgotten the whole thing by greeting him with a letter when he woke, smiling happily as she said the sweetest thing to him, "Shinbo, it's all right, about what happened last night. I think there was just a misunderstanding. Let's still be good friends, ok?" Shinbo was so shocked by her reaction but before he had time to think more into the subject Momiji put the letter in her hand right up to his face.

Shinbo took it from her as Momiji handed it to him. The letter read:

Dear Shinbo,

I hope you get this letter in time. Your cousin, Nori misses you and would like to see you.
He says that you haven't had time together since you left a year ago for schooling.
But I told him that you were still busy with schooling and he would just have to wait to see you again.

But as it turns out, I am going away for business then I will be taking a trip and
I am going to need someone to watch over Nori while I am gone. Since you are almost done with the
semester, I thought maybe you could visit after all. It would just be for a couple weeks, that's all, then
I would come home and you could return home before school starts again. Please write back
to me as soon as you get this.

Signed, your Aunt

Shinbo wrote back, excited with the idea of seeing his cousin again and said yes. Shinbo helped Momiji pack what little she had and Shinbo mainly brought his lap-top and four or five changes of clothes expecting his Aunt's House to still be carrying most of his old ones, considering his Aunt's big old mansion out in the country was where he used to live. After brief packing, Shinbo and Momiji were now off to the Train station to go his Shinbo's Aunt's House.

* * * * * *

on the train to Shinbo's cousin >

Momiji sat on the seat next to Shinbo, with Bleu on her lap looking out the train window intently waging his little plastic tail as they rode the train. Which was making all kinds of high pitch clicking noises as it rode the strong metal tracks. Momiji looked up at Shinbo smiling like she always does and asked him, "Shinbo what is your Aunt like?" Shinbo looked at her saying calmly, "Well, she's very sweet, and very sour sometimes.... but I grew up her raising me, so I know for a fact that she'll like you." Momiji's smile grew wider as she heard that last part and she nodded at Shinbo then looked out her window as she saw the city fade away. Momiji wanted to make a good impression for Shinbo. That would make him happy she thought.

( 30 minutes later )

Momiji then heard a rumbling noise and looked up at Shinbo who was starting to fall asleep, Momiji just looked at him confused, she'd never seen anyone sleep and make that strange rumbling noise before, "Shinbo?" Momiji asked softly but was given no answer. So she asked again and Shinbo woke with Momiji tugging lightly at his shirt, "~yes..... what is it Momiji?" Momiji looked straight in his eyes as if worried about something, "You were making a strange rumbling noise that I did not understand. Is there something wrong? Are you sick?" Shinbo realized instantly what rumbling noise she was talking about, "No, I'm fine. I was just snoring, that's all. Ok?" Momiji looked relieved, somewhat. "What is snoring?" she asked. Shinbo smiled, "I don't really know actually....." Shinbo scratched the back of his head. "Then how do know you were doing it?" Momiji asked. Shinbo looked back at her, "Well, I guess I just....... know....." Shinbo smiled. Momiji still looked confused but smiled anyway with him. Momiji then leaned on Shinbo's shoulder and closed her eyes.

* * * * * *

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