End is now
End is tomorrow
End is always
The end is always close
Death is now
Death is tomorrow
Death is always
Death grows always closer
Why am I put through all this pain?
I would be so much better off being dead and gone
Stop it
I hate you
Leave me now
And forget I exist
For I won't by the end of tomorrow
For when today become tomorrow I will be preparing
Preparing for my end
Preparing for the final end as I'm concerned
Who am I kidding?
My love is pushing me into tragedy
Tragedy and despair and hatred
Leaving you would be so good
It would end the pain for both of us
Leaving everything is the end
You can forget me
You can forget my image
You can forget my mind
Don't remember it'll hurt you
I'm so sorry
I never meant to do this
But I just couldn't hold back
This life that lives within me
It just winds up hurting everyone
Goodbye everyone
Goodbye you
Don't remember me