The Road to the End

As I travel down the road to the end of my days
My vision blurs as the distant memories flash.
My young daughter jumps in the pool with a splash,
The two pieces of her bathing suit horribly clash
On that hot summer day at the end of May.

My memories delve deeper, to the horrible crash
When my first love was killed by a train rolling past.
The next day at school the flag was half-massed,
That's when I learned of his death. The tears came too fast.
I ran away from that place and was home in a flash.

Not wanting that painful memory to last
I willed it away, white flashed before my eyes.
All that I hear is a baby's soft cries.
Trying to comfort little me, my young mother sighs
As she thinks of the childhood she lost in the past.

I saw memories, of love, happiness, deciet and lies.
But suddenly they all disappear from my sight.
All I see is a tunnel, as black as night,
And at the end is a white blinding light.
For this is the end of my journey, I've said my good byes.