(Odd Man Out)

In this world it's hard to be yourself
When so many try to put you down.
Surrounded by people yet so alone
Trapped in this mediocre sea you drown.

You find yourself left out
And you act like you don't care,
But inside you're crying.
Nobody said life was fair.

"You don't belong."
"You don't fit in."
Don't listen to their lies
You must never give in.

Don't change your identity
To please the uncaring crowd.
Stop hiding and denying yourself
And take off that mask and shroud.

Let your light shine through
And break the dark that makes them blind.
They don't think that you matter
But you know you do in your heart and mind.

Remember, you're not really alone
It doesn't matter what they say.
Embrace who you are
And live life your own way.