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2. Making and Breaking Ties

Onkei glared at the American man, "Who are you?" she said in English. He smiled greasily at her and said, "My name is Ray Sullivan, and I work as an agent just like you, since the merger is being made, my boss sent me to Japan to be your partner."

"Hmph. You Americans are so pushy." Onkei had really nothing else to say to this man called Ray; he had come out of nowhere and proclaimed he was now her partner. She gave him a childish pout, "I have no information for our next mission, enlighten me please."

She swished her pigtails as they discreetly walked out of the concert hall and into the cold early Spring night. Suddenly they heard some shrill of a crowd, "Oh my God! It's Onkei Satsue! We love you Onkei!!!"

Onkei turned in horror as a whole fan club ran after them, Onkei grabbed Ray's arm and dragged him like a rag doll down the pavement, running from the stampeed of adoring fans.

"Eeek! They're getting closer!" Onkei ran faster, with Ray trying to pull out of Onkei's grip, "Satsue! Get off my jacket!" She smiled evilly at him, "Fine!" She threw his arm back, flinging him into the fans; they trampled him while Onkei got away.

~At Onkei's hotel sweet~

Onkei lay back on her bed, eating the last of her dumplings as the rest of the band chilled out by the Minibar. "Oya! Get away from there!" (O ya=oh!) She said laughing. The drummer, Miatso, pouted and said, "But we want Sake'!"

They went on with that until Ray tapped on her window from outside, Onkei jumped back in surprise, "Oya!!! It's a giant hato!" Ray frowned at her and gestured for her to pen the window, "Sullivan, what are you doing here?!" Onkei exclaimed opening the window.

He gave her a death glare and climbed inside, "After you left me for Fan- Food, I picked my bloodied body up and gave the Boss a call, and he told me where to find you." She laughed playfully and stuck out her toung, "That will teach you not to hesitate when I say: 'Run!'"

"So please tell me what is our next mission? I want to spy and be stealthy!" Onkei asked, she was staring to get on Ray's nerves.

His left eyelid twitched at her high-pitched girly voice, "We need to get a microchip back from the Intergalactic Ren. They stole it from the American- Japanese science lab in Sakura City. They want to use it to bring everyone to Space before destroying the Earth."

Onkei frowned cutely, "But that would mean.people would have to pay for shipping fees, and all other expenses.not everyone on Earth is that rich, people would be left behind!"

Ray glared up at the ceiling, "That's why we have to get the chip back." Onkei tugged his sleeve, "But why is the chip so important?!" Ray looked back at her, "I really don't know."