Scott Dollar's Mother

By:Andrew Troy Keller

As far back as I could remember,Scott Dollar's mother was indeed a Melissa Gilbert type beauty,who looked so hot,that I've had no choice,but to have sensual fantasies about her.

But that was until the Eighth day of May,when I've discovered just how hot she really was,for while I was moving the Dollar family's back yard and working up a thirst,Mrs. Dollar had opened the back door and stepped out of the house wearing nothing,but a bathrobe.

When she had invited to come inside the house and have some lemonade,I've said 'yes',because I was so hot and thirsty at that time.

After I've walked into the house and began to gulp down some lemonade,Mrs. Dollar had opened up her robe,flashed her nude body in front of me and asked,"Have you ever made love with a woman before,Freddy?"

All I've done was sit there in stunned silence,while Mrs. Dollar had walked over to me,sat down on my lap and said,"Don't worry,Freddy.I'll gentle with you as possible."

And after she had placed my hands on her chest,she had kissed me ever so passionately on the lips.

A few minutes later,after she had taken me upstairs to her bedroom and helped me take off all of my clothes,she had placed me and herself on the bed and made passionate love to me.

Thankfully,Scott and his dad had no idea about us.