By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the Sixteenth day of May,when a group of Baldwin-Wallace students had arrived in Rome to join Professor Charles Stewart in examining some ancient Roman ruins for any signs of recorded Roman archives for scientific study.

One of those students,a Tori Spelling type beauty named Molly Langford has been unable to believe that such creatures as Roman Gods had actually exsisted,but that was until one of those Roman Gods known as Apollo had noticed just how beautiful Molly was and decided to go to Earth,retrieve his newfound true love and bring her back to Mount Olympus.

And so,even though the mighty all-father of the Gods known as Zeus had forbidden any further contacts with the mortals on the planet Earth,Apollo had gotten onto his flaming chariot and rode it down to the world of the beautiful Molly.

As soon as he had landed his flaming chariot in an area next to the old Roman ruins,the God of the sun,music,poetry,prophecy and healing had started using his power over music to lure the curious Molly out of the ruins and towards the awaiting Apollo.

And after she had noticed how handsome the God of the sun actually was,Molly had wrapped her arms around him,let out a smile and kissed him ever so passionately on the lips.

After the kiss,the two newfound lovers had stepped onto the flaming chariot and rode it back up to Mount Olympus,where the messenger God known as Mercury had appeared in front of them and informed Apollo that Zeus has demanded to see him for what he had done to anger the mighty all-father of the Roman Gods.

And after they had heard that,Molly had taken her beloved Apollo by the hand and told him that she doesn't care about whatever happens to him,because she'll always love him with all of her heart.

And with that,both Apollo and his ladylove had followed Mercury to the throne room of the mighty Zeus,who had looked at the Earth-born girl that he had brought back to Olympus with him and noticed the love that they've had for each other.

After he had thought about it,the mighty Zeus had decided to allow Molly to remain on Mount Olympus and become the wife of his son,Apollo--and after Venus,the Goddess of beauty and love and Juno,the Goddess of marriage and women had helped prepare her for her wedding,Molly had looked at the wonderous view of Mount Olympus and realized that she had made the right decision to remain with her one true love.

Meanwhile,back on Earth,Professor Stewart and the other Baldwin-Wallace students were looking all over the Roman ruins for their missing friend with no success--and yet,they've had no idea that she has actually discovered her one true love with happens to live on Mount Olympus.