This is my first ever original fic, so be nice, please.


I was never a popular girl, well, that was putting it mildly. When I was in grade one I had one friend, my best friend, her name was Kathryn. We did everything together; we were like twins, inseparable. We even looked somewhat alike, pale skin, black hair and freckles. We were the absolute picture of innocence. Until the storm.

Her family was rich, her father the owner of some big corporation. They owned many houses, and a few boats. Her father was taking her out on a fishing expedition, way out at sea. He said the fish bite better there. But a freak storm came up, tossing the boat around like the last M&M in a blue plastic case. According to her father, (he survived) the boat capsized, righted itself, then repeated the process at least twice. His story was that he reached a lifeboat, and tried to get Kathryn onto it, but she was stuck in the cabin, the door held shut by a large metal chest. I never forgave him for that. In my eyes, he should have stayed on the boat to help her. Even if there was no hope for her, he should have stayed with her, not just abandon her to die like that.

He should have died too.

So there I was, eight years later, a 15 year old grade niner with no hope for the future. No friends, no outstanding grades to speak of, I just existed. A being. Alone at breaktimes, I watched the popular girls flit around trying to play football with the jocks, I watched the lesser girls sit around on the hill, I watched the invisible girls slink around secretively, I watched the druggies trip out, I watched the nerds revise. And none of them wanted to befriend me.

Sometimes I wished for the popular girls, just once, to acknowledge my existence. But I got that wish in the wrong way when Jessica Gray, the blonde source of all evil (in my opinion) tripped me over while carrying my lunch, and made the entire school laugh at the pudding dripping down my front. I don't think she knows my name - she just said "Later, loser" and sat with the rest of her group, all with names ending in 'A'. You know, Alicia, Jenna, Tamika.

I was too stunned to say a word. I just ran out of the cafeteria. I guess it wasn't the best thing to do, but my mind doesn't work well under stress. I ran home, thanked god my parents were at work, threw my stained shirt in the washing machine, and ran into my room. I took one look at the mess of clothes and books on the floor and jumped onto my black bedspread. I pulled down my blinds violently and locked the door, and hid under my doona. I don't know how long I was under there, I suppose I must have fallen asleep though, because my mother woke me up by knocking on my door to tell me dinner was ready.

I suppose it's my fault, too, that I'm a loner. After Kathryn died I really didn't want to have anything to do with the others, and it's too late to change it now. Everyone's so dead-set in their friendship groups like concrete, they have no room for one more. No one would want me anyway.


I waited patiently for my bus to come and pick me up. I could walk the 2km home, but I don't like my neighbourhood. To tell the truth I'm a bit scared of what people can do. The bus came like an elephant. I don't know why, my bus has just always reminded me of an elephant, with its roaring engines and steel bullbars like tusks. I sat around the middle section, and who should sit behind me but - you guessed it - Jessica Gray.

"What you been up to, huh?" She asked. Even if normal speech hadn't passed her by, her voice could shatter glass.

"Nothing much," I said, my usual answer. Not that I talked to her much. "You?"

She seemed polite today, almost friendly. "Oh, not much," She said, examining her fingernails. There was nothing wrong with her perfect manicure; she just liked to draw attention to it. "I'm having a bit of a sleepover tonight."

"I hope you have a nice time, then," I said, trying not to start an endless tirade of how bitchy she was. The bus started moving and she leant forward and put an arm on each of my seats. It was unsettling, to say the least.

"That's the thing," She said, grinning. "I wish you could come."

I think my heart actually stopped for a second. Were my ears deceiving me or was Jessica Gray, the most popular girl in my year, inviting me to a sleepover? In case she was just winding me up, I said "Uh."

"It's at seven tonight. You know my house?"

I nodded. I couldn't remember how I knew, but I knew where she lived.

"So you coming?" She said. I gulped. This was my chance. The chance I had been waiting for, to show her and her friends that I wasn't just some loser. That I had the right to join their group.

"Maybe," I said, trying not to sound like a try hard. I couldn't blow it, no matter what. Jessica got off the bus at her stop, and kind of waved at me. Or was she waving at one of her friends? I didn't know. All I knew was that if I didn't go to this party, my social life was blown forever. Not that it was any good now.


I tramped down the street towards Jessica's house. Although I knew it from the outside, I had never been inside it before, and I was apprehensive about what I would find. I rang the doorbell, hearing the notes echo inside the house. Jessica answered the door. There was music playing in the background.

"Bridget!" She said sweetly. "So glad you could come!"

That surprised me for one. I didn't know she knew my name. I smiled, and walked in the door. She walked me to the living room where about five other girls were.

"My parents are out of town until Sunday," She said. "Girls, this is Bridget. Bridge, this is Alicia, Tara, Kylie, Samantha and Candie."

"I know who they are." I mumbled feebly.

After we watched a movie Alicia had brought along, Kylie had the amazing idea to do makeovers. As if any of those girls, with their long blonde hair and blue eyes, with faces like they had won the genetic lottery, needed a makeover. However, all eyes were on me.

"Let's makeover Bridget," Tara murmured as all six girls were advancing upon me like tigers upon a helpless gazelle with a broken leg, that knows that the end is near.

"I, uh, can I use your bathroom?" I said. Not award-winning stuff, but it got me out of the living room for a while. On the way to the bathroom I noticed Jessica's bedroom door open, and her diary on the bed.

'If you're caught you'll have zero chance of her friendship' I thought. But I ignored my subconscious telling me to back off, and opened it to today's date.

Dear Diary,

Oh, happenings of today. I almost spilled juice on my new yellow skirt today. Woe is I! But I rescued it just in time. And can you believe, Josh cracked onto me? As if! Oh my god. Alicia had the best idea today. There's this real loser, Bridget, right? And so like, we're gonna invite her over to my place, make her feel like she's one of us, right? Then, when she's asleep, we're gonna take her PJ's, right? And bury them somewhere, then take her outside and prop her up against the fence, so she'll be like, in total view of the street! Then when she wakes up, she'll come back to the door, and we'll just act dumb and pretend we don't know what she's doing there! It's gonna be CLASSIC.

Oh, I think that's her at the door now. Let's put our best acting faces on!

I slammed shut the diary, feeling hot tears form in my eyes. Before I knew what I was doing, I walked down the hallway, stepping into the kitchen, feeling the icy cold tiles beneath my bare feet. I pulled a long butcher's knife from the rack on the bench, and stepped into the doorframe separating kitchen and living room. Jessica saw me first.

"Oh, you're back -" Then she spotted what was in my hand. "Why are you holding a knife?" She squeaked.

"I read your diary, Jess." I said. "Gone are the days when I can be tormented by you!"

I leapt forward, feeling the knife sink into her shoulder. She screeched and flopped down onto the couch. I'd deal with her later. I turned around to face Kylie. Never again would she give me a dead arm before classes. I plunged the bloody knife into her screaming mouth, down her throat. She spat out blood onto the white carpet, and I kicked her over towards the television set.

"Don't do this, Bridget!" came a voice from behind me. I whirled around, and there was Alicia. Alicia, whose idea this had been. I rested the knife against her head and pulled down, watching the severed ear lay still on the rug. I pushed her to the ground and dragged her over to the fireplace.

"You'll never hurt me again!" I screamed as I pushed her head into the flames. The hairspray accelerated the fire licking against her head, and she screamed as her face turned into a meaningless heap of flesh and bone. I stabbed Tara in the chest, my knife shattering her sternum. I slashed at Samantha and Candie's necks, and they were left clutching at the wounds on the living room floor. Now, back to Jessica. But where was she? All that was left on the couch was a bloodstain.

I moved quietly through the house, but couldn't find her anywhere. Then I heard a clatter underneath my feet. With a roar of anger, I pulled up the rug I was standing on, (I was in her bedroom) and saw an open trapdoor (it opened downwards) so I dropped down through it. I saw her white top stained with red disappearing around a corner, so I followed, until I saw a light, and assumed that must have been what she was searching for, and raced towards it.

I emerged to her backyard. I couldn't see Jessica but I could hear her ragged breathing. Where was it coming from? It sounded as if it was coming from in front of me, behind me, to my left, to my right, all at the same time. Where was the bitch? Suddenly I felt a weight on my shoulders, and something clasp around my neck. She must have jumped me.

"Stupid. bitch, you killed. my friends. DIE!" She spat, as she tightened her grip on my neck. I couldn't breathe, couldn't feel, I was dying. then I remembered the bloodstained knife I still held in my hand. I raised it up, hoping not to stab myself in the attempt to get this vicious spider monkey off me. I slashed at the hands around my neck, and felt oxygen come to my starved lungs. Yet she was now ripping at my face, tearing at my lips. I pushed the knife up in an arc, feeling resistance as Jessica screamed and fell backwards, hitting her head on the concrete. I span around and examined the damage. Her fingers were cut, and I saw that one of them was completely severed. I had stabbed her in the eye, and she was grasping it, curled up in the foetal position, sobbing pitifully.

Despite my anger, I felt a touch of remorse. I had just murdered five people, and this one would die soon. There was nothing to do but run. I vaulted the fence, and ran blindly. I didn't know where I was running to, all I knew was what I was running from.

I didn't stop until I reached the school, shut at this time, though a couple of exterior lights were still on. I smashed a window and crawled in, the broken glass cutting my stomach. I fell down to the ground and found myself in the tech department. I smiled to myself and unlocked the door to the corridor. It was completely dark, and considering what I had just done, I was a bit scared all alone, so I switched on the lights. I made my way along to the bathrooms, passing the art and Home Ec departments. I rinsed the knife, and put my bloody hands under the taps. I looked up into the mirror and wiped my face with a wet paper towel. Jessica had put her blood on my face with her cut hands, and she had scratched me just under the eyelid and above the lip. That bitch was lucky she didn't gouge out my eyeball or there would have been trouble. I checked myself. Trouble? How much more trouble can one be in, cut, broken, and dying? I laughed to myself and wiped my hands and the knife, stashing it in my pocket. What if I stabbed myself? I thought better and went back to tech, putting the knife in a storeroom. I'd come back for it later. But for now, I curled up and slept for around eight hours. The blood was on my hands and I couldn't well outrun the law on no sleep whatsoever.

No matter how many times I wash them, the blood will always be on my hands.