Love On Wall Street
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the Twenty-Sixth day of July,when
A handsome young man known as Charles Donlad Martin
Had just arrived in the City of New York,
Where he was hoping that he'll be able to work
At a Wall Street firm without getting himself in
Some sort of trouble,only to discover that both Fate
And Cupid has devised a plan to make it a great
Time for him to fall in love with a beautiful coworker.

Vanessa Helsington was her name and she was working for her father,
Alexander Helsington,who runs the biggest brokerage firm within that great
City,only when they had suddenly looked into each other's
Eyes,the thought of making money was suddenly no longer
An option,for they had discovered their one true love.

And so,like a pair of white doves
Flying over to their love nest,they had left the building together
And went over to a nearby hotel,where he
Had made mad,passionate love to the Kate Beckinsale type beauty,
While the other New Yorkers had gone on with their
Daily routines without a single care.

Just then,after they were finally finished with their lovemaking,
Vanessa got out of bed and into the bathroom,where she's going
A nice warm bath,but while she was doing that,
Charles was sneaking around like a cat,
Because he was in the process of puting
Together a wonderous surprise for his newfound lover,
Which was a bouquet of flowers
And a card that said,'You're so very sweet--
And I'll always remember our love on Wall Street.'