To know you, is to love you
Written by Felicia Spencer

AN: I'm sorry that I haven't been posting or reviewing like I should. Just
so you know I've been creating a web site, and it's almost done. I'll give
you guys and girls the web address as soon as it's done. Anyway this is a
poem that I wrote a month ago. It's all about love and being in love,
although I'm currently not in love with anybody. So just enjoy the poem.

To know you is to love you
No mere words can define
There are things that you do to me
That makes me lose my mind

Your friendliness, your love
To me you've always shown
You've reached a level of maturity
It shows how much you've grown

My love is only there for you
May my eyes never stray
My heart beats only for you
In a strange particular way

To be in love, and be loved by you
Is my wildest fantasy
My love goes straight to you
There's no other man I see

To know you, is to love you
And my dear I'm so in love
Up until I first met you
I had no idea what it was

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