Oh my God (I must be gay)

Cast your eyes upon me.

In hatred and disgust.

Loathe me for what I've done.

Yes, I'm aware of the lips I kissed.

I know the face they belong to,

Is of the same sex.

You've never thought of me this way.

Oh my God, I must be gay.

Yes, I know it's a cardinal sin.

So delicious, so tempting.

I just had to give in.

The thoughts that swim in my head,

Would induce cardiac arrest.

Knowing I want to nestle my head,

Between her lily-white breast.

Whispers of Hell floating in my ears.

Well if that's the price I must pay,

For having what I need.

The price I must pay,

For just being me.

I'll pay that price knowing that I am free.

Free to be with whom I desire.

Splashing playfully in the Lake of Fire.

Just my basic reaction,

To all the hateful gay bashing.