Untitled 3

By: Jewel Krystal

I can't take this anymore.

No longer can I stay from

your sweet and loving touch.

I dream of you daily and it

seems that the more I dream

of you, the more I want you

like I used to when I first met


I wait for you somewhere in the

Distance where nothing is allowed

but kissing.

I wait for you in lovers' lane because

my love remains the same and never

change because I love you too much

to let you go even though I should.

I want to stop hiding in the dark and

reveal to you my heart which has so

much love for you.

You know not what I know; but, my

feelings will show how much I care,

want, love, and lust.

I wish I could just propose to you now

so I can marry you and have that bond

with you for life.

Yes, I may want to fuck you; but, all of

that will come in time.

My love that stays for you in my heart

longs for too much of you and can't

stand it when you're away or even when

you don't say hey.

I cry in my sleep because I worry about

you when you're not around.

For this reason, I'm still waiting.

In this I tell you about how I really feel and

what makes it real.

I'll love you everyday until I'm killed.