He would have struggled, but Thyrinn's heart just wasn't in it, so it came to Trevor as a shock when the youth simply lifted those pretty red eyes of his and looked deeply into Trevor's blue one as he took the youth by the throat and pushed him into the cold stone wall. they were in a crypt of some sort, figures actually, that Trevor took up living in one of those.... "I missed you Thyrinn...." came the hissing darkness that is Trevor's voice, "Did you miss me? or did the dragon-brat consume most of your time...." he rested a blade to Thyrinn's throat and smirked as his lips touched the dream-seers.

Why do you persistently come to enter inside me? Why do you unconcerned words Disturbingly shake my heart?

Thyrinn lifted his knee smartly into Trevor's stomach, which caused the other Azrulin to bring his blade into the youth's throat, blood ran down the blade and Trevor ran his tongue along the wound and then along Thyrinn's throat, "Familliar red upon my hands, stain my lips and make me happy...screams of the tortured bring me glee...for thats the way it should always be," he whispered to the flesh he found there, drawing forth a few shudders from Thyrinn and smirking.

The door stubbornly shuts now, and at the window is the red moon, these cutting handcuffs, this dripping presperation.... as if you could pour out even the living sin for me

"You should be mine Thyrinn, you should be mine....and I will make you mine...." Trevor whispered to the younger azrulin, his lips brushing Thyrinns, who just looked at him with blank blue eyes, a few tears gathered, yes....but he didn't let them fall. "You're insane Trevor..." "And you are in love with some one you can't have and you know it," Trevor threw back, "Ever think of killing the priest? taking his life and the youth's heart...." Thyrinn shook his head slowly, "Because you can't bring him so much pain....you know he loves you....yet you know he loves the priest as well.....so you have once again fallen into a tragic romance....." Trevor hissed.

I don't understand, I don't understand You wont give this one thing, why is this alright to you? To inure, to be injured If you could hold me until I die....

He lowered the blade and threw Thyrinn to the ground hard, the little dreamseer landed on his side and winced slightly, his eyes closing as he felt the hands upon his shoulders and the weight upon his hips as Trevor held him down, those soft red eyes opened once again and his lips parted, "Trev....please....let me go..." he whispered, "You and I are over...there will never be an us again..." "I won't accept that...you are mine Thyrinn, I claimed you....I marked you.....I kept you safe....." "You treated me like a doll..." "Because you are a doll..." Trevor hissed, "You are _my_ doll....and I will do as I please to you!"

Kill me, Jesus Kill me, angel, what is it you want? even movment wont be obtained if it continues like this. Give me nothing, Give me everything, with a love no one else knows Break open the cross and whisper "I love you" I no longer fear the betrayl or the loss of seperation, Only by being at my side once...I know what it means.... ....to be saved.

Thyrinn blacked out after those words and when he woke up again his hands were tied tightly above his head and he was rather naked, he trembled slightly and Trevor looked down at him with a knife in his hand, "Do you remember how we use to play my sweet?" he asked softly. "Do you remember how much you liked the taste of pain?" Thyrinn closed his eyes and tilted his head back slightly in a silent scream of pain and fear, the one who heard the scream was unknown to Thyrinn so he sent it to everone connected to him, the blade cut into his side and drew a lovely fading line as it went. "Don't heal yourself..." came the command, and for some strange reason, Thyrinn obeyed. "you like this...I know you do....your body always liked what I inflicted upon it......tell me that you love it Thyrinn..." "I love Anton.....I love what he does for me.....I don't love you Trevor......" Thyrinn whispered and Trevor brought the blade deeply into Thyrinn's side, the younger Azrulin let out a scream of pain and his back arched slightly.

It won't reach you, wont reach you... Hitting my iritation and seeing only my nightmare All will be forgiven and until we become one... there will never be an end...

"That's right you little bitch! scream....scream for him......bring him to me and I will deal with him on my own....oh wait....he can't leave the cathedral can he? and a dragon wont beable to reach you here now will one? nooo.....you're mine I guess...." came the growl from Trevor as he twisted the dagger in Thyrinn's side, Thyrinn whimperd softly and let his glazed red eyes move to look at Trevor. "what...happened to you......" he whispered, "You never ever brought this much pain upon me....." he whispered and Trevor dropped to his knees and he once again brought his lips to Thyrinns in deep kiss that sent shivers down the dreamseer's spine.

Kiss me, Jesus Kiss me, angel if only for my sake that smile and those arms exist. Give me nothing, give me everything this broken heart is lost I want to lift up your soiled body for I meerly want to be together.....

He raped thyrinn after that, in the most brutal ways he could think to, he broke the little dreamseer and left him laying on the crypt floor a bloody mess, Thyrinn no longer having the strength to heal himself, he felt his consiousness fading from him slowly as he watched Trevor walk away, he heard the dull hum of a voice, but he couldn't hear what he said, his eyes rolled back in his head and he pulled his knees to his chest with the last of his strength he sent a mental message to anton ~I love you, for ever and even in death.....thank you for making me happy.....~ he then was pulled into unconsiousness.

This is a dream....with no end