You are in "Lovely little flat:1" ( This is Heratio's home....don't enter without asking )

Meg (mydaggersaremylife) joined the room Heratio He lay on the couch, his black blanket draped over him slightly, Mozart was playing, a good sign that he fell asleep in a bad mood, two bottles were open and empty, and he had three letters written out and sealed, two under one bottle, and one under he other, he looked so pretty sleeping like that....almost like a dark haired sleeping beauty.....too bad he was male ne? or else he would have been perfect for the role....

Meg She arrived at least a good 20 minutes after leaving the other place... After a rather short and cold talk with Leon. She didn't like strangers anyways. And they simply pissed her off. She parked her bike on the side of the house and stood up, slipping her helmet off her head and shifting her eyes up to the sky " Good Night Magestik." She whispered before entering the house and slipping her feet off her boots. She walked to the living room and sighed a bit, seeing Heratio sleeping like that... And two empty bottles.. And letters which she wouldn't read... She was not as stupid as that. She knew she would get a lecture if she did. So she placed her Helmet on the small table and grabbed the bottle, walking to the kitchen to set them in the trash.

Heratio one eye opened slowly as the 25th smphony came on, and he slowly sat up and placed his left palm to his forehead as he lifted the remote to the radio and turned it off, he wasn't in a Mozart mood anymore, perhaps later, but not right now. he stretched slightly and cracked his neck, a few strands of black-brown hair falling past his features, giving him a lovely look as he stifled a yawn and stood up. "I made dinner." he stated softly as he walked into the kitchen. "Lobster Bisque....." he stated. ooooh gods....he must have been in a wicked mood to have made something that fancy.

Meg She rose her brows and looked to him, a small smirk crossing her lips. " Lobster? Gee... What's the occasion?" She chuckled out, going to the fridge and grabbing herself a bottle of water. She closed the door once again and slipped to the counter, leaning her lower back against it as she twisted the bottle's cap and rose it to her lips to sip a bit of her water. Placing her bottle next to her, she sighed a bit and looked to him, silent for a moment. " Heratio... Who's Loen.. And Gavin and Joli..."

Heratio His emotionless expression dropped into one of sheer terror for a moment and he shook his head, " no no...." he stated and turned around walking out of the room. his hands slipping to fists, his eyes closing tight he sat back down upon the couch and shook his head slowly back and forth. muttering under his breath in japanese.

Meg She bit her lower lip and shook her head a bit... That wasn't good. This on on Heratio's face... This wasn't a pissed on... Or annoyed... This was a scared one. Wow. First time ever she had seen Heratio like that and this meant one thing. Bad. She walked to the living room and to where he was sitting, and slowly, she sat herself on the small table in front of him, her bottle of water in between her legs as she held it with her right hand. " Who were they Heratio... They kept on asking me questions and... Telling me they knew you... And asking me if you were alive..."

Heratio "Utasite..." he stated in a soft and sharp voice, he shook his head, "They arent important, it's nothing, forget about them...." he then looked up at her and frowned slightly, "you didn't tell them that I was alive did you?" he asked. that tremble in his voice, it was slightly unnerving. "What did you tell them......."

Meg Oh great... She was to get yelled at again. Well, not like she wasn't used to it by now. Her black eyes shifted to her bottle of water and she cleared her throat a bit. " Leon... Leon asked me if you were alive... And I said... Mhmm." She stated... Ok. Not either a] he's going to yell... b] he's going to panic and yell... or c] he's going to yell and go to his room, slamming the door behind him... Or so she thought.

Heratio "...meg....The reason I made them think I died was because I wanted to keep them out of danger...." he stated gently, "we were too head- strong..." he paused, "Yes....I was just like you at one time....." he sighed and placed a hand to her cheek, "did you tell him Where I lived? and how many shots did he have before he asked you?" he asked, ok.....strangeness......he was "calm" for the moment. terror and frsutration running through those dark eyes of his.

Meg Wow... how's that for a change... calm a soothing voice ... How..Odd. Her eyes shifted to look at him and she blinked a bit, her lips parting a bit before she got any sounds out of them. "n.... No.. I didn't tell them were You lived... And Leon had... four...five maybe six shots before he asked me... So... You were all slayers? Like... Like a band of slayers?... And you're not pissed at me?"

Heratio "not pissed........annoyed.....but not's Leon doing? did he look well?" he asked, his tone was distant, soft, pained for a moment, "Was Joli with him?" he chuckled softly, "Yeah....we were the terror of the vampric realms......nothing crossed our path that fed off of blood and walked away......vampire or lesser.....we destroyed them on the spot...." he closed his eyes, "'s been so long......" he sighed. "they are going to hunt me down you realize...." he stated.

Meg " H..Hunt you down?! Why the fuck would they do that... Hell I won't let them..." She stated, leaning back a bit and shifting her eyes to the side as he fingers curled tighter on her bottle of water. "And Leon... Leon just had this really annoying sad look in his eyes when he spoke of you... And no, Joli wasn't with him... " She then let a small sigh out of her lips and shook her head a little, her teeth slowly clenthing together... Why would they hunt them down?.... ~Over my dead body...~ She thought to herself...

Heratio "Because I abandoned them...." he stated calmly, "Ahhh, Leo hasn't changed at all, he always has that kicked puppy look to him, I think it's because he had to kill his own parents cuz some bastad vamp turned them....he slowly drew himself to his feet, "Dont do anything foolish Meg...." he whispered and placed a kiss to her cheek, then walked into the kitchen.

Meg As he kissed her on the cheek and got up to walk to the kitchen, she shifted her black eyes to the floor and wiggled her toes a bit as she stared at them. " It wouldn't be foolish..." She started, pushing on her legs to stand up. She walked to the kitchen and went to the sink to empty her bottle of water into it and she let yet another sigh out of her lips as she looked at the water twirl down the skin. " So you think that me helping you out would be foolish?" She asked, shaking her bottle a bit for the rest of the water to get out of it.

Heratio "No...I don't....but I think rushing into something headlong without stepping back to even concider what the hell they might be able to Did you See Leon's weapon of choice? he uses a Gout and chord.....and it's very pain ful, slices and dices through anything, metal, flesh, bone....anything....." he chuckled, "Leon will apologise then attack you....Joli on the other hand.....he's into fist to face conversations.......he does everything with his bare hands, and when that doesn't work, he uses pins and needles to throw his advisary off guard....." he closed his eyes. "Gavin....he's a Psycho demon......enough said."

Meg She rolled her eyes a bit and placed her empty bottle in the sink to clean it later on and made her way to the table. She sat on a chair there and placed both hands on her lap as she leaned back in the chair, frowning a bit. " Yeah i noticed that. I don't really like Gavin. I don't care if he's your friend or not, but he's an asshole. 'nough said." She stated, making small fists in her lap. " Musta been great to hang out with a bunch of diffrent people though."

Heratio "Gavin..............wasn't a friend..........he was a manipulator that took advantage of a situation he had no right in taking advantage of...." his tone was emotionless again, yet slightly tinted in ice, he had his back to Meg, his hands upon the sink counter, his head bowed slightly, "I was hurting bad.....and he could sense it......" he shook his head. "......bastard."

Meg She rose her eyes to him and frowned slightly... "Well... I'm glad he's not your friend... " She stated, standing up and walking to him. She leaned her back against the counter and turned her head in his direction, arms lifting to cross on her breasts. "What did he do to you?" She asked, not quite sure ofwhat his answer would be. " If you don't want to tell I'll understand... I'm just... Being curious I guess."

Heratio He lifted his head and looked up at her, she could read it in his eyes what the psycho demon had done, "I'll pass on that story..." he whispered and pushed away from the counter top and walked out of the kitchen with a weak sigh, he walked down the hall and towards his room, he was rather......well.......angsty this night. something that he wasn't normally. normally he was either pissy, or emotionless........

Meg She had seen the look... And she remembered suddently how Semeish Gavin's voice sounded... And as Heratio walked out of the kitchen and to his room, she let out a high pitched groan, making fists and kicking at her other foot. " Stupid stupid stupid!!! Shoulda kept it to myself but noooo!! Of Course not Meg, no! You'll keep on asking and asking won't ya!" From his Room, HEratio could hear her... Of course. She then opened the fridge's door and looked through it, grabbing herself a bottle of beer she had bought a few days before. She uncorcked it and drank a bit of it. " Urgh! Why can't I fuckin stay out of people's business!"

Heratio He lay on his bed listening to her rant and sighed gently, closing his eyes and rolling over onto his side, his hands under his head, his lips slightly parted ~What do you plan on doing Heratio?~ he whispered to himself, ~She might be in danger too now because of you.....~ he coughed softly and pulled himslf into a little ball.

Meg She downed her beer in a matter of a second and shook her head slowly, sliding the empty bottle on the counter. " Alright. Alright now apologise. Urgh." She ordered herself, and walked towards Heratio's room. Wow, odd thing, his door wasn't closed. She knocked on it anyways and cleared her throat. " Listen... Heratio... I'm sorry. I didn't want to barge up in yer things and all. I hate my curiosity sometimes and you know... Yeah... I guess what I'm trying to say is that If you want me to back off on this one, I will... I'll be a nice little student and listen to you for once..." She stated, hands slipping to her daggers and curling their fingers around the crow shaped hilts.

Heratio " what you feel is right my dear............." he muttered softly, "and bring me my blanket......" he added after a few moments of trembling silence. Heratio was as "human" as anyone else, with faults and feelings.....and even though he tried his hardest not to show them, he was finding it harder and harder not to. so many many was so complex.

Meg " Right." She said, walking in the washing room, where she took his blanket out of the dryer... Wow, Meg did some cleaning today. What an Odd day this was. She pulled the blanket out of the dryer and couldn't help herself but to smile at the nice scent it gave off... Part was the smell of the soap she had used... the other was Heratio's... And shook her head at herself and cleared her throat a bit as she walked back in his room and placed the blanket on him as she stood next to his bed. " ...hmm.. So much for Lobster... Right?" She asked, slipping her hand son the blanket so that it would cover him. As she stood up, she placed her hands in her pockets and shruged a bit.. " Well... I guess I'll go watch Tv or something... " She almost whispered out, watching him. " So do you want Meg Anything else or this will eb fine?

Heratio "Sleep with me?" he asked softly. his tone was so distant and drowsy, "I'm afraid I might do something utterly stupid if you dont....." he then fell silent, hoping she didn't take that in the hentai sense.....praying silently that she didnt, and he pulled the blankets closer around his body, whimpering softly into them.

Meg She almost felt like time had stopped a bit to play a trick on her... Heratio didn't want to be alone? Since when... And she would get to spend the night with him in a non-hentai way?... What had happened n the past few hours that she wasn't aware of... She took a step forward and stopped herself for a second, bringing her hand to her chin... Yet slid on his bed anyways and pulled on the covers so she would slide under... She was facing him now and her eyes could see even in this darkness. They watched him for a minute before she slid a hand on his arm and to his back. As she did so, her body got a bit closer to Heratio's and she cuddled him , silently for a minute. " Don't do anything stupid... I would hate myself if you did..."

Heratio he felt her near him and slowly he slipped into sleep, his lips parted slightly, his breathing soft and gentle, he slacked a little as well and soon he was asleep. in the embrace of the little student he cared so much for.