Steven He frowned a bit and looked around... Something was wrong and he could feel it... Something... well.. paranormal on the sides too. " Trinian?" He called out for him as he let his eyes wander from room to room... Until he saw two shadows fly by. And his legs right then decieded to run towards them " TRIN!" he shouted, his eyes widening as he saw a rather angry dog running after Trin. " HERE DOGGY DOGGY! RUN AFTER UNCLE STEVEN INSTEAD!" Sure... Ask the dog to attack you instead, like it would understand anyways...

Trin He looked at the dog....the dog looked at him......and he paniced and whirled, running from it, only to hear it growl and lunge after him, he let out a startled yelp and tried to run faster. legs pumping hard as he tried to get away from the snarling hell-beast. he then found he had run into a dead end.....and he cursed softly, then heard the sound and.......looked up seeing the dog whirl and growl at steven instead.

Steven He smirked a little and lowered his upper body, placing both his hand son his legs as he bent down slightly. " Good doggie. " He started, raising a hand in front of him and motiong the dog over. " Come here puppy... Forget the kid... Attack something your own size..." He said, glareing at the dog, staring into its eyes without even blinking. " Trin.... Now would be the time to do your trick..." He whispered softly.

Trin Nods slowly and takes a step forward, lifting his hand to touch the vicious dog, his fingers touched it's fur, ~Soothe thyself and retrun to thy calm state........release thy hate and go to where you would be most happy~ there was then a sharp flash of light and Thrin was thrown back, as usual with every high level Poulterghiest, still needed to control that......and he skidded upon his injured back with a wince, rolled and lay there, gasping softly. "I..hate....dogs........."

Steven He stood up straight only to take a few steps backwards at the blinding light, bringing a hand to his eyes. After a few seconds, hearing Trin Gasp the words out, he slipped the hand back to his side and ran to him onyl to kneel back down. Good... The dog was gone and sealed.. He then did what it seemed like a new habit for him now, and picked Trin up, careful not to hurt him. " Good work babe..." He softly whispered and kissed Trin's forehead, walking to the stairs that led to his appartment. " And once again, you need some rest..." He stated, entering his small appartment and walking to his bedroom, where he placed Trin on. " Do you need anything?.... A drink, food... anything?"

Trin "just you......" he whispered, "And a new shirt, my back hurts......." he whispered gently, shivering, he sat up and pulled his shirt off, blood from the reopened back wounds stained it. he sighed a little and turned around, "how bad is it?" he now had three Xs on his back.

Steven He frowned at the sight and shook his head slowly, standing up to walk in the bathroom, only to come out a few moments later with a cloth and a bottle of peroxide. "Bad enough for me to clean those wounds...again." He stated, kneeling down right behind him on the bed and tilting the opened bottle on the cloth. He placed the bottle on the desk next to his bed and sighed some. " You have like... Three huge wounds forming X's on your back... Is that all coincidential or does it mean anything?" he asked, adding a small " Here comes the stingy part." As he placed the cloth on the wounds.

Trin He shook his head, "Just the way I landed I guess....." he stated gently, then drew in a sharp breath. his breathing deep and pained for a few moments, then he sighed, "We make a good team......." he smiled gently, "You distract them.....and I seal them......" a chuckle. "Thank you for your medium...."

Steven Cleaning the wounds still, he smiled softly and shook his head. " Yeah i guess... And no problem... Like I'd let you seal this one alone... " He stated, rubbing the small cloth on the boy's back. " Medium... How am I supposed to use my... what... new powers?.... Oh god... New powers.... sounds like I'm being taken into a weird RPG game..." He said with a chuckle. " But hey... what can you do... Nothing I suppose..."

Trin "I was really big on story line out there the FF series.......I kinda miss video games......" he sighed softly, "Well, first of all, do you have any white crystals, not colored need to get a prizum crystal and wear it around your neck, it will protect you from unwanted possessions......" he started.

Steven Raising a brow, he shakes his head, still cleaning the wounds very carefully. " I don't have crystals... Nothing whatsoever... Shit even my glasses are made of plastic here... Why would a greasy monkey like me be doing with crystal stuff in this shithole of an appartment uh?" He asked, smirking a little. " But what do you mean, 'unwanted possessions'" ..

Trin "I'm going to have to start at the beginning aren't I," he said as he pulled away from Steven and looked at him, "The dagerous part of this job is the poulterghiests, from lvl 4 to lvl 19 they can possess people, the higher the level of rage, the easier they can do such......" he smiled sadly, "See what I mean? and it doesn't have to be a humanic poult too....that dog was a lvl6 it could have possesed you easily......" he smiled and pointed to his pendant, "Stones such as these ward off bad luck and even bad spirits.....kind of like protection, they also enhance certain skills, like my topaz here eases grief and takes most of my pain from me......" he smiled a little, those wounds on his back looked like they hurt like a bitch, yet he was very comfortable and calm....

Steven He sat, placing the cloth on his lap as he was sitting indian style on the bed, facing Trin. He nodded a few times at what he said and glanced at his necklace before parting his lips to speak. " So... That means This dog... If it would have possessed me, or whatever... What could have happened?" He asked, his eyes shifting back to Trin. " And I'll have to find this crystal thing, where?"

Trin "It could have forced you to kill me....Poulters don't like being sealed......the take joy in bringing others pain because they were ~robbed~ of what they so loved......A poulterghiste forms when a soul dies and there is no one around to lead it to its place of judgement and rest.....they become iritated and gather rage.......and.........." he shakes his head then smiled sadly, "you can find a crystal at any new age type store....want to go to one? I can help you find the right things....." he smiled. "you might be a grease monkey, but that doesn't mean you have to be all 100% macho......besides....some of the best people I knew carried crystals with them to keep them safe...."

Steven He smirked a bit and shook his head. " I never said I was all 100% macho. " Leaning in and kisses Trin on the lips softly. As he broke the kiss , brushing his lips against Trin's, he opened his eyes hlaf way and chuckled a bit. " I wouldn't kiss you so softly, nor care about you this damn much if I was." He stated, leaning back a bit. " And yeah... I'd like you to show me where I could find the right crystal..thingie... "

Trin Awww, that blush was back and he smiled a little as his hands crept up to cover his face slightly, "I guess you're right..." he whispered and cleared his throat again then slowly slipped to his feet and turned around, "Did it stop bleeding?" ahh, it seemed that one of the pants legs was also torn from the knee down, lucilly there was no wound, just the pants were destroyed.

Steven He nodded slowly and stood up as well, only to walk to his drawers and take a pair of blue jeans and a black shirt. " Yeah it stopped bleeding, but you need new clothes now... again." He stated, turning back and walking to Trin, handing him the clothes. " You know... With all those fights and stuff, you're going to mess ALL of my clothes and get me to buy new stuff." He said with a smirk. " Get dressed, I want this crystal thing asap... I don't want to have to kill you."

Trin he glanced away slightly and cleared his throat, "I'm sorry......" he stated gently, "next time I'll make sure that most of the damage happens to me....ok?" he asked as he pulled the shirt on, he then looked at steven, then down at his own pants, the ripped one, then back to steven, "ummmmm.....could you.........." he started and cleared his throat, awwww, he was still shy about some things. how horribly cute.

Steven " Hey no no no, You do the damage to my clothes. Don't be stupid..." And a smirk crossed his lips once again. " Sure sure.. i'll leave you alone to your privacy now." He said, chuckling and walking to the living room, where he grabbed his keys on the small table and put them in his pocket, sitting on the couch after turning the Tv on. Ah, music, finally... It had been a long time since he had listened to any music...

Trin he dressed in the new clothes now and sighed as the pants were slightly baggy and he walkedout into the living room, "Do you have a belt or something? wait....I know why you make me wear these......they are easy to take off......" a smirk, "Well I caught your little plan......" he crossed his arms over his chest and nodded, "and I think that getting a protection crystal is far more important that getting in these pants..."

Steven He looked to Trin with a smirk and tilted his head to the side, findging him quite attractive in his clothes. " Now that idea never passed my mind, really.. But thanks for noteing it I'll keep it in mind." He stated with a wink and stood up, walking to his bedroom once again and grabbing a black belt. He walked back to him and handed it to him, looking him over. " Here try this one. And maybe If you'd eat a little more often, you'd gain a little bit of weight and wouldn't need a belt... Not that I'm complaining really... "

Trin "I think I'm average for my age....." he stated as he looped the belt through the loops in the pants and smiled a little, "There, much better, ok....shall we?" he asked and smiled gently, "Oh, ummm.......let's go someplace no one knows you know any new ages stores?" he asked and frowned. "I don't want people to freak when they see me...."

Steven He chuckled a bit, shaking his head and going to the door, opening it to walk downstairs. " I have no idea where I could find one... Maybe next to that fortune teller place a cuople of minutes away from here..." He said, walking downstairs and to his car, knowing Trin would follow. " I never placed a big toe in a new age store... So I don't know if people there would know you or not.. But I guess we could take our chances... It's been a while now since... well... The accident... Maybe people forgot about how you looked?" He asked, reaching his car.

Trin "Yeah...maybe..." he smiled gently, "and you were never curious as to what was in those kinds of stores?" he whispered, "You never, just once....wanted to poke around?" he asked as he stopped by the car and looked at Steven, "We cant go to the three brooms.....they know me there, I drew for them thier logo and made thier business cards for them too....." he stated gently.

Steven He nodded slowly and entered his car, starting the engine and fastening his seat belt. " No... No I never thought about stepping into one of those stores. It's creepy, too calm, has this weird music on going on and I can't stand the smell of inscent." He stated, smirking a bit as he looked to Trin. " No offence. But I like the smell of Oil better then.... frankincebse' or 'Angel's jasmine' ..."

Trin "Patchuli was my fav scent," he state gently, "it always calmed me down....." he fastened his seat belt as well and folded his hands on his lap, slowly he lifted his eyes to look at Steven, "when you said you 'cared' bout me......did you mean you _cared_ cared? or just simply cared?" he asked, his tone was shy and sweet, that cute lil blush was back too.

Steven He drove his car out of the parking and made his way to the shop they were to go, a small smile on his lips as he would glance at Trin at times, keeping his eyes on the road. " What kind of a question is that Trin.." He asked, chuckling a bit. " I -care- care about you. " He stated, looking back to him, finding that blush on his face really cute too. " I more than just -care- care about you Trin. I love you." He said, shifting his eyes back to the road. What did he just say?.... He loved him? Yeah... he did. A lot too.

Trin He found his mouth just kinda fell open at the "L" word and a few tears lifted in his eyes, he drew in a slow, staggering breath and the smile that now parted his lips was a beautiful one, one he hadn't smiled in years, not since the accident. he nodded, "That's good....because I love you too.......I was so worried that that dog was going to get you and I would lose you forever........I don't think I could ever fight you Steven.......possesed or not......" he shook his head, "I couldn't fight you."

Steven His lips were plastered into a warm smile and he cleared his throat a bit, stopping at a red light. He looked back to Trin and shook his head a little. " You won't lose me that Easy Trinian. I'm not that easy to get rid of in the first place. So stop worrying about that. I knew I could trust you as I'd turn the dog's attention to me. I knew everything was going to be alright... Well, exept for your back... But what I'm saying is stop worrying about that. Only if you think negatively, bad stuff will happen... Now kiss me before this light changes to a green one. " He said, smirking at him.

Trin "Do what..." a cute blush passed over his cheeks again and he blinked in a shocked manner, awww uke moment....." want me too.......are you ordering me?" his eyes narrowed and he smirked slightly, "you think you're a seme ne?" he asked and gave Steven a raspberry like an agressive uke would, oooh, now he was just being naughty.....

Steven He smirked slightly and only returned his eyes on the road as some cars behind him were hooting for him to go already. " Yeah yeah! shit , calm down!" He said before driving again. " And hey, I wouldn't give you any orders .... That's unless you'd want me to." He stated, his lips still into a smirk as he made a few turns here and there. " Well... There we are..." He said, looking out the window on Trin's side. " Ever been here?"

Trin He slowly took off his safety-belt and slowly climbed over so that he was sitting on Steven's lap, a knee on either side of him, his fingers curling against Steven's cheeks as he brushed his lips to the mechanic's, his eyes slowly slipped shut as he claimed those lips in a passionate and agressive kiss, ooh, from uke to seme in .6 nice.

Steven His eyes widen slowly only to slip shut as his hands slipped to Trin's waist and curled its fingers in his shirt, sighing into the kiss. A happy sigh , of course, loving this kiss to the fulest. He deepened the kiss slowly, tilting his head to the side so their tongues could have better access to eachother and dance in that lovely lusty manner. As bad as he wanted this kiss to continue, he had to break it slowly, whispering... " I... I don't think this place is one of the best to share a kiss like -this- one." He stated, letting his tongue slide slowly on Trin's bottom lip. " Let's keep this for later shall we?" He asked, looking straight into Trin's eyes.

Trin "...........if that's what you want.........." he whispered back and then opened Steven's door and slipped out of the car, but not before his lips and teeth brushed against Steven's throat in a teasing manner and he uttered a soft ~purrr-growl~ as he walked around the car and towards the shop. waiting in front of it for Steven.

Steven He shook his head slowly and fixed his pants before stepping out of the car and locked and closed the door, looking to him. "You know you can be awfully evil..." He said, narrowing his eyes a bit still with a smirk on his lips and he made his way to the shop's door, opening it and turning back to Trin with a roll of his eyes. " That must be lilac incense..." He whispered before making his way in the store.

Trin He shook his head, "Moonflower and honey...." he stated and he walked over to the counter, the young woman behind the counter looked at him and blinked, she then went in back and an older woman came out, she looked at Steven, "Sir, you do realize you are accompanied by a Ghost right?" she asked very soflty with a smile, "is he your guardian......" Trin glanced around slowly and cleared his throat, "I'm.....please......" he cleared his throat and looked at Steven, ~Don't let anyone know...~ the old woman smiled at steven, "perhaps I was wrong," her voice was friendly, "How can I help you young man?" she asked Steven.

Steven He blinked a bit at the woman and looked back To trin, and to the woman, with a shake of his head. " Him a ghost? riiight. Well... erm... I'm looking for a crystal... thingie... " He said, tilting his head to the side and shifting his eyes to Trin. " What was it again?" He asked, placing his hands in his pockets as he couldn't wait to get out of this place... Yeah that music was getting on his nerves.. And badly at that... ~ Too calmy zen, spiritual in a freaky way...~ He thought to himself.

Trin He pointed to a pretty crystal on a leather cord, "That..." he stated gently, "It would be perfect, is it the protectors crystal? or is this the medium, the way it's's a dream crystal......will it still ward off possessions?" the old woman smiled gently, "you know your crystals my dear," she stated as she lifted it up to him, Trin shook his head, "Steven should touch it first, so he can get use to it's aura, and it can get it use to him...." he stated, the old woman offered the crystal to Steven, Trin on the other hand payed for it, the old woman noticed the pendant he wore and chuckled, "That's the gude if the spirits.......never thought I would get to see one," she stated, Trin smiled. "May Gaia, the God and the goddess watch over you..." he stated softly. then Trin Looked back to Steven, "shall we go?" he asked as he walked over to him.

Steven This was way too weird for him and he kept on looking from the lady to Trin, listening to them and their mumbo jumbo talking... How did he manage to get himself in a place like this... In this situation... And how the hell was he going to keep having a nice, healthy life with his cars, just like he did before... "Oh well.." He stated , realising just now he was answering his thoughts. "Um yeah... let's go... Thank you lady person." He said before grabbing the necklace and look to it . He walked out and put it around his neck, shaking his head a little. " Thanks for paying for it... " He almost whispered, sitting in his car.

Trin He smiled gently, "You know, just be cause you have a crystal doesn't mean you have to act can still be don't have to change..." he stated as he got into the car, he smiled and looked at the crystal, it had a bluish tint to it, "It likes you..." he smiled and then reclined in his seat slightly, "What else would you like to do?" he asked, his eyes closed as the sunlight danced across his features.

Steven He sighed a laugh out and shook his head, looking to the necklace. " Well, that a good thing I guess.." He stated, running his fingers on the crystal and turning his head to Trin. " I'm kinda hungry... You want to grab some take out or something?" He asked, reaching for the belt and fastening it as he kept his eyes on Trin, a small smile to his lips as he looked to his features and the sun's rays dancing gently over them.

Trin "Sounds good...." he stated gently and nodded, smiling gently before his eyes opened and he looked down at his necklace and then took off his safety-belt and jumped out of the car and took off down the street, a worried look upon his face as he ran. his feet carying him quickly down the sidewalk. the emerald shimering into a sad and strong light.

Steven " ...What the fuck... TRIN!" He got out of his car as fast as he could and ran after Trin, wondering what the hell was wrong with him... He never noticed the necklace shimmer , but he had a small idea in his head... Another ghost? a death... Something...bad. Whatever it was, Steven felt the urge to run to him and help him in any way he could...

Trin He skidded to a halt and looked left then looked right, ~I know you're scared.....I can help you......I can help you find your whay back.....but you have to show me where you are.....~ he whispered in spirit talk, gently, sweetly, as if he was talking to.....a child. he trembled slightly and took off left, phasing through two parked cars and four people, you know those cold chills you get for no apparent reason? that's what occurs when a spirit guide passes through you on a mission. he stopped in front of a burning building, his eyes welled in tears, and he then ran into the house, going invisible so that the police couldn't stop him, and he could get inside....

Steven He had followed him and heard him speak as well... And as he turned one corner and passed through the people, Steven on the other side simply banged into them and fell backwards on the ground, startled. " Oh..shit.. I'm sorry! So sorry!" He shouted before stepping right up again and passing them to run to where Trin went. But as he saw the building on fire, his eyes widen and he shook his head slowly, trying to get passed the policemen and firemen, but he couldn't... " Sir, please step away!" One of the police asked him. " I can't! He's in there I gotta help him!" He shouted, yet the police only held his arms for him to stay put. "Sir, Calm down, The firemen are doing their work now, your friend will be alright." " BUT YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! LET ME GO IN THERE!"

Trin He stopped and turned around slowly, closing his eyes ~Sargent Griza? Let the boy pass....that's an order~ he "Said" in the voice of his commanding officer and he waited silently where he was, feeling for the lost child' ghost and waiting for steven as well. his hands at his sides, his pendant's Emerald shimmering gently.

Steven The policeman nodded slowly as he stared at Steven " You're lucky you can pass... But be careful in there sonny." Steven dashed into the house, pulling up on his shirt so he could place it to his nose and mouth... this place was a huge cloud of burning smoke.. " TRIN!!" He shouted, stepping next to him. " What's the matter? Who's in there you have to help? Can i do anything?" He asked all these questions in a matter of only but a second..

Trin "A little girl....she's afraid to come out of hiding......her parents made it out.....she was supposed to be at a friends house.....but she sneaked in back home......" he stated, he looked up at Steven, "I don't want you dying......get out of here, ok?" he asked, "I'll be me....ok? and if not, you can nurse me back to health like always....." he stated and then pulled Steven into a sweet kiss that promised him he would be back as soon as he could. then he darted up the stairs to lok for the ghost.

Steven He sighed softly and frowned, shaking his head slowly as he got out of the burning building, standing right in front of it as flames raged out of the windows upstairs. " Not good... Not good at all..." He whispered to himself, placing a hand to his necklace and letting his fingers absently rub the small crystal. " Please let him do his work fast and easy so he gets out without a burn... " He let his eyes wander from window to window, praying silently so he would be alright... What? wait a minute... Steven, praying?...

Trin He stopped in a laundry room and looked around slowly, there.....he found her....curled up in a corner sobbing, he sighed gently, children, or so he found, were always the hardest to send to rest. ~Hey, hey now....don't cry....~ he whispered to her, ~I can get you out of here, give me your hands.....let's go together, ok?~ he asked and she looked up at him and lifted a hand to touch his, he blinked as the floor under him started to break, he moved forward and grabbed her hand just as the ground under them broke and they both fell, the girl clinging to Trin as they plummeted, ooooh, like hell he was going to die here, he caught onto a beam, well, half of one and pulled himself up onto it, then climbed back up through the hole in the ground, this time making himself hardly weigh much, Trin Then he booked down the stairs, but a few more support beams gave and they found themselves trapped with only a window to go, ~Steven, left window, fifth floor........catch it causially though....don't draw attention.~ he stated and ran for the window, breaking through it and falling towards the ground. people saw the window break, and that was it, probably assuming from heat, but those out there who had true sight, and there weren't many.......would see both Trin and the little girl falling from where they jumped.

Steven As soon as he heard Trin, he headed for that window, looking up at it suddenly broke and shatered in millions of pieces as Trin and the little girl fell so rapidly from it. And so with his arms extended in front of him, he let Trin and the girl fall in his arms, his body tilting back a bit yet he slipped his right foot behind himself and kept his balance. Making sure no one saw him, he made his way a few buildings away and walked to the side of it where no one would see them. He kneeled down and looked at them both, still in his arms. " Are you ok?..."

Trin He had a few cuts on his face and cheeks, but other than that, he was fine, the little girl continued to sob softly, ~'s ok....really.....~ he whispered to her, ~Now I want you to think of the best place in the world ok?~ she looked at him, she couldn't have been more than 7, then she nodded, and he lifted a hand to her, she took it and vanished in a soft green light, Trin leaned into Steven, "Can...........we go home now?" he whimpered gently, "I'm tired and I want to cuddle...."

Steven All this was really sad... Such a pretty little girl and she had to die... Just like the one in his garage... Yet he didn't have time to see her... But why kids... " Yeah, let's do that..." He whispered, walking back to his car. And after a few minutes, he got to his car and placed Trin in it, closing the door and walking to his side and entering. He drove to his place without saying a single word... What a rough week... Only a few days and Trin was busy every day of the week sealing poltergheists and sending people away... And so he parked his car in front of his shop and walked out, grabbing Trin and walking back inside to his appartment, where he placed Trin on his bed a few minutes after entering his shop. "Want me to order something to eat?" He asked, leaning down and brushing Steven his fingers in Trin's hair.

Trin "I lost my apptite..." he whispered and leaned into those fingers, "I just want someone to hold me......." he sounded scared, he had no idea of what, he was just really scared.....his eyes closed and he trembled slightly, "What are her parents going to do........Oooh gods the pain they are going to go mind......but she was a baby..........." he shook his head and lifted his hands to his face, he always got like this when he sent a child away, he always felt the need to cry until he was sick of crying.

Steven He sighed a bit and slipped to the bed, sliding his hand to the bottle of peroxide and the cloth, tilting the bottle over it slowly and placing it back on the desk. He then slipped on his side and shook his head slowly. " I don't know Trin... Life's a bitch most of the time and yet... We have to keep on going..." He stated. " This is gonna sting." He said as he placed the cloth on Trin's face, cleaning the small wounds the glass had made ot his face.

Trin "..................ow.................." he stated, it was the cutest thing too, how he spoke that word, how he gave Steven a puppy-dog type look, then for no apparent reason he started to laugh softly, "Ooh, you are going to have......have to stock up on that stuff.....I have a feeling.......I'm so accident prone.......heh heh......we might have to buy the company........" he snickered softly at himself. Steven He chuckled at his comment yet shook his head slowly. " Nuh uh... What I'd do though, is go up there, or whereever and tell them to at LEAST give you a healing spell. Don't they realise you get hurt everytime? " He sked, slowly slipping the cloth away to place it on the desk once again. He turned back to Trin and smiled softly, wrapping an arm around him. " Alright. -Now- Let's cuddle." He said softly, pulling him close to him, his chin leaning against his head gently.

Trin "I'm not good enough for a self-healing spell......" he chuckled gently, "I can heal others......but I can not heal myself...." he whispered, then was pulled close and his fingers curled into Steven's chest, purring softly, as he nuzzled closer to him, this wasn't close enough, he mumbled into Steven's chest, "I should take you up there and introduce you to Sasuke.....or at least Kibuya......" Steven He groaned a bit and placed a kiss on Trin's head softly. " I don't think that'd be a good idea... I'm... What... How could I place it... I'm very hot tempered and If something They say , I don't like... It might just end up pretty badly..." He stated, running his fingers on Trin's hair. "So unless I learn how to keep it inside... My rage i mean... I shouldn't go up and face them..."

Trin "your temper couldn't be as bad as mine...." he whispered, "I'll get you some pyrite......." he stated then tilted his head upwards slightly and his lips brushed against Steven's throat gently, nipping slightly with another purr, arms slipping around Steven, fingers brushing against the mechanic's lower back.

Steven With a small sigh, he let his lips part into a smile and seemed to purr softly; a low drumming sound in the back of his throat. " How much you wanna bet that My temper can be just as bad, not to say worse." He whispered, tilting his head to the side to let Trin have more access to his neck, his fingers slowly made their way on the back of his neck, where he trailed his fingertips on his skin slowly.

Trin He didn't bother answering, he just bit down gently upon Steven's throat with a soft grrrrr and he rolled them so that Steven was under him, and he placed countless nibble-kisses all over the mechanic's neck and he also nibbled upon his earlobe as well, and behind the ear, and he continued to purr softly, as he explored the mechanic's neck with his lips, teeth, and tongue.

Steven He smirked a bit and sighed into the nibble/kisses, his eyes half lidding as he looked to Trin. " You just want someone to hold you, right?" he teased, trailing both his hands down Trin's back and to his pants, curling his fingers on his hips and he tilted his head back slowly, loving the way it felt to be kissed and nibbled on like that... Something he had forgoten a long time ago... The soft, low purrs of his kept on going as he slipped his right foot on the bed so that his leg would bend a bit and lean itself against Trin.

Trin "........this is a type of holding......" he whispered and bit down sharply upon steven's neck his body arching slightly as he did so, a low and beautiful purrr escaping his throat and he pulled him closer as he trembled slightly, there was a soft, spicy, coppery taste, he must have broken skin, he ran his tongue along the wound he made and savored the taste.

Steven He let his finger press deeper on Trin's pants, almost if he wanted to dig his fingers in his hips really.. And a sof, short gasp rolled back in his throat at the feeling of the bite, his eyes closing tightly as he arched his back slowly to lean closer against Trin, pulling down on his hips. And as he felt his tongue slowly slideing on his wound, shivers ran up his spine and he tilted his head back a bit, his chest moving up and down at the breaths he took in, slowly, yet deeply.

Trin ~am i moving too fast?~ came the question in spirit talk, ~are........we..........moving too fast.........I want you..........I want this..........but are we moving too fast?~ he now rest his forehead against Steven's, his breath coming out in short sweet gasps as the blood ran though his body, lighting his senses on fire, making his desire grow. a tremble ran through him as he tried to center himself

Steven He smiled sweetly to him and shruged slowly, Letting his lips part to whisper softly... " Trin... If you're asking yourself this question... Maybe it's because you think this is too fast... I want you too, Trinian... I want this... But I won't push you to do things you don't want to do right away... We have a long time ahead of us to be doing this... All that matters is that I love you Trin." He finished , with a small kiss on his lips, looking into his eyes silently.

Trin He shook his head and thusly doing so, ran his lips along Steven's, thier nose brushing in a sweet eskimo type kiss, "But..." he whispered gently, "Everything in me is telling me to go on....." he shivered gently, as his eyes gazed into Steven's, " know what's funny......I couldn't stand you when I first met did this happen?" he whispered, "How did my annoyance turn to love..........did the same thing happen to you?"

Steven He chuckled a bit and nodded slowly, brushing their lips together in that same manner Trin did, only it was from up to down instead of Sides to side. " Yeah... Pretty much the same thing... I had mistaken you for a Raver , remember?" He asked with a small laugh. " But you're not. And I'm glad. I'm glad we met and very glad to be with you now." He stated, giving him another soft, small kiss... Only to place another kiss afterwards on his lips and locking their lips together, giving birth to the kiss they shared before.Very intense, very lustful, true to his feelings. His hands let their fingers curl around the back of Trin's pants and slowly pulled on them, tugging gently.

Trin He felt his cheeks flush slightly and he returned the kiss, deep, passionate, sensual, full of desire and lust, need and just a little bit of fear. his body shook again, pleasure trembles and he could feel his heart racing, hell he could hear it in his ears, he let his fingers curl in the hem of Steven's shirt and he pulled up on it slightly wanting it off a cute kind of urgency.

Steven He let go of Trin's pants and helped him take off his shirt slowly, tossing it besides him and did the same with Trin's shirt, watching as it slid up his body and revieled his skin... Perfect to his eyes which trailed up his sides to finally stop at his neck, tossing the shirt along with his own. He wrapped both arms around him and rolled once again on the bed to now be on top of him, his right hand sliding from under Trin and to his face, softly brushing his index on the boy's cheek. " You are beautiful Trinian... Perfect to me." He stated, smiling down at him and leaning down, pushing Trin's chin with his nose as he let his lips brush against the youth's skin gently, followed by small nibbles.

Trin A small squeak-laugh escaped his lips as he was nibble-kissed and he shivered slightly, "Even with my scars....." he managed with a sweet smile. "Are you sure you are going to be able to live with me now that you know most of what I do?" he asked, "you aren't going to be come over stressed and freak out on me are you?" he purred genlty his fingers running teasing lines up and down steven's back.

Steven His lips parted into a small smirk and he chuckled softly into a nibble. " Even with your scars Trin... And I won't freak either. Don't worry about that. " He stated, trailing kisses to his lips. And looked to him directly in the eyes and passed his fingers in the youth's boy slowly, curling some of his small strands between his fingers. " I believe in you. I have faith in you. And I know that unless you meet with a lvl 19 polterghiest, there's no problem... And besides, I'll be there to help you whenever you call me."

Trin He smiled gently and tickled his fingers along Steven's sides, a sigh and he tilted his head to one side, "And if I do run into one....." he started, "Are you going to stand in front of me and protect me?" he purred as his fingers slid down to Steven's lower back and slipped down the back of his pants, the little uke/seme smirked slightly. "Only to have me have to bind you and unpossess you....."

Steven He smirked a bit and shook his head slowly. " You -know- I'd run to you if you needed help... " He started , nibbling on Trin's lower lip. " But not only to ahve you bind me..." He whispered, slipping his free hand down the boy's back and into his pants, where he his butt tightly and pulled him against him. And with that, he locked his lips against his once again to continue the kiss they shared before..

Trin A soft and very shy moan passed his lips and entered Steven's mouth, another gentle tremble a purrr, and he broke the kiss and looked up at Steven with a beautiful blush upon his face, "Keep in mind that I'm new to all of this...." he whispered gently and toyed with the button on Steven's pants, his eyes looking from steven to the button for a moment then he smiled gently. "and I think I want these to go" he stated in a gentle tone.

Steven A nod and a chuckle, followed by his hand helping at unbuttoning his pants and tug them down a bit. " I'll keep that in mind" He stated, brushing his lips down Trin's throat and chest, letting the hand on the boy's face slide down along with his kisses and on the boy's side. And as he shifted down, he let both his hands tug at the pants, sliding them down and tossed them on the floor where both their shirts were. He looked up to Trin with a small smirk on his face and whispered softly. " I'll be -very- gentle.." before he leaned down and ran his tongue slowly on Trin's arousal.

Trin How to describe the feelings he was feeling at the moment, there could never be any words......never anything able to describe it, well, there were words to half way explaine it, his heart had wings and he was flying, for one.....but it was sooo much better than he had ever imagined it to be, yes, our dear Trin had died everyone's horror, a virgin....but it seemed that the gods were smiling upon him now huh? telling him it was ok, because it would happen eventually. he drew in a soft whimpery breath and his fingers wound themselves in the sheets around them. back arching slightly as he did so.....oh it was all perfect to him, the warm wetness of the tongue against his flesh, the tenderness of it's strokes, the gentle way Steven was doing it all. his heart thundered in his ears again Trin and he let out a series of too cute for words moans pass those pretty little lips of his. ~Yes trin,~ he thought to himself, ~He knows what's he's doing.....let him have control......~

Steven His eyes closed slowly as he heard the very cute moans slip out Trin's lips, sending him countless shivers running across his whole body... Knowing that Trinian was enjoying this, and only after such a simple touch.... This made Steven very happy for a strange reason... Maybe it was because it had been such a long time since...well the last time... And maybe he was scared he had lost his 'touch' ... Yet apparently, he didn't... And this was a good thing. His right hand slowly slid up on Trin's leg to let his fingers brush against his manhood after another long, teasing lick, and they wrapped themselves around Trin's arousal, letting his palm stroke slowly and his lips to wrap around the Boy's hardened member, letting them slowly slid down on him with a very gentle yet, teasing manner.

Trin Awww how cute, he's blushing....that aside the youths eyes closed as he felt the warmth of Steven's lips then mouth upon him, he felt as though his heart would burst from all the love and desire he was feeling at the moment, he didn't care what happened anymore....he didn't care if the higerups got mad at him for fact a small part of him wished they did, and as the lips moved skillfully upon him, he let a few more sweet moans escape his lips, he was the type of person to tell somenoe when they were doing a good by him or bad.......and right now........Trin was in heaven.......

Steven He loved the way Trin was thanking him; soft moans echoing in the room and back to Steven's ears... There was basically no words on how to describe just how much he loved hearing those... And coming from Trin, it sounded even more beautiful than anything else he had ever heard. And he was thanking him back with his own 'doings' for those moans... And for his presence, for everything actually, as he sucked softly on Trin's arousal and slid his hand, tongue and lips on it as a beautiful, skillful dance. One that would take people to the 7th heaven in no time. His free hand slowly slid on Trin's side and trailed its fingertips on his skin gently, to curve to his lower back and pull him closer, to take him deeper.

Trin ~Deeper......~ came the thought, ~Could that be done?~ and Steven soon proved to him that can, "............oh gods......" came the lovely moaned phrase, so cliche I know, but when one was pushed into the river of passion one could not help but say the first thing that came to mind, and those three little words were often the ones choosen for the job. he lifted his hips slightly, to help Steven as best he could while he made such beautiful sounds of happiness and joy.

Steven The hand which lifted Trin on his lower back slowly slipped down his ass cheek and slowly, he let his thumb press against Trin's entrance as he was still sucking sweetly, even dangerously upon him, although it had changed to a faster pace now; blond strands on his hair falling on Trin's hips and sliding on them as he moved his head up and down. His thumb, on the other hand, was making small circular motions at Trin's entrance, not yet to enter him... Yet just enough to tease him softly.

Trin A sharp intake of breath in shock for a moment as he felt the thumb there of all places, so innocent in some ways......he let his eyes open slightly and murmured, "I feel warm all over........and tingly............." in a dreamy like state, "what's happening? is it supposed to do this?" he asked, his knuckles white from holding the covers so tightly in his passion. his breathing was deep and he felt something ripple through him, "Like water behind a damn....." he whispered.

Steven He chuckled a bit after slipping his lips away from Trin's arousal and slipped his hands away as well to unbutton his own pants which he didn't remove yet, and slide them down only to toss them with Trin's pants. And so slowly, he straddled him and placed both his hands on his, letting them lose their grip to the sheets and slide his hands over his head, his lips brushing against Trin's. " Yes.. . It's supposed to do this. But if you don't like it, I'll stop right now." He whispered, placing a soft kiss to his lips as he looked to him in the eyes.

Trin "Nn-mm," came the reply as the mechanic kissed him, his eyes shone with such a pretty light too, a light much brighter than when they first met, sure the light was there....just never _this_ strong before. his body shook and he whispered to Steven, "...more...don't stop.......Ive never felt so good before in my life....." his tone was lustful, sweet, and begging.

Steven He smiled gently and nodded slowly, slipping his right hand to Trin's arousal once again, yet this time it was only to move it towards his own entrance and he looked into his eyes deeply as helet himself sit down slowly on him, letting his manhood slide fully inside of him yet at a very slow pace in case Trin would want him to stop... Maybe this would be too much for him... And he was ready to stop if he wanted. His breaths stopped for a moment and he let a long, deep , low sigh out of his lips, hiding a moan horribly...

Trin ~wha....oh gods.....~ his eyes snapped shut and his head tilted to one side as he felt this, he was inside Steven, he was.....they were........this is.........."Steven....I love you......" he whispered in such a beautiful tone, his body covered in a light sheen of sweat slightly, his breathing slightly ragged, " I do now?" he asked gently

Steven He smiled and placed a soft kiss on Trin's lips, whispering " I love you too Trinian... With all my heart I do..." And he lifted himself up a bit, only to slide back down, feeling Trin so deep inside of him... He heart thundered in his chest now and his breathing got a little faster, blond strands of hair falling on his shoulders to let the tip of them brush at Trin's face softly. " Let your feelings drive you... That's the only thing to do.." He gently whispered before locking his lips against Trin's , kissing him passionatly, lustfuly, but most of all, with all the love he had for him.

Trin He trembled and moved with Steven, returning the kiss with as much passion and lust and love as Steven was giving him, perhaps more. he felt like he was going to explode and he had no idea what was happening, he broke the kiss and whispered, "I'm getting close to something......and I don't know what it is...." he whispered.

Steven He smiled and chuckled softly as he heard Trin and shook his head slowly, looking into his eyes as he moved a bit faster on him, sliding up and down as he still held one of his hand over his head, the other hand placed right next to him so he could keep his balance. " Let all the tensions escape you Trin..." He only answered him, Adding a few nibbles to his lower lip as he let his fingers twine with Trin's. He wasn't going to release himself either... Let Trin experience this first and move on to more... Explicite details later on maybe... *Smirks*

Trin with a soft whimper the little spirit guide did just that. he let go of his tension in a lovely little torrent, he could feel it leave him in a warm rush of sticky wetness. he drew in a shuddering breath, something was lost and something was gained, he drew in a few whimpering breaths.

Steven Shivers were sent down his spine and he let his back arch a little at the feeling Trin sent inside of Steven... And few gasps rolled in the back of his throat, letting his body slowing the pace of his slides to finally reach to a stop... And with a gentle smile, he let go of his hand and slid his fingers on the side of Trin's face, tilting his head to the side. " How do you feel?" He asked him, loving the way he looked right now... And also loving the fact that he was his first... Something he would never forget in his entire life... Or well.. Afterlife ....

Trin "..........alive................" he whispered and lifted one hand and pressed it against the hand that was on the side of his face, ".....thank you.............thank you for showing me such happiness.........thank you thank can I ever repay you?" he murmured gently. "name's yours....."

Steven He laughed a bit and shook his head, placing a kiss on the boy's lips before speaking. " Repay me? It wasn't a gift, a reward or anything Trin... It was an act of love. And I don't want anything in return exept for your own love. " He simply stated, slipping off of Trin and laying by his side, running a hand on the side of Trin's face. " I love you and I don't want us to part... Ever." He whispered before cuddling him tightly.

Trin as he was pulled close he purred softly into Steven's embrace, "I will never ever leave you Steven, not even if you set up warding "spells"......not even if you pushed me out the door.....I would become a pulterghiest and I would haunt you......and possess you and make you do horrifly wonderful things to yourself....." he smirked a little and nibbled at steven's neck.

Steven He blinked a bit and chuckled, leaning his head back a bit as he felt him nibble on his neck. " Hey that's a tad bit creepy there... And I wouldn't want you to become a Polterghiest... People would hunt you and lock you away from me..." He stated as he let his fingers brush in Trin's slowly... Softly... Slowly twirling some strands of his hair between his fingers. " I wouldn't push you out the door either... Never ever... You're the best thing that happened to me."

Trin "and you're the best thing to happen to me....." his lips brushed against Steven's throat, teeth nipping at the skin he found there with a dark purrrrr his fingers shyly running along Steven's manhood, "you're still 'tense' down there...." he whispered, "How can I relieve your tensions?"

Steven His eyes half lidded slowly feeling Trin's hand run along his manhood, sending shivers running all around his body. " Hmm... In Any way you can..." He simply answered, his hand absently curling all of its fingers in Trin's hair. " Just as a Said before.... Let your feelings drive you..." And he tilted his head to the side slowly, Giving Trin more access to his neck.

Trin he trembled a little as well and let his hand grip steven's manhood and he moved along it with another nip to Steven's throat, drawing blood again, while his fingers and hand continued to move against Steven's length. "like that?" he asked, lips stained red with a little of steven's blood.

Steven A gasp echoed in his throat at the tearing of his flesh again, and he shut his eyes closed, letting a small moan taking place of the gasp, nodding his head a little as he pulled slowly on Trin's hair, without his knowing... All too into the moment. " Exactly like that..." He whispered out, his breaths increasing slowly, causing his chest to lower and rise up again at a bit faster rate. For a first timer, her was pretty good.

Trin While he moved against steven's arousal he watched Steven's face as he did so, loving the expressions that steven was giving him, his lips slowly travled down Steven's body to place nibble-kiss-sucks upon his stomach, down the flat to the thing his fingers and hand were working so lovlingly upon. he flicked his tongue out to tenitivly taste it, a soft purr and shiver, "Mmmm..." he started then continued to teasingly nip and suck at it....

Steven A small moan escaped his lips as he felt Trin's tongue flick over his member so teasingly and he lowered his head slowly so he could watch him, a small smile on his face as his brown eyes were half lidded. It was already dark outside and only but the street's and shop's lights around lit the room, adding a blueish color to it. He slowly slid a hand to his hair and curled his fingers in it, only to slide them and curl strands around his fingers once again. His whole body trembled slightly and already, a small veil of sweat formed on his skin as he whimper/moaned at Trin's sucking. this was ridiculously great for his first time...

Trin He slowy let the hot member go and he wrapped his lips around the head of it and purrred as he nibble-sucked at it, letting his instincts lead him he drew it as deeply as he could and adding a few more strength to the suckings he was giving to Steven, tasting such sweetness of the pre-come, his body shivered and he conintued to lap at him as best he could.

Steven He drew in a few sharp breaths at the nibblings yet didn't dislike them at all. It was all very nice, beautiful not to mention amazing. "Gods Trin..." Yup... Those words again. Just Like Trin did, these were basically automatic... As if it was meant for someone to say those words in a moment of passion. And a few moans followed those words, letting his hips move slowly as Trin took him deeply into his mouth. His lips parted and he watched it all, breathing deeply as he felt his heart beat race in his chest and his fingers curling tightly in Trin's hair.

Trin He slowly released Steven from his mouth and looked at me, his eyes glazed gently with love and adoration, "......Take me...." he whispered gently, "Please...fill me.....male us whole again........I want you to feel the pleasure I felt when you let me take you..........please......" he asked gently, his eyes tearing gently as he spoke to him so very sweetly.

Steven He nodded slowly with a smile and slowly reached for him and pulled him up to him and turned on his side to lay flat on top of him, a hand to Trin's hair and he pushed back a few strands being his ear. And so, making his way between Trin's legs, he locked his lips against the youth's once again taking him into a deep kiss , shifting a bit on the bed and arching his back to slowly enter him, his left hand holding him on the bed to keep balance. And so as he pushed in deeper into Trin, he opened his eyes into the kiss to watch him, his heart still thundering inside his chest and to Trin's as they were so close together.

Trin He threw his arms around Steven's neck and pulled themself closer together as they moved together, he pushed the kiss deeper loving this feeling, it was almost like it was better than that...much better........he continued to tremble and move with him, "You feel wonderful..........." he whispered softly.

Steven He let every little shiver run on his skin as he thrusted so gently into trin, Not wanting one second to hurt him... And a small smile formed his lips right then, when he heard Trin's comment, his only logical answer at the moment was to place his lips to Trin's neck and nibble softly on it as his right hand slid down his side and to his lower back, where he pulled on to add power to his thrusts. His fingers curled deep in his skin as he pulled him so close, and he couldn't resist but to let his teeth tear a bit of his skin to let his tongue lap gently at the wound, his thrusts right then gaining a bit of speed.

Trin If time could stop then, he would be a very happy spirit guide, but no, he knew it wouldn't, even though he wanted to be trapped in this moment, trapped in this embrace forever......his first time was it was better than perfect and he drew in a few staggering breaths as he danced in that rhythem that only lover can dace in, "...........just..............a little...........harder.........." came the whisper.

Steven He was almost shocked at Trin's words... ~Harder?~ He asked himself... And there he was, thinking he would've liked it better gentle.. A small chuckle rolled in his throat and he slid both his hands to Trin's hips to be able to pull on him as he thrusted, gaining speed and going in deeper , feeling drops of sweat sliding down his back as he let soft moan out of his lips... This was great... Amazing... Nothing like he ever felt and if he could go back in time... If he could, he would change his own first time and erase it from his life to spend it with Trin.

Trin Most people when asked "who did you lose your virginty to" will give you a blank look and space out for a moment, or they will say "Oh s/he meant nothing to was just a fling".............and rarely..............very rarely they will get the answer that Trin would be giving, "I lost it to my heart and soul, my true love......." and he gasped softly and curled his fingers upon Steven's shoulders as his back arched back slightly as he moved with him, countering him with his own natural rhythem, breathing hard, it was happening again, that tingly warm feeling and he knew what it meant............

Steven As he felt Trin curl his fingers on his shoulders so tightly with a small arching of his back... He knew what that meant. And he was waiting for this as he had been holding back for a few moments now. And well, now, Now he could get all these tensions go... Now, for the first time in a very long time, he could feel happy in someone's arms again. And so with a small growl and deep thrusts, he felt himself climax into Trin, a few gasps rolling in his throat as his fingers tightened their grip on Trin's hips...

Trin And so they came together, it was an amazing feeling, to let go at the same time as another, it was soul-shakingly amazing, so powerful, so, there are really no words to describe it. Trin whimpered a little feeling the sticky warmth again as he claimed those lips in a desperate and passionate kiss. pulling himself closer to Steven again, and whimpering into this kiss.

Steven He sighed softly into the kiss and broke it slowly, to place a hand to the boy's head and sliding a few of his strands behind his ear. He smiled down at him and tilted his head to the side, scanning his lovely features for a moment... " Wow..." He whispered. " A sending... A Polterghiest... And two times you release those tensions..." He chuckled a bit, kissing the tip of his nose. " You should be exhausted by now..." He stated, brushing his lips against Trin's softly.

Trin "Sleep with me." Trin whispered as he slowly closed his eyes and curled up onto Steven, "Stay like this, I like the feeling of being one with you.......don't ever let me go...........don't ever leave me alone......." he whispered, softly, maybe he did like someone at one point, but they abandoned him, maybe he just had an abandonment issue....his fingers curled up on Steven's chest as he snuggled into him a little more.

Steven He smiled and nodded slowly, wrapping his arms around Trin and turning on his back slowly, pulling the blankets along with them to cover them and he brushed Trin's hair soflty, , kissing his head gently. " I won't ever leave you Trin... I Promise." And when Steven made promises, he kept them. Over his dead body would he ever break one. His chest rose and lowered slowly, his heart beat slowly its pace as it softly banged against his chest and to Trin's ear. And he closed his eys slowly, a smile plastered on his face...