If you have nothing to say
Don't stop me in the hallway
If you're constantly having problems
Then maybe you need to solve them

It's none of my business
So don't put me in it
If you don't want my opinion
Then just don't ask for it

Don't tell all of your problems to me
It's funny how you think I can do something
Tell me if you think I can help
Like if it's something I've been through myself

Don't know where someone is
Take it up with them
It's none of my business
Where they've been

Every time you people have a problem
You seem to think that I can solve them
I'm no older than you
So honestly, what do you think I can do

Nag, nag, nag,
Blah, blah, blah,
Do you really think I listen all of the time?
Guess what: I'm not

Sometimes I do
Like if there's something new
But usually there isn't
Therefore, I simply choose to refuse to listen

Please don't be offended
But here's some wisdom for ya
If you don't want your business in the street
Then do not tell your business