I was cold here...cold and alone...perhaps that was why I decided to do it. Perhaps it was because I felt I had no real place in this game of life... Perhaps, I just wanted closure, and the only way to get what I saught was by stoping it all.

It occured to me one spring night, it was raining, raining so softly, the raindrops making a gentle and beautiful melody as they danced to the ground, and I...I sat as I often did, gazing with soft black eyes towards the castle that those I cared about...called home.

I guess you could say I was just a little on the jealous side, they all had been graced with the ability to make friends with others, to feel comfortable around people, to interact. I had not, and quite frankly I made it look as though I didn't care.....but..... A shiver ran through me as I turned my back to the window and walked towards my bedroom, my feet made thier usual soft patting sound as I walked.

I made it to my bed room and softly I heard the whisperings of the darkness, felt it's cold fingers wrap around my wrists and I stopped walking, bowing my head I heard them speak to me, ~The knife Aki....the knife~ Slowly I turned and looked at my dresser, upon it was my hunting knife, I stumbled forward and picked it up. looking at it with a distant look in my eyes. Such a small thing... I placed it to my wrist.

.............Death is a funny thing when you think about it............most people don't try to though....most people fear it, for it is a "Horrific terrible thing" that "takes those we care about away from us".....but what if that is not the case....what if the "Bad death" was actually a "Good death"? I've often wondered these such thoughts.

I stood outside in the rain, I always loved rain, with the blood running down my arms, I had gotten just a tad creative with that blade and now it was plunged into the ground while I knelt and lifted my voice in a loud scream of pain and sorrow to the heavens, not like they could hear me, so long ago had they turned a deaf ear to our realm of Meh-Kurai.....

I could feel my strength leaving me....I was quickly losing consiousness.....and as I fell over, I fet the gentle kisses of the rain all over my body, a sad yet true smile parted my lips...it was so soothing, this aspect of nature...so peaceful. and I drifted off.

I always loved the Rain.