"Son...of....a...bitch...." Joli smirked as he watched Heratio break through the window of the tavern and roll on the ground, he tilted his head to one side and peeked out the broken window and called, "Was that fun Traitor?" he called and jumped out himself, looking down at the already bleeding Heratio, "You have gotten soft, you know that? and you left us for a woman....no...she's not even that, she;s more like a little girl who can't even walk and chew bubble gum at the same time...." he snapped and took Heratio by the hair pulling him to his feet. With a growl, Heratio did the only thing he could think to do, he lifted both his hands to Joli's wrist and pulled left, there was a sickening snap and Joli let out a scream of pain and brought his knee up into Heratio's back, sending him sprawling onto the ground, glass from the broken window cutting into him all over, he whimpered softly and weakly pushed himself up, arms shaking, breathing hard, Joli ran at him and jumped, the series of movements were fast, and the already weakening Heratio couldn;t avoid them, but he did block them, they both rolled on the ground and as they did, Joli picked up some glass and smirked, raking it forward acros Heratio's face, it skimmed his left eye and something like a red haze blocked his vison on his left side. "....Joli......why....." he whispered and the other slayer smirked and tossed the glass over his shoulder. "Because you abandoned us....you left us for a little girl.....and that hurts...." he growled and looked down at Heratio. "Damn it Hera....you were ours....mine and Leons......why did you wish to leave?" Heraito shook his head, "I just did....." he whispered, lights fading slightly. Joli slowly got off of Heratio and brought his heel down sharply upon Heratio's left elbow, there was a snap and Heratio let out a gasping scream. "Get out of here Hera.....before I'm forced to kill you." he growled and Heratio some how managed to pick himself up and limp home. a bloody mess.