The moon gapes in horror as the clouds shield her eyes

But the stars have no protection, dispersed among the skies

They lend unwilling light to the chaos of purity's demise

While the clouds curse the one below and the pale moon cries

The one below can't see the heavens hating from afar

He doesn't know the pain he causes each and every star

All he knows is that he needs…and loves…the way he continues to mar

And cut, and bleed, and release the torment, scar upon begged-for scar

The scars could tell a story of a life gone down to Hell

But they won't, they're too afraid to speak and there's nobody left to tell

They only sit on pale white skin, praying that all might be well

For if it's not, do they not go down with the one on which they dwell?

He continues to spiral, deeper than ever, but he doesn't even care

He's drowning in the blood now, but he won't come up for air

The ones around him sink with him into his black despair

They cry, they beg, they scream, they pray, but it's like he isn't there

They cry black tears to match their veils and dresses, and his heart

For who is ever righteous, except for he who tears apart?

And tear apart he did. Ask the people that now cherish his broken heart

Or ask the stone that sits on the hill on which he chose

Fom this world