And then...there was nothing.

Zenon stared at her ceiling. The glow-in-the-dark stars were fading, and yet, everything was slowly becoming clearer. The longer she lay in the darkness, the more she could see. Yet, there was nothing to see; she knew what her room looked like; and all too well she knew the pictures she'd painted, which hung on her walls, mocking her lack of talent.

What a silly metaphor to her life: she could see everything clearly in the dark, but nothing felt new. For the most part, Zenon was opposed to metaphors, so she was frustrated with herself for thinking of it. In her eyes, people used metaphors to sound profound, and they were usually quite uneducated. But Zenon reminded herself, she was probably the one who was wrong, not the metaphor-writers. Still they appeared ignorant to her, and she was bothered by it.

Zenon was angry and tired with her life. Who wasn't, now?

But there was a time when she wasn't. When she didn't realize that she was just being pulled in deeper so it would hurt more when she was rejected. When she was little...and ignorantly bliss.

Now, she knew that everyone merely found her useful, that they didn't value her as a person. It was the realization that broke her, yet she could do nothing about what she realized. And she'd been so alone for so long that when she found out she was being used, it didn't change things all that much.

It just made her feel awful. Each day she uncovered more and more lies, and somehow they made no difference. Yet they stung worse than anything.

Zenon's eyes adjusted to the darkness even more. The stars on her ceiling had now lost their glow, but they were coming into clear focus. And for some reason, their bright colors were starting to annoy her. Also, she was beginning to feel tired and she was really wishing for sleep.

It then occurred to her: all she needed to do was close her eyes.


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