Performance anxiety

Teen Anxiety: we all wear it. Like snot. Right on our sleeves.

In the dictionary anxiety is described as a state of uneasiness and apprehension, as about future uncertainties. Common knowledge to anyone in this room, is the fact that we all have it. Varying degrees, for different reasons, brought about by numerous stimuli. Common knowledge. The trouble is, most of us poor, misguided, acne-prone balls of depression don't cope particularly well when smacked in the face with a problem shortly followed by a mood swing. Those tend to follow anxiety around like a kicked puppy. Some may think that being the mature, non-glue sniffing percentile of the teen populous, they can handle whatever life decides to deal them. Who do you think your kidding? Anxiety affects all! There's no escaping it. And it's quite the doozy when it strikes (Insert Jaws theme here). Anxiety is the number one fan of stress, sleepless nights, and those undesired black rings one can often find under her eyes. Lovely. Not surprisingly, another word is found under the definition of anxiety. Psychiatry. Fantastic. Just what we all need correct? The schedule most of us keep from day to day is taxing to say the least. Not to mention boring, stressful, (in my opinion) highly unnecessary, unproductive, and lets just be honest. I'd much rather spend my time stress free, doing something fun and exciting. Like sleeping, or eating, or maybe both, one right after the other, repeatedly. The anxiety of a teen girl never seem to end and thinking about it usually only makes us want to cry or rip something (preferably the source of stress) a new one. Blame it on PMS. But the fact is the stress is still there. And it can make the difference between having a good day, or everyone else around you having a bad one.

School. A place of learning, friendship, and academic growth. A place to feel safe, and challenges yourself in the fields of learning. A magical place where your mind will blossom as you grow into- That's what it usually says in the curriculum objectives anyway (weather or not anyone believes it…). But school is for learning, to get a job, make lots of money, conform to idealistic family-life society has placed so high on a pedestal (2.5 kids, house in the suburbs, dog named Sam, HGTV and PBS programmed into the clicker, and never ever does the happiness end.) And once you've achieved that and have your Mitsubishi S7 series in the driveway, school has then, and only then, paid off. Back track. You need the grades for all these 'must-haves' in life, so academic achievement is really important. According to society. And your whole entire future, middle age, menopause and all, is going to be determined in your last 3 years of high school. No pressure. None, what so ever, cool as a cucumber, leafy as tree in June that's- really leafy. Stress? From school? Why, what ever for? The pile of work that cruelly never gets any smaller, is a huge factor in anxiety and stress related problems. If tests and homework had a baby, it would be named stress. Personally, most of my anxiety comes from school and most days I wouldn't feel bad about spilling a little kerosene and accidentally sparking a match. I give school credit for my health, grades, and stable mind. Did I say credit? I meant blame. I blame school. And by health, I meant lack-there-of. The same goes for grades… and as for stable mindedness- psychiatry is listed under anxiety, did you know that?

Stress is unhealthy, physical and mentally and the fact still remains that it just plain sucks. It ruins social events and outings that otherwise would have been a good time. Nothing kills a party like suddenly remembering you haven't done the weekends homework, or the previous weeks for that matter. Anxiety is not only from school, as popular as the belief is. Social lives are stress full too. We should all know. Being girls and all, we only talk about the really important, mind enthralling things. Like clothes, and boys, and diets, and the O.C. No there's so much more than that. How in the world do we all cope? And how do the other 40% of those who don't keep from becoming the latest case of the supernatural phenomenon of instantaneous human combustion?

Relaxing is just as important as working hard, if not more. It's higher on the scale of 'Things I'd absolutely love to do instead of doing what I'm supposed to be doing'. To us anyway. But some members of society, not to name names, - and it's NOT the population of 30+ years, defiantly NOT, they hold hard work higher on that scale. A good balance between the two is often hard to find, but like all good boxes of Count Choculla, the ratio of cereal bits to marshmallows always turns out right. Just enough to turn the milk brown. Just. Or in this case, most people can find a pretty balance between the R&R and frying of brains cells- I mean studying. You all know that anyway. The cheap thing is, most adults call resting 'slacking off' or 'lollygaging. When in fact, it is true, honest, desperately needed recuperation time. Not that slacking off or lollygaging should be seen as bad. Au contraire mes friends That's just the way some parents have chosen to look at them. On the bright side, one can see 'slacking off' as a form of yoga. The couch never looked so good. And those pencils can't be good for your thumb muscles; I don't care if they allow you to complete your math homework- you've only GOT two thumbs! Don't even mention the textbooks. I don't think I can handle it. And lollygaging is so obviously a form of recreational dance- how do the adults miss it? To caught up in driving that Mitsubishi…they don't notice the slow rhythmical movement of the feet, as they drag upstairs to do homework. And the expression of pain and agony is so over-looked it's painful. Dancing, and yoga, a waste of time? I should hope not. We have to be allowed the time the recharge our batteries and re-fill our empty heart slots. Find a save point, pass go, and collect $200. Unlike that annoying bunny, we can't keep going and going; Or heck, I'd wear my own marching band drum all day too. I guess the only reason that the young, stressed, and misunderstood, accept the theories about 'slacking' and 'lollygaging' is because we love our folks. We've pity for their souls, living through the 60's and all. You COULD choose to see 'slacking' as a bad thing. But you didn't here it from me! (I proudly support anyone who indulges in their hearts every weakness and perjury of will power. Sitting in front of the TV with a tub of Ben and Jerry's is what it's all about.) Those terms are abused, and are unjustly judged. Discrimination is in the air! 'Resting' soon seems like a negative thing, inflicting more stress.

The quickest way to ease off the stress is to relax. Or take the frank, direct approach; plainly tell stress to get its grubby, detachment-of-Satan's fingers off of your soul. But try to be sensitive. Stress has feelings too. There's always mature and sensible ways to deal with the anxiety, and horridness of everyday life. Avoid them at all costs. It makes getting the stress off your back a lot funner. There are mature and sensible ways to handle EVERYTHING, but do we always use them? Just because somethere's THERE doesn't mean it's begging to be used. Why should this be any different? Part of alleviating the stress is learning to have fun during even the worst of days. Sometimes a simple change of mind-set can make the pressure go away. Poof. Light as a cloud. Or a Cheese Dream, either noun suffices nicely. So next time you feel 'the force', that vile boulder and chain of stress and anxiety remember: We know what causes it, I blame school, but something good does come from it. Learning to cope with 'stuff' is always good. And being experienced will make it less scary when your classmates go crazy and do a mental relapse. Stress is only part of growing up and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, or at least makes you believe you haven't gone through hell just to fall flat on your face at the next hurtle life sends your way.

But the real reason I was compelled to write this wasn't for the beneficiary of my fellow classmates. As much as I adore you all. I simply reiterated things that you already knew, we all get stressed. But the real purpose of this essay was to help people understand, and give them a different point of view. Barat Essays are stressful and oh! - Guess who finished an essay? It's me! It's me! And it's LONG. No, seriously. It's almost epic. Except, you know... not even remotely. I am, however, proud. Am I stressed? Umm, not anymore.