Days of our Lives. Boring. Malcolm in the Middle. Seen it. Friends. Been done. Documentary on Caterpillars. Don't really want to know. I had been sitting on the couch in the lounge room channel surfing since 3:30am and there was as much on then as there was now at a quarter to five. Sighing loudly I flicked through the channels again hoping that for once the t.v people would put something on in the morning worth while to watch for people that couldn't sleep. Frustrated I threw a pillow at the television and then regretted it instantly as the set began to rock slightly. Chewing my bottom lip I waited silently willing the television to not fall over and smash.

"Can't sleep either?" a male voice asked from behind me.

I whirled around and rolled my eyes when I saw that it was just Noah. My brother's best friend who was staying for the weekend while his parents went away. The guy that I had loved since my brother had brought him over after school years ago. Without speaking I went back to staring at the television and groaned when I noticed that it was on the caterpillar channel. Noah sat beside me on the couch and reached for the remote. I held it out of his reach determined to not let him change the channel even though I didn't want to watch the caterpillars anymore than he did. But I couldn't help it. It was just a reflex to hold it out of reach. I had been doing so for years. Only between him and Jake they always got it off me. Before I knew it he had sprung up from his seat and was reaching across me for the remote anyway. I swapped it from my right hand to my left and skillfully slipped out from under him. Quickly I rushed behind the coffee table trying to keep it from his grasp.

"Hand it over and make it easy on yourself," he mumbled loud enough for me to hear.

Grinning I shook my head and made a mad dash past where he was standing hoping that I would make it into the kitchen without being caught. But Noah had been expecting it and had grabbed me on the way past. He pushed me back onto the couch and pinned me. His arms reached up the length of my own arms above my head to reach the remote. Only the remote wasn't on either of our minds now. Suddenly I was aware of how heavy and warm his body was on top of me. I stared up into his eyes before moving my gaze down to his lips that hovered only centimeters above my own. My breathing quickened at the same time as my heart when he closed his eyes and began to lean forward. Our lips touched briefly and I was surprised at the electrical feeling the flashed through my entire body. Then I found myself dropping the remote and slipping my arms around his neck. I was returning the kiss and I didn't even know it. I opened my lips to his kiss and his tongue found it's way into my mouth then began to duel with my own. We stopped moments later, breathless. I noticed then who I was kissing and that I was wearing barely any clothing at all! He must have come to the same realization because he sprung up and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

"I'm sorry," he said in between panting breaths. "That shouldn't have happened."

I was stunned at how I felt like I couldn't move and how my every thought was about how much I wanted him to kiss me again. Noah crossed his arms across his bare chest and stared at the yellow caterpillars on the screen. Quietly I reached above my head for my jumper and pulled it quickly over my head. So at least my top half was more covered. I wished with all my might then that I was wearing my old baggy pyjamas rather than my new grey short shorts with the black tank top. More than that I wished that he was wearing the pyjama top that went with his long, dark blue pyjama pants rather than showing off his toned arms, chest.. Snap out of it! I snapped at myself before trying to tune out everything but the television screen. I turned and reached over the side of the couch and picked up the remote I had dropped in such a hurry. Chewing my bottom lip, like I always do when I'm nervous, I handed Noah the remote with a small smile pasted on my face.

"It was my fault too," I said softly not daring to look into his sky blue eyes knowing that if I did I would probably fling myself at him and kiss him madly.

"But I.." he began but we were now staring into each other's eyes again causing every rational thought to fly from our heads and be replaced with bits of fluff.

Before either of us could stop it we were leaning towards each other and were about to touch lips when we both heard loud footsteps on the stairs. Coming down. We both scrambled for the remote and the channel ended up on Malcolm in the Middle which was fine with me. At least it wasn't as boring as the caterpillars. I moved to put the remote down between us but instead of my hand touching cold leather couch it touched a warm, soft hand that belonged to the one guy that I didn't want to remember his touch. Ever! I twisted my head around and saw my brother standing there with a strange look on his face.

"What are you two doing?:" he asked coming over and practically falling down into the recliner chair. "Anything interesting?"

"No," I answered hurriedly with a glance at Noah as my face turned bright red. "But I think I'll go up to bed now. Night."

"Night," Jake said quite happy as he claimed the VCR remote and hit play.

"Good night," Noah said quietly as he watched me get up and walk upstairs.