Dinner was so nice that I was sorry to see it end so soon. Noah and I helped his mother with the dishes and then she excused herself up to her bedroom because she said she had some laundry to fold and she was going to start a new book that she'd gotten from the library before she went to sleep. Noah and I stayed downstairs. Mrs Walker had insisted that I stayed the night in the spare bedroom downstairs because the storm was getting worse and not better. I tried to refuse and say that I would be fine going home but Mrs Walker wouldn't hear of it so after she had made up the bed and made sure that I would be comfortable, she disappeared upstairs after telling us to behave ourselves. I smiled and sat down on the couch in front of the television to try and find something to watch.

"Kaley. . ." Noah said, sitting down beside me and lacing his fingers through mine. "What did you mean at dinner when you said that you've known all along that we should be together?"

"Do we have to do this now Noah?" I asked him nervously as I tried to pull my hand away but he had a firm grip and he lifted it to his mouth, kissing the back of my hand and making me shiver. "I've always had a crush on you Noah. . .I'm surprised that you never knew. . ."

"I don't know why I didn't notice before. . .Now that I think about it properly, it's obvious but I always just thought you were Jake's annoying little sister so I treated you the same way that he did. . .In fact, I was a real jerk to you," he said with a frown before turning to me. "I'm sorry."

"It's the past now," I mumbled and kissed the back of his hand like he had with mine. "We can't change the past. . ."

"No, we can't. But we can have a bloody good future," Noah said with a large grin before wrapping his arms around me as we settled in to watch television. "I love you Kaley."

I didn't feel the need to say it back to him. If he didn't know that I loved him now then he was a complete dumb ass. . .I smiled to myself at the thought and turned in his arms so that I could kiss him softly, one of my hands cupping his cheek softly before settling down against him, leaning back comfortably. I loved him and he loved me. . .I couldn't have been happier. I don't know how long we were lying on that couch for but I didn't want to the moment to end but I ended up listening to the constant sound of the rain on the roof and I was asleep without even knowing it. Not that I minded. Noah held me while I slept and I swear that I slept better in that half an hour then I have during the rest of my life. It must have been just past midnight when I felt him move behind me, waking me gently. I turned my head and saw that he had his head resting against the arm of the couch and was asleep himself. The rain had stopped and the house was silent. The television was still on but the volume had been turned right down. I smiled and turned so that I could kiss the tip of his nose.

"Mmm. . ." he mumbled without opening his eyes and wrapping his arms around me with a small smile on his lips.

"Nice?" I questioned but didn't wait for an answer before lowering my head and kissing his lips.

He didn't answer me again but instead opened his eyes slowly and smiled at me, returning my kisses with a few of his own that quickly took my breath away. I pulled away from him a few moments later and glanced up at the clock that was on the wall above the television set. Time really had flown, I thought to myself and forced myself to get up off the couch and stretch my arms above my head. As much as I loved lying in Noah's arms on the couch it was starting to get a little cramped and uncomfortable. Noah followed suit and stood up next to me, his arms slipping around my waist and pulling me close to him. Still he didn't say a word as he kissed from my ear down to my neck before looking deep into my eyes then glancing towards the stairs. I smiled but shook my head. No. . .I wasn't going to go upstairs with him to his bedroom. I looked from him to the door to the spare bedroom that Mrs Walker had set up for me. Noah frowned then shrugged taking my hand to lead me to the bedroom.

"I'm going to bed. Alone. . ." I muttered in his ear and kissed his cheek. "Good night Noah."

He stood in front of me with his jaw nearly hitting the ground but then he nodded, sighed and ran his hand through his hair. I guess he wasn't used to being shot down by a girl. . .I grinned and hugged him close to me before turning and disappearing into the bedroom and closing the door behind me. I changed into the night shirt that Mrs Walker was lending me and slipped between the sheets of the double bed in the middle of the room. I swear that I fell asleep with a big goofy grin on my face and I felt so good that I didn't want to go to sleep in case I woke up the next morning and discovered that it had all been a dream. . .That I was back home in my own bed just wishing Noah would notice me. . .

The Next Morning. . .

"Wakey. . .Wakey. . ." a voice whispered from a very far away location as I groaned and rolled over in my bed, deciding that I wasn't ready to wake up. "Come on. . .Wake up babe. . ."

Babe? Alarm filled my entire body and I sat up so fast that the blankets slipped off me and fell to the floor. Noah giggled as he lifted them back up onto the bed, covering me with them and then sitting down beside me. I smiled and then my eyes widened when I caught sight of my reflection in the mirror. My hair was sticking up and the T-shirt was twisted in an awkward way. I tried to smooth down my hair but Noah caught hold of my hands and held them in his, looking me straight in the eye.

"You're beautiful," he whispered, leaning forward and kissing me.

That was all I needed to hear. . .