In a dark long ally in the middle of the night in a forgotten city about twenty years in the future, you see a humped over small figure in tattered dirty clothes running down the ally's length quickly. The figure suddenly stops to see a tall skinny darkened figure only two yards away blocking its path. The standing figure takes a few steps forward out of the shadows and brushes off the hooded clock that covered the face.

Appearing in front of the crouching being is what seems to be a beautiful tall Elvin woman. With blue pretty eyes and long flowing wavy blond hair that's put up in a tight ponytail. Her body is covered with a tight black body armor that shapes her very athletic sexy form with archaic symbols engraved all over it. Thick silver bracers adorn her wrists, heavy boots and the long black cloak with red velvet inlaying that now lays over her shoulders. She smiles "Sorry, I think you ran the wrong way huh?"

The being stands up completely towering just about seven feet over her six. It's slime green eyes flash at her as it screams and slashes it rags off it. Emerges is a black scale muscle bound shadow demon. Its two arms are really multiple tentacles flailing in the air at its sides. It shows it's yellow sharp teeth and deeply screams at her with a long eight inch brown tongue flinging in her direction.

Her smile fades into a discussion look. "Let me guess... you've never seen a hygienist right?"

With out warning she leaps at it and pulls out a hand and a half double bladed broad sword, that she had kept out of sight under her cloak on her back. The blade is long and glows a bright light showing the pretty features of her face. Etching along the blade and guard are written in an old forgotten Elvin language that shows that it is of great power and hidden magic's. The pommel is a never dimming glowing white gem that just seems to grow brighter in her grip.

The fight is on with slashing and power hits from both sides. Both bodies getting thrown to the ground, walls and trash dumpsters. This is almost a twenty min. fight with a few tentacles and blood flying about. Non of them seems to be showing signs of where till it surprises her by spitting a green mist out at her face spinning her to one side while he runs away. It must not have been too potent for her Elvin eyes cause she kept turning, and pulls out a retrofitted, upgraded, silenced Uzi from a sheath attached to her thigh and fired at it while still holding her sword in the other hand. The shots hit it's back along its spine and legs taking it down but not out. It continues to flee just crawling on its knees and tentacles. She wipes the gunk from her face, puts the gun away, takes a deep breath, and leaps far up into air.

She lands next to the demon with almost a silent thump from her boots and stabs it in the back while it howls upward in pain. She walks in front of it and holds up her sword, but before she can swing it gets up and starts to fight again. Getting tied of him she is able to kick him back a bit, puts her sword away, get out and throws about ten throwing stars from her belt, five in each hand at it cutting the rest of it's tentacles off. She shrugs "sorry", before her eyes suddenly glow a bright light. She reaches out an arm and puts out a flat palm toward it.

Suddenly she growls lightly as a huge bolt of light sears from her hand and blasts the demon into dust screaming. The blast doesn't hurt the buildings or any other thing but the demon and light's up the ally like a huge skylight. She stops the light and looks around just in case. She smiles, closes her eyes and tilts her head back. She suddenly moans happily and opens her eyes to the starlight above. "Man I need a shower!" As she starts to giggle to herself and starts to walk.

She walks across town and down a street that seems to be in a bad part of town, to poorly lit up building. It's what they call a multi-store. A small dinner/quick-mart/garage/gas station that's still seems to be in use. Though you would question why it hasn't been torn down from it's old brick style and is covering of graffiti, smells bad and still standing in the worse part of town known as the slums. The local gangs have made this there part of town and pushes the demons back for just territory alone and have kept from the station as they have designated it a sanctuary and a place they can re-stock up and hang. But they just know it as "Kitties".

She walks through the barred glass door with a chime from sensors about. The inside is lit up brightly and looks bigger than one would expect from the outside with a light bit of old light rock being played over the speakers. At first glace you think of it as an old diner as the bar, few tables and booths line the wall is to your left. To your right looks like a small quick mart like that you would see at any corner store. Two large doors at the high right corner heads into a main office and the huge garage which you could see clearly from outside.

But you dare watch yourself as you can tell you are being watched, in many ways. From the dozens of cams placed all around the place and the many eyes on you just from those that work there. A cute amber haired kitty girl waitress, a pretty tall muscular human woman behind the glass cage at the register to your immediate right, another blond Elvin woman peeking out from the office, and a tall buff dark skinned half demon woman from the garage. But all but the human seems to be just hanging out in the main diner area sense the place is void of customers at the moment.

As she steps in she sighs and pulls off her cloak down again and smiles loving the feeling of the AC hitting across her face and neck. Practically at the same time all the woman shout out "Kat!" Short for her real name Katrinna. She smiles and nods too all the girls giving their smiles right back. She pulls off her cloak and guns that connects to her belt also and cracks her neck lightly with a content moan.

She looks to her right and sets her things on the counter in front of the human woman in the cage. "Hey Darla, here you go hon." The counter flips with a touch of a button by Darla. She takes the things and the wall behind her flips revealing an arsenal of weapons and armor. She slides back smiling at Kat.

"So how was patrol tonight?" The late twenties brunette leans forward in her cage revealing her very strong muscular arms around her tight white tank top except for her cybernetic right hand that goes about half way up her forearm mostly hidden by a long glove. Her pretty green eyes show up more brightly in the light.

She nods "Not too bad, just a Klava demon nothing I couldn't handle." She leans forward on the counter and smiles wider as she remembers something. "So... before I left you said you had something to show me." Knowing the skills of weapons and armor crafter she knows what to expect. "What I get!?"

The young cute kitty girl pounces over to Kat and gives her a big giggling hug from behind pinning down the elf to the counter for a second. Her slim tail wags back and forth behind her showing everyone how chipper she is, in her youth as she is only seventeen with amber fur and light brown eyes. But Kat took her in, as she is the only one too ever pic her pockets, her home and steels her bike in one day and get away with it. "Now why does the pretty elf always think the smith's gifts are always for her!??"

Kat sighs and shakes her head almost looking annoyed. She knows the kitty likes her a lot and has no clue why she returned all her stuff that day a year and a half ago as the cat was just a beggar on the street. "Get off Patches." She says in a low growl. After the kitty giggled she jumped down. Kat stood up and turned around and crossed her arms showing her age which only in the mid twenties but could be far older because of her race. Her glair quickly disappears into smile not ever able to be mean to Patches for very long. "Cause it's fun."

Patches looks down for a moment sifting her toe of her pink boots into the floor all cute like. She looks back up and smiles and shrugs and walks back to her spot sitting down next the half demon woman. The half demon seems to be wagging her dark finger almost scolding the little cat, then scuffles the kittens long head hair.

Kat turns back to Darla to find a small box already turned on the counter before her. Kat drools as she gets to the box starting to open it like a kid at Christmas and Darla chuckles lightly watching her. She pulls out a rather thick large throwing star. She blinks looking confused at Darla. The brunette raises her hand and stops Kat knowing her question. "It's modified you dork." She winks at her as she continues "It's explosive. Just hard pressure on the blades ignites an explosion as big as one of your mini-grenades. But of course it's just a prototype for now."

Nods knowing that's what she had expected something to go off from 'Boom-Boom' as they sometimes call her. Made from her obsession with everything from grenades, dynamite, mines, and C-4, which they all feared from time to time. And is how she lost her arm in the first place very long ago. Kat places it back in the box and slides it back. "Cool, I'll give it a try the next time I go out, thanks." She says with a forced smile as she knows not all of Darla's exploding inventions have not all worked out. She turns around and without a thought glances to a patched up hole in the back wall where one prototype was tested. She shakes her head and smiles knowing she's an old friend and meant no harm by it.

She walks over and kisses the other blond elf that was sitting near the other two on the top of the head. "Did you get the surveillance up and running in sector eight like you said you would Mal?" Short for Mallie. The sexy elf sits there looking frustrated in a white blouse and long kaki skirt tapping her white high heals sandals on the floor.

"Geese, I feel so... fucking loved." As she crosses her arms sitting still not even looking up yet. She looks over to the half demon "Can you believe this shit? She walks in here and the first thing she says is about work to me. Not hi or how's it going. I do all this shit to keep us safe and alert and all I get is a 'did you do it?' Fuck, I feel more like a slave than a sister!"

The demon woman smiles in a light sharp toothy grin sitting on one of the tables in her greasy and dirty overalls and acts like she is about to say something when she's interrupted by Kat still looking down at Mal. "Well sorry... I thought you would know how I care when I keep saving your ass over and over!"

"Oh like that's enough to make me feel loved!?"

"It should be!" Kat states standing back crossing her own arms.

Mal spins in her chair and stands up straight. "Well maybe next time I won't save your ass! You need me as much as I might sometimes acquire your assistance!" Points a finger into Kat's breastplate as she points out their shared split powers. The spell from there father cast among them split there powers from offensive to Kat and defensive to Mal so they would always have and need each other.

"Assistance, gee I'm feeling so loved right now!"

"Well you should be!" Mal starts to grin.

Kat smiles back "bitch." They lean into each other and kiss each other's cheek and hug one another. She takes a step back and sighs knowing they got that out of their system. "So... did you get it done or not?" She says with an evil grin on her face.

All the other girls sighs deeply and shakes there heads smiling too. Mal just sticks her tongue out at her sister "of course I did jerk! I also got the glitches out of the sensors in sectors four and six that YOU fucked up a week ago."

Kat just giggles "I already said I didn't see that generator there. And when I had 'three' smoke demons on my ass, I couldn't see too well with there mist. How many times do I have to apologies for that?" Mal just shrugs and sits back down smiling. Kat goes up to her and kisses the top of her head again. "Well anyways, you are loved and we couldn't pull half this shit off without you, you fucking nerd."

Even Mal giggles and reaches over her shoulder patting her sisters hand that now laid on her shoulder. They all knew that her skills was far from Kat's fighting and survival skills but went into surveillance, computers and technology inventing quite a few things herself as even she knows she's the brains of the group.

Kat just nods and pats her hand back. "Well anyways, that's complete from sectors one through eight?" Mal just nods. "Good... now we'll will know if anything happens, comes in, or blows up within a twelve block radius." She sighs again and nods.

An light pretty voice passes through all there minds *At least we'll be able to sleep better now. That new sector breaks the alert time in half and gives us more time to get ready and go.* They all look up and smiles at the half demon woman just sitting there with her mouth closed picking at a clump of oil with a small claw in her jeans leg. Her light telepathy ability speaks right into their minds. She looks up with dark pretty ruby eyes and grins as the light only dimly bounces off her not quite scales but almost black thick hide.

"She's right!" Patch jumps up looking all hyper again as she bends over completely backward to the floor stretching almost like a contortionist. "Sleep will be great and long for a chance, right Star?" Short for Starrkel, which in the demon tongue means forbidden cause she is a half breed, but Patch just calls her Star cause she said 'It sounded more pretty, just like her voice!' And they all agreed. Her minds voice is very soothing cause she had no real voice, that was replaces with a smelly gas from her throat when she ever tried to speak.

*Yeah no shit. And we may share a room kitty, but if I find you scratching your claws along my bedposts again in your sleep. Your going to find yourself in a collar tied to the wall with just a water dish at your feet when you wake up!*

Patch just gulps lightly and nods then goes over to Star and gives her a hug which the half breed gave back in return being gentle to the littler kitten. Star may have fed of animals long ago when she was living in the street alone when everyone kicked her away for being forbidden, but the kitty knows she would never hurt her. They have been through too much being friends long before they met Kat, sifting the ally's together. It was even Star that pushed her dark side away, with some influence from all the cheerful pep from Patch, convinced Patch to do the right thing and return everything back to the elf. Which took them in after a while and all became close.

Darla finally comes out locking the cage behind her "You should put her on a leash anyways. As little as she is that fur ball eats more than even you Star." She says with a smile sitting down next to Mal giving a light yawn.

"Oh Boom-Boom your just a pouting puss cause you didn't get to make anything blow up." The kitten teases with giving Darla a raspberry while finally sitting up on the table next to star.

Kat snaps her fingers remembering "Oh Star, did you get my bike fixed!?" Mal just smiles and moves about like about to say something and was stopped by her sisters hand over her mouth. They both giggle knowing Mals brilliant mind can be dirty and turns that way often as Kat lets her go.

*Yeah, finally. The slashed tire, popped breaks, ten bullets and even the taillight. Like when I first build the damn thing. Look do me the favor ok and do not go through Crom gang territory again for a fucking bite to eat without backup!* Star learned long ago how to fix and build anything with an engine from an old man that took her in far long before she met Patches. He taught her everything he knew until he was killed in a raid that was meant for her, which still haunts her to the day, by an unknown gang and holds a grudge against them all ever since.

Kat just smiles and nods "Thanks hon.. Look girls..." She walks around and sits down hunching forward in a spot they all could see her looking very seriously. "... The big raid is in two days! The Scar demons have been planning this for a week. They're going to try and take sector three. That's were their old temple is and want it back. But it's in spider gang territory and they do not care and will keep their grounds as is. Now if the Scar's get through them, it's up to us to keep them back. Cause if they do take over that area with their temple there breeding cycles for them will most probably triple. And we're the ones that have to go in there and clean house. Cause if we don't, there going to the other side of the city and go for Slums Central and the power core." She takes a small breath and everyone nods as this is there home and will do anything to keep it that way.

Mallie stands up and cracks her knuckles and neck with a content sigh. "In that case, I think we should get some sleep. It's been a long day."

Star stretches, stands and smiles *yeah I agree. It's too freaking late for continue bull shitting all night. Besides... we have to open in the morning???* Places her large, small clawed hands on her hips reminding everyone. Being the tallest one in the group standing almost seven feet. Being half demon her looks are more human than anything except her long black hair going to almost her waist, sharp long teeth, almost black tough skin, and dark red eyes.

Darla starts to chuckle crossing her arms. "You know Star, you look so cute when you try to be stern like that. Especially when all of us knows your fear of spi..."

Without even a sound Star was across the room interrupting Darla standing in front of her pointing a finger down at the humans face. *Don't you Even say it! Those many long legs of there's would freak out anyone!* Darla just raises her hands with a smile and takes a step back as all the others giggled knowing she did it just to get into Star's skin.

Sighing Kat stands up "well as fun as all this is... we should be heading down to bed." They all nod in agreement and even and little yawn from the kitty. Darla turns around and points a small device toward the cage as the back wall of equipment slides down into the floor and latches with a small beep. The wall is replaces with another sliding in from the side, as they all start to head toward the office.

Once all are in Kat locks the door while Mal is at the back wall opening up an old, broken, dirty microwave sitting on a file cabinet. Inside of it was really clean and a hand print pad. Mal places her hand on it and with a scan and a bleep, a door opens up through the back wall with a staircase heading downwards lighten up by a series of hanging lights.

One by one they go down into a large open area where Kat flips a switch on a wall. Lights come on across the huge underground metal walled base. A huge place with everything warriors like them might need. From there supped up speed bike, Wrangler jeep, and old Mustang to workout and training area's including the wall of weapons that was brought down from the store. In an open area sits a large circular holo pad for holographic combat training. Four rooms line the back walls and an extra large bathroom big enough for all of them if needed to at the same time. A large kitchen area is seen to the far end that could be used to feed a dozen people at once.

A huge computer with many screens light up and begins to load. A smooth sounding older woman's voice is heard through out the base. 'Hello ladies. How was my girls today?'

Patches speaks out with a big smile. "Not bad! Thanks Liza!" Speaks out to what they named the A. I., automated, surveillance, terminal computer system that Mal created so long ago.

Kat goes up and sits down at Liza's main terminal "What's the update on the Scar demons Liza?"

A few bleeps and scans is heard. 'There is no Scar demons within my scanning range of my eight sectors with in the Slums district. And no incidents have accrued that involves any other demons except the one you took out in sector two this evening Katrinna.'

Kat chuckles "you know Liza, you don't need to look after me all the time. I'm a big girl that can take care of myself." She smiles as she starts to stand.

'I can't help it sometimes. I'm practically a mother here and have to look out after my girls.'

"Well we appreciate it Liza, thanks. Were going to turn in for the night. Why don't you slip yourself into multi-scan standby mode?" States Mal with a smile, as she is so constantly proud of her main invention.

'Yes Mal. Turning down for the night.' The computer screens turns off and slips it's self into half power constantly still running scans over a small radar screen to the side.

They all give each other hugs with a smile each and heads off into there rooms and turns in for the rest of the night.