Mid morning shines in on the station only half lit and still closed. Star and Darla sit at the dining bar while Patch sits upon it Indian style. Mal sits alone at a nearby table with her laptop open. All enjoying there meals that was pre-paired for them by the multitalented kitten and all still in there night clothes that they lazily decided to not care and take the day off.

In between bites of her biscuits and gravy, Darla looks up at a clock. "Is Kat ever going to get up?"

The ambidextrous Mal with one hand eating her omelet and the other typing away at her keys doesn't even look up. "Well, you have to remember that her body went through hell last night. It received and was drained of shadow poison. That stuff, if it was in her any longer, would of changed not just her body but also her mind, and for the worse might I add."

Waving a fork in the air. *I have seen Mulch demons before. Let me tell you for some reason these seemed faster an bigger than the ones I have come across before.* Star returns back to her meat platter after getting a sigh and shrug from Patches, who continues to scarf down her sushi and rice bowl.

Kat emerges from downstairs through the office yawning, rubbing her eyes and stretching for the sky still in her night were as well. "You know Darla, I am SO glad you decided not to open today. Gave us a chance to sleep in for a change." Patches gets a huge grin, jumps off the bar and runs across the room toward Kat. The elf still in a sleepy stage points a finger straight out directly in the kittens face stopping her dead in her tracks. "You jump on me and I swear I'll de-claw you!" Patch just smiles and nods seeing Kat hiding the multiple of bodily pains that she still had from the night before.

Patches moves slowly to Kats side and hugs her arm walking her toward the others. "So what will it be this morning? Bacon and eggs? Biscuits? Cereal?"

Kat just smiles "how about something light, like ... pancakes?"

Patches giggles and smiles "I know just the kind!" She lets go of the elf and runs off into the tiny kitchen behind the bar leaving Kat to stumble on her own.

She pulls out the chair right next to her sister, spun it around and sat backwards in it. Leaning forward she rests her forehead on her arms on the back of the chair. After taking another bite, Mal reaches over with a smile rubbing her older sisters back. "Still tired huh? Well, thats expected from what you went though."

"How long did I sleep?" She says not even lifting her head.

Star looks at the clock again not skipping a bite. *Almost nine hours actually.*

A few moments later Kat gasps and sits up quickly surprised as she had almost fell back asleep again, as a plate is slide on the table in front of her. The kitty standing above her smiles. "Yeah we were worried that you would ever get up." Kat glances up at the cat and back down to her plate. A confused look passes over her face looking at the large spotted pancakes in front if her. "There chocolate chip banana pancakes!"

Darla looks up from her plate moaning pleasurably as she loved them from the morning before. "Mm.... I know it's a crazy combo and have no clue how she makes it work, but she does trust me hun."
Kat shrugs and spins her chair around sitting right. She grabs and pours gobs of maple syrup all over the short stack that Patch had set down as well. The elf dives in as her hunger takes over and moans as she scarves it down. Mal looks over at her sister with just a smile as she takes another small dainty bite of her omelet.

Patch smiles glad she's liking it and returns to her spot atop the bar. She continues to eat the sushi bowl when Darla finishes with a loud burp. Patch, Darla and Star all laugh while Mal just shakes her head. Kat's not really paying much attention as the kitten speaks up, "Complements to the chief!"

Star looks up with a big toothy grin as she finishes *In that case...* She gives out a loud burp herself. They all start to laugh till they smell something bad and start waving there arms in the air. *I'm sorry! I'm sorry I didn't mean too!* She had accidentally let loose a small portion of her demon stench breath into the room. Every one is waving there hands and only lightly complaining as this isn't the first time it has happened. The gas had reached the vent above the bar. A green light attached to a small censer box clicks on the vent activates sucking the gas in and out of the building. All looking at her she looks a worried until they all start laughing even harder now including Kat.

Now in a better mood Kat starts to eat like a normal person slowing down. Mal speaks up "You know I was thinking..." Her sentence was stopped by a fork dropping hard onto a plate. Everyone looks over to see Kat gripping her shoulder curling up in a little ball in a huge amount of pain growling and grinding her teeth. Everyone gets up and Patches runs to her as Mal leans in. "Katrinna! Here let me..."

She had been stopped again as the elf pulls away like a wild animal protecting a wound. Mal looks sad as she slowly pulls back as her sister isn't allowing her to heal her wounds. "Kat?" Kat just sits there shivering a little in pain before she gets up quickly and heads for the office. The kitten looking worried herself starts to follow the injured elf but is stopped by the tight grip of Mal who isn't even looking upward. "No... she needs time for herself, it's ok."

Patches just waits in that spot watching Kat disappear behind a closing door while nibbling on her claws. Finally realizing what she's doing she starts to spit out the nail pieces onto the floor. She looks over at Darla who has her arms crossed staring right down at her. "I am NOT cleaning this floor twice in one day." The kitten forces a smile and sighs before she goes to get the cleaning broom and mop.

Star burps again this time holding back her gas with a smile. She looks around looking for something to do and gathers dishes bringing them into kitchen where she starts to clean them. Darla starts her stock count as Mal continues on her computer just sipping from her tea cup. The kitty finds herself along the way scrubbing the floor on her hands and knees. All making sure to keep busy and stay away from Kat letting her cool off.


Kat stomps down the stairway into the base below. 'Hello Kat. Are you having a nice day? You forgot to give me your report about last night this morning. Is something wrong?'

Kat takes a deep breath, cracks her neck and walks over getting her sword from the weapons rack and across onto the holo pad. "Liza, activate the simulator! One Mulch demon at level four."

'No offence dear, but are you sure? I mean from what happ....'

"Liza!" The elf yells out at the mother board. A few bleeps and light activate on the pad. She growls and attacks it. With in seconds she had killed it which just disappears. She blinks standing there shocked. "What the hell Liza? That was way too fucking easy! What happened, are you sure you created a level four?"

A single bleep is heard as the mother board checked over her scans quickly. 'Yes Kat. The information I have on file is what I have to create the simulated version. Is something wrong?'

The elf just starts to nod to herself still shocked. "Yes, very wrong." She steps down and starts to walk over to the main terminal still speaking. "The demons we fought last night were taller, stronger, faster and tougher to boot. And you know what's really strange? There eyes were green and bright, not red like normal. Why didn't I see it before?"

In a light tone the mother board speaks again. 'Dear that's what I was trying to say before. You forgot to give me your report. It's my job to put it together, not yours. You have enough to do. Am I right?' A light passes over Kat which now sits at the main board. 'Medical scans show me your not up to par either dear. Your shoulder still hurts huh?'

She sighs as she leans forward on the board. "Yeah, it comes and goes. Mal says it's going to be like this for a while but all in all, I'll be fine."

'Your scans show still light traces of the poison in your system, but not enough to do any damage to your body or mind. But that is curious since Mallie has cured such wounds before and left no trace what so ever. Meaning only one thing, these are not the same demons I have on file. At least magically more powerful as well as physical as you say. Hmmm demons also are never known for eye color change unless under the influence such as drugs, electronics and spells.'

Sitting up quickly "Your saying that these things most probably were being controlled and enhanced from outside. Most probable magic when electronics sends out either a blue or red signature and of there poison effects." Not knowing it she reaches up and rubs her shoulder. She takes the time to type up the precise dimensions of the newer demons she encountered. "Liza, we have to figure out who could do a control enhancement spell on multiple dark targets from around the city. You have the list of registered magic users of this city and a few that weren't registered. Just run it and we'll just hope for the best."

She rubs her eyes as mother board starts her long filter scan. She leans back and yawns rubbing her shoulder. "Just wish I didn't have to do everything, you know? I feel like I have to keep everything going and keep the other girls from killing each other."

'But Kat, you don't have to do everything. You have many skills that's a given but you do not hold this group together. Friendship holds it tight as well as the many skills needed for your little vigilantly escapade of yours. You can't do this by yourself, you know that, you've tried. That's why they are here still fighting. Why, cause they believe in you and your cause. This is also why they are still upstairs worrying about you cause they care.'

"I know... thanks Liza. You know, you really are like a mother. Thanks. I think I'll go upstairs now and apologize. they deserve at least that." She starts to stand "Oh wait... tomorrow is the Scar demons raid! We got to worry about that too." She runs upstairs with almost a smile on her face getting another idea in her head of kicking a little ass, instead of the pain in the shoulder and problems revolving around that.


That night at the far end of the slums on the boarder of the government district sits Slums Central. A huge twenty story fortified building with electrified gates and military guards. On the top floor is a single large poorly lit office. A huge metal desk cluttered with stacks of papers and two computers stands alone in the middle of the room lit up by only two old looking office lamps. A older balding human man sits in the chair that squeaks at that desk in a tattered suit with a loose tie. He is signing papers and looking very stressed and sweating immensely as he reads over documents after documents.

"You shouldn't be concerning yourself with pitiful little wines and cries. You should concentrate on more important matters! Like our deal!" The dark boyish figure steps out of a corner with his dark eyes slanted and arms crossed. Standing only five feet high means nothing to the huge amounts of visual dark energy flowing from his body.

Catching him off guard the deputy mayor of the slums jumps back standing up and gasps. Finally realizing who it is he still doesn't move just from fear alone staring at the dark figure. He gulps loudly. Mumbling "Mr. B., I.. I.. I didn't expect you till tomorrow. Is there something I can do for you sir?" He takes a deep breath and takes his seat again very slowly not taking his eyes off the boy.
The boy nods "Yes.. a report! A test of mine went well last night. But some of my pets were destroyed, and I am VERY pissed about that!"

Shuffling through papers till he finds one he was looking for and holds it up. "Yes of course sir. Here it is..." He holds it out for the demon boy. The boy doesn't move and glairs back at him. "Of course, sorry." He pulls back the paper and starts to read it himself. "Everything is on schedule. Your Scar demons are hit up and is in preparation for there raid sir. They will be ready to go on schedule." He looks up from the paper and tries to smile. "I hope this pleases you sir. Looks like it will be a successful raid plan Mr. B."

"And your investigators? The Spider twerps?"

"Oh right!" He shuffles through more papers till he finds a green folder. "Here it is! Umm right half of the investigators will have the day off and the emergency call line will be cut and being 'worked on' for about half an hour. And to our calculations that's more than enough time for your demons to raid and find there temple and plow over the Spiders." He gulps and looks up "Does this please you sir?"

The boy figure nods slowly and turns away. "It's very good work Sloan. I want you to hit my demons up another does of my serum tonight. Things didn't go so well with the last batch."

Nods as he types it up along his computer. "Of course. Sir and about me, you promised..."

"I know what I promised to you. You will get your reward when my plans are finished."

After he is done he looks up and sighs. "What about the Kitties? They have interfered with our..." The demons boy turns around quickly at that last word and growls. The deputy gulps and lowers his head slightly "I mean your plans, way too many times sir. According to Slums law the are acting out in there rights. We have no course to go in and arrest them."

"Your damn laws!" He turns around and grips the edge of Sloan's desk and leans in making the human lean back slightly to lightly pull away from the dark flames. "They should be executed for killing my pets!!" He pushes away from the desk and walks away. Sloan looks down at his desk and almost starts to sweat harder seeing the two almost melted imprints of the demons hand in his metal desk.

"But I wouldn't worry about them for much longer." He turns back to the human with a huge toothy grin on his face. "I already have someone on the inside. They have been with me for a while. Tomorrow is going to be fun!"