You with the willowy
Whisper of weeping
It never resounds
So, in an inkling
The daintiest step
She'll show you the vertical stumbles
Still spreading the scope of a snowfall
Frosting at the tips
On a hung-over yesterday's grass
Amuck within
A frolicking grin
A scribble 'cross the board
Memories can't be pinned

Don't spires ever trip,
Their burden well beyond
A neutral mass of biased?
Build me anew,
For mine is far past drunk

Would he truly swear to you?

Play with me among the courts
The summer-leaded wrecks
And marbleizing morgues
My Sweetness, what a flight
Only here through gummy gloves
Of monetary sunshine
And toys for banking lines
Of clerics teasing corpses
Where once their portion swam
And the single bit of metal lash
Where all left out the curl
Only held the flier
The bill resides already
Here you find inanity
This singsong pick of posies
Swinging from the knob
Most certainly a cursor,
Empathize my plague
And breathe for her tonight

You with the clean-shaven
Stubble of suits
The printer passed over the table
You with annulus
The piper's last dance
Spouting a cough on Catullus

A white vintner sealing barrels
The trade reversed to women
A definitive sweep
Of those peach-leather hands
Somewhere between the daughter
And the god
Quite a sight amongst my hair
And you, the almighty
Decree that I am
And I,
Compelled to agree

So what of punctuality
Madonna on the throne
Where once she considered
Such man-made pearl
Of the blue that slept to her
She'd looked downwards
All along
Aren't you Narcissus too?
Holding desire,
Crumbling worlds,
An atlas of the times
Here I stand too stable
Your pseudo thrusting whilst the changing
Seize the air
So here, this place
Contemptible diner, you suppose
Scraggly bubbles slip to the cracking
Flowers the conception
She of the drawing
Flawing reception
A pronoun just resigned
And you,
Left alone with everything

Annul her while you can.