I don't go looking for the ladybugs,
I let them come to me,
The ice-cream may be cold,
But it holds sweet memory.
I let the words come through,
Let the melody flow on,
Love is only another obstacle,
In life's greatest pond.
I'll let you in on a secret,
That I don't ever tell,
The reason why I love my life,
Is because I live it well.
Maybe you should try some of this,
The medicine of love,
Let it saunter through your heart,
Take of your dirty gloves.
What has been, has already passed,
You can do nothing but reminisce,
Why hang on to the string of hope?
Why fade of with that last kiss?
Let what's happened be the past,
See the ladybugs,
They shant come to you if you hunt,
Lay and sleep in the green grass.
If you sleep they shall come,
Let them come to you,
For fate is something you can't make,
It's only what life can do.
By Siobhan
Date: 9/May/2004