'Tantamount to Torture'

I'm sure that a lot of people will be keen to express their views on the recent photos and the storm that's raging in the US now that evidence of severe abuse of Iraqi prisoners has been revealed. I'm also sure that everybody on this site will have been horrified by these revelations whether you are American, British, French, Iraqi or any other nationality.

What I really wanted to emphasise now is not so much my horror and disgust but the importance of what happens now. I'm British so unfortunately I can't vote in the next American elections but I think it's about time that a lot of you Americans out there (not all of you by any means) realise you have to get Bush out of Office.

The fact that Bush hasn't sacked Donald Rumsfeld as soon as these allegations were broached is extremely worrying. Rumsfeld admits that this happened 'on his watch' and he is therefore responsible - an honourable man would back down but, in the face of his refusing to do so, Bush should fire him immediately. But I don't believe that this is going far enough.

To believe that Bush and administration didn't know about what was happening in Iraq is ludicrous. Both the International Red Cross and Amnesty International have been making clear their worries for over a year. Other hugely respected organisations have also complained about prisoner's rights being abused in Iraq and Guantanemo Bay. Are we supposed to believe that US intelligence is so bad that they fail to inform the President of such behaviour? Or perhaps it wasn't considered an important enough issue to trouble Mr Bush with.

The damage that the Bush administration has caused to international relations has been catastrophic and I feel sorry for any US ambassador trying to do his job at the moment. Anti-American feeling will have been dramatically increased in every Muslim country and community. Not only that, but Bush has succeeded in alienating many European countries and has lost the respect of the public of Britain even if our Prime minister seems to think otherwise.

America might be the most powerful Nation on Earth but that doesn't mean that they can disregard the opinions of the rest of the globe. I know that many Americans will be feeling incredibly ashamed this week. (As I will feel ashamed of Britain if allegations against UK troops prove true) And I also know how angry you must feel at being lied to for over a year with talk of 'honour' and 'freedom'. 9/11 doesn't justify the torture and humiliation of the most staunch Anti-West terrorist. This last week has proved that there are people worse than animals on all sides - at least the terrorists have the excuse of poverty and poor education. I pray that the next election sees Bush pushed out of office forever and the masterminds of these 'interrogation and intelligence gathering techniques' brought to justice. I extend my sympathy to any of the families whose loved ones have had to endure this abuse and of course to the victims themselves/