Life is just a Hump!

What a day, it's always the same, Cladi do this, Cladi do that, don't canter, trot, turn this way, turn that way. My feet are killing me! Think of it, from dawn to dusk trotting on sharp shingle and gritty bits of sand covered with fag ends and crisp packets, and then pulling a huge, heavy, gilded cart up and down, up and down. Huh! It gives me the hump; soon I'll be so moody I'll look like a camel!
This last week was terrible, almost as bad as my first week in this dump. The first thing which told me I was in for an 'interesting' week was Dallas collapsing. It was just too much for him to take, his feet were so sore, his breathing hurt, so did his life. What a sight, a young horse he was to, shot and sold for dog meat or so I heard, he's one of the lucky ones, what I would give to graze in the meadows, a fine filly with everything to live for, I was once you know, and now his soul is there, I want to join him.
I hope I don't last long. I really, really do not like old ladies with walking sticks; yes you can guess what happened can't you? Well I ask you, some people just haven't got enough imagination, no, I'm not going to tell you, you have to make an educated guess! Oh God! I hate little old ladies; I really am turning into a camel! She had a very evil face if you ask me but no one does anyway, they all know I'm rubbish at judging humans (I thought our stable owner looked kind and gentle, it was very kind of him to kick my hocks this morning!)
I hate pulling the cart to Alkanis, it's always the same, I hate Greek summers, I hate Greek winters, I hate old ladies with walking sticks, I hate the carts and I hate brats with their stupid, cold, sticky, wet ice creams! Oh yeah, I'm not sure if I mentioned the fact I hate my life. I'm sure my backs got a lump on it you know; the others say I'm just being paranoid, but what do they know, they're probably in league with the humans out to get me!

There were a couple of real spoilt brats on Tuesday 'mummy, mummy, can we go on the pony?' Pony? I'm over 16 hands tall, PONY? God I hate uneducated brats almost as much as I hate brats with ice creams!
Wednesday was better than Tuesday I suppose, a couple ignored me completely (to busy snogging in the back!) I'm not complaining anyway! Just one brat on Wednesday and she didn't have an ice cream!
Thursday was a lot worse, now I hate teenagers; my life is a mess! (Have I said that before?) My hump grew larger on Thursday than when I see brats coming towards me with huge sticky towers of freezing sugar just ready to topple on to my unprotected back! Three teenagers on Thursday, they're not usually interested in me but these were the 'grab the tail and ignore the irresponsible parent' type. My hump was huge this morning! I want to die (déjà vu) Oh come back clean stables with plenty of room, come back real food and light carts and kind words! How I used to complain about the dressage and how stupid and boring it was, come back sweet, easy dressage. I hate my hump! Shadow was killed this afternoon in an accident with a motorbike. I won't think of my hump any more, it degrades me too much, one of my ancestors had to have been a camel. Just goes to prove that there's no such thing as pure blood horses. There were four uneducated brats with ice creams today, and two old ladies with walking sticks along with a bunch of teenagers, I don't care, not any more. They flock around me, my eyes are blurry, my chest heaves and my life ebbs away, one old horse looks at me with envy. I got my wish.
Goodbye, my hump won't trouble me any more.