On my side
April showers catch blossom petal
A ballet of English rain.

Here at the Jersey Shore,
I swim in pools of pink,
Gathering in corners of our streets.

On my side
Summer warmth sends out swarms
To beaches by cold sea

Here at the Jersey Shore,
Crowds gather to drink in salted seas,
And drink until they please.

On my side
Autumn turns summers trend to grey
Wind sweeps of streets with rain

Here at the Jersey Shore,
Crisp night skies showcase stars,
Trees turn to red-brown clouds,

On my side
Winter comes with frost and chill
One week of snow only inches deep

Here at the Jersey Shore,
Quiet pervades the streets,
In winds to whirling defeats.

And we wait.
From different sides of the Atlantic,
For pink half-butterflies to fall,
From the heavens pink as far as we can see.

*A co-authored poem with ideas from both our spring poems*
*By Tom, (Nine Iron) England
& Christine, (Christine Redman-Waldeyer) America*