By:Andrew Troy Keller

Okay,Everybody.Here's how it goes.I was suppossed to be at my parent's house to spend Mother's Day--which was the Nineth day of May--with my mom and the rest of the Graden family,but instead,I've decided to do what I had suddenly found out was a really stupid idea,for a small group of my fellow Baldwin-Wallace students had walked up to me and asked me to join them on a trip to a private island on that very same day.

And so,even though I was suppossed to be with the rest of the Graden family on that day,I've figured that the sooner we get ourselves over to that island and do whatever it was that the others had wanted to do there,the sooner we get ourselves home and allow me to go spend Mother's Day with my family.

That was until I've made a really big mistake and asked,"What's the worst that could possibly happen?"

Of course,the answer to that question had came soon enough,for while we were flying over what looked like the Hawaiian island chain,one of the plane's engines had started sputtering and couching out some smoke,causing one of my friends,Herbie Conner to make an emergency landing.

After he was able to land the plane in one piece,Herbie had gotten out of the plane to see what was wrong with that engine,while I've taken a water jug and gone to find a place to take some water from.

Just then,about a few feet away from the plane,I was able to find that particular pla it was the only thing that I've found,for I've also discovered a very hot-looking babe and was taking a shower underneath a running waterfall.

"Excuse me!",I've said,after I had cleared my throat."I really didn't mean to invade on your privacy,but my friends and I are in a sudden demand for some water and if you'll allow me to take some back over to my friends,I promise that we'll leave and never give you anymore trouble!"

But just as I was about to sit down and start filling the jug with as much water as I could carry in it,the 35-Year-Old stranger had ran out of her shower and over to where a Daniel Boone-ish type pouch was hanging from a branch of a tree--and after she had taken something out of the pouch,she had ran over to me and looked at both me and the object that she had in her hand.

Then suddenly,when I've allowed myself to take a peek at that very same object,I had discovered that it was picture of a man who looked just like a young Donald Trump,a woman who was obviously his wife and their daughter who,in my humble opinion,has the most sweetest face in the entire portrait.

And then,my mind has suddenly flashed back to the year 1974,in which my parents and I were sitting at the kitchen table and having our breakfast,when suddenly,my dad looks at the front page of the newspaper known as the Plain Dealer and a story that would've sent chills to the spines each and every parent of the face of the Earth--a wealthy publishing tycoon named Leonard Doohan has vanished somewhere over the Hawaiian island chain along with his wife,Margret and their daughter,Heather--and were never seen or heard from since.

At that moment,it had suddenly hit me--it is 30 years later and both her parents are no longer among the living,yet Heather Doohan,their daughter and the one true heir to the entire Doohan Publishing Empire,has somehow managed to survive throughout her 30-year exile.

Then,after she had gently placed her hand my cheek,she had finally done the one thing that she wasn't able to do in quite so long--she had asked,"Home?"

And of course,after I've realized that poor Heather has been in exile for far too long,I've placed my gentle hands around hers and answered,"Yes,Heather.Home.You're going home."

Now,let me tell you that it wasn't easy at first to convince my fellow Baldwin-Wallace students that I've found Heather and want to take her home with us,but I was able to do it--and after Herbie had finally finished the repair job on that one engine,we had flown ourselves away from that island and all the way back to Hopkins International Airport,where a relieved group of Doohan family members were waiting to welcome her home.

As a matter-of-fact,they were so very grateful for having their long-lost little angel back,that they had invited me and my friends over to the Doohan mansion for a long-overdue birthday party that they were holding for her.

And well,after I've called my family and telling them about the party that I've been invited to,they've told me that they understand and I should go have a good time,which was what I've done.

Oh and speaking of the birthday girl herself,she was so grateful for having rescued her from her island exile that the Hudson Leick type beauty had wrapped her arms around me and gave me a great big hug,which had suddenly caused the both of us to look at each other for a minute or two and kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.

After the kiss,everyone in the entire room was smiling and applauding so much,that I've decided to get down on one knee and asked Heather to marry me.

It is now one year later--and we're about to go to my parents' house to spend Mother's Day with the rest of my family--just me and my beloved wife,Heather Doohan-Graden.