Bastet, demon in modern times.

If my older brother wasn't already in hell I'd damn him there for giving me that bell and hammer alarm clock.

With groggy near bloodshot eyes I peeked down at the small toy mouse resting against my blue and white tartan pajamas. 'Sorry Penuck but you've got to take one for me.' I thought. The gray body of my mouse bounced not so elegantly off the red Rainbow Bright themed clock.

I love that show. Oh, mind's not working, can't focus, need 12 more hours of sleep. All healthy seventeen year old young women deserve a good eighteen hours of sleep.

Rolling over and curling into a fetal position I pulled the covers over my head hoping to catch just a few more moments of the greatness that was sleep.

Never such luck in this household.

In the time span of 2.3 seconds the door of my room was forcefully pushed open causing the knob to collide in a deafening bang against the wall and a small bundle that felt like a bag of bowling balls landed on my belly while singing at the top of its lungs, "Sunny days sweeping the clouds away. On my way to where the air is-um-um-Work it! Own it! Love it!"

Shooting up in my bed and knocking my little brother off my stomach in the same instant I stared at him in a look torn between plans of homicide and confusion.

"Ty, how do you get from the theme of Sesame Street to Cartoon Network's Cartoon Friday's Big Guy Shimmy?"

The oddly adorable russet color of fur brought his right leg up and scratched an invisible itch behind his right elfin ear. Yeah you read that right. "They both good songs."

"Don't scratch in my bed." Yawning away my anger of being awakened, yet again, by my fifty pound brother who somehow always felt like a full grown adult when he pounced on me.

I think it's those cute bluish green eyes that allow him to get away with this ritual.

Curling my tongue in a yawn I ran my fingers through the tangles of wild black hair rubbing over a sensitive fuzzy lump. "D'ya eat yet?" I asked slipping out of bed.

"Nope, mama hid the cereal from me." Suddenly I felt a hand clasp around one of my appendages, in an instant my eyes shot back at my brother who held a black and brown striped tail, my black and brown striped tail, in his little clawed hands. "Don't you dare." I hissed at his cheeky grin.


A feline yowl vibrated from my throat making the little figurines on my bookshelf tremble. My lovely deep brown ears, which were once pressed flat down in the mess of my hair, shot upwards with the surprise. Jerking my tail from Ty's claws I petted my abused limb cooing to it in comfort before sending an I'm-gonna-make-the-next-moment-of-your-life-a-living-hell glares at him.

His mismatch elfin cat ears settled on the side of his head drooped down to his shoulders as realization set in and the hairs on his tail stood on end. "Aah!" Within seconds he was off my bed scrambling on hands and toes out the door. "Mama, Bazz is trying to kill me!!"

Before the little booger could make it out of my door way a book, paperback mind you, clocked him in the back of his retreating head.

Pushing my seemingly four year old brother's stunned body out of the way with the heel of my foot I closed the door and went to the task at hand of getting ready for school.

I took a quick shower, quick because regardless of how human I may appear this kitty didn't like to get wet, brushed my uncontrollable short black hair that for some reason desired to set into this anime-ish style, then dressed in my uniform, altered of course to give some since of individuality. A horrid black plated skirt that stopped about four inches above the knees decorated with pins and slogan buttons, white calf high stockings (In my case black and white striped outside of a pair of fishnets fashionably torn from the many times Ty ran his claws to them when greeting me), a white button up cotton top (long or short sleeved, student's choice), dark tie, and sometimes the deep burgundy jacket that buttoned up to the breast.

Walking out of my room in the mist of a battle with my special order purple Hello Kitty neck tie I passed Ty who had recovered and was rubbing between his one black and one brown ear, crying.

In a soft mew of tears and snot that mixed together on his round cheeks he focused those darling but sad eyes on me before inhaling a shaky sob then released it, "Youhitme.Ionlycametowakeyouupsoyouwon'tbelateandwecouldeatbreakfasttogetherandyouhitme." He sobbed with his little light chocolate tail curled at his side.

Damn that little fur ball. His cuteness is irresistible even to the strongest of men, I know he gets dad all of the time. Picking him up so that the…um stuff leaking out of his noise didn't get on me I stroked his back until he was half sobbing and half purring, a sound that came to the equivalence of a car engine that won't turn over.

"I'm sorry Tyger Tyger. Here's the deal, you stop crying and tonight you can bathe with me." With a few sniffles and a backhand wipe to his now puffy runny nose he nodded. "Want some milk and Pop-Tarts instead of Golden Grams?"

The sad little kitten in my arms was gone in an instant and in its place was this cheerful fuzzy hyperactive little brat, my brother, who had waked me up. "Frosted Blueberry? Topped with cheese and sardines and jelly?"

Wincing I tried to hold back my gag. He has the worst taste for breakfast. Now frosted brown sugar PT with cream cheese, locks, and a slice of ham. Oh yeah…oops the drool's running down my neck.

In less than five minutes Ty was seating at the kitchen table kicking his feet back and forth humming the Sesame Street song again while chomping down on his meal. I sat across from him unknowingly humming along while practically scarfing my breakfast. It is after all the most important meal of the day right?

Am I right? C'mon people I need some reassurance here!

Both of our ears twitched when we heard a catty yawn long before the figure of a groggy not so middle aged looking woman appeared dragging herself in.

The scarf holding her head of pretty brown dread-locks had fallen at some point of the night and was resting around her neck leaving the locks with four golden rings randomly tied into her hair to fall just above her tailless rear. Her double pierced cat ears, positioned in the same place as any human's, were nearly drooping down to her shoulders.

By the looks of her I knew better than to even look at her longer than a millisecond. Her unusual but attractive golden sapphire eyes, that I happily inherited, starred drowsily and blankly past us to the coffee maker, almost daring it to be empty of the caffeine she so deserved.

Before I could stop him the cheery Ty stopped his humming and chirped out, "Good morning mama."

The dead like movements of our mother stopped. And- hey! Where did that anomalous fog come from? And, wait, it's morning, why the hell was it suddenly night?

Ty was looking around the kitchen just like I was trying to figure out the whereabouts of this strange occurrence when suddenly our mother snapped her head towards us. (Just so you know, we both screamed like bitches.) Red flames of fire where silhouetting her shapely body as her hair, with weighted rings mind you, billowed behind her as if carried by the wind in an enclosed kitchen! Her eye color resembled melted gold as she focused on us growling between sharp teeth.

In a blink of an eye Ty had jumped from one end of the table into my arms. "Bazz, mama's scaring me." He whispered to me.

I held him close to my chest stroking his shivering back; hiding him from the sight of a grown woman, mother of three, wife and soul mate of our father, completely irate from lack of the amaretto flavored brew in the pot behind her. "I know, Tyger, I know. She's scaring me too."

Now we have one of…um, one, two, three, yeah three no four choices. One: Sit still and pray she doesn't attack. (Yeah fuck that.) Two run for it. (And not see her when she pounces on our fleeing asses.) Three pray that father arrives. (The deep snoring told us that would be a very long time.) Or four and the one most likely to let us live was somehow get coffee to mom.

"Tiaret, think of the children!" I begged to the woman while holding Ty out of her eyesight.

Her voice seeped from between her tightly clenched teeth. "Give. Me. Java."

Nearly tripping over myself and Ty, who refused to let go of my waist, I grabbed a mug and poured the hot dark liquid within. "Haa!" With a swing of my arm I pitched the mug filled nearly to the brim to my mother.

Her long elegant fingers closed around the daisy pattern mug and took a large gulp of the scolding coffee, a feat I never wished to attempt at the cost of practi- oh look the fog's gone.

My mother's hair fell back to rest against her back, the mysterious fire was gone. "Good morning my darlings!" She chirped smiling at us through tightly closed eyes (I think that's where Ty gets his quick mood changes from).

With mom's morning nicely perked up by the help of caffeine me and Ty finished our sugar heightened breakfast, oh yeah we would be bouncing off the walls today. I gulped the last of my milk then ruffled Ty's hair and licked mom on her cheek. "I'm off." I announced before grabbing my books and heading towards the door. Looking back I titled my head towards the stairs, "Bye daddy! Love you all." A loud snore sent me off on behalf of my father.

Just another morning in the Kita house.

Running down the stone path surrounded by browning grass I smirked at seeing an attractive female, the same age as me in almost the same uniform, standing next to my mailbox with her back towards me, arms crossed over her very gifted bust, and foot just tapping away.

"About damn time!" Vivian shouted. "Do you know how long I've been waiting here for you?"

I gave her a skeptic glance before letting my eyes trail to the furry tail sticking out of a hole in the back of her skirt, still semi-wet. "Viv, you could at least come up with some sort of an excuse instead of placing the blame on me again! Admit it you were busy looking at yourself in the mirror again."

She laughed running her fingers through her lovely blonde hair careful not to disrupt the pretty circles of plats twisted into a bun. "Okay then, but if we don't hurry up we'll be late again and you know what that means."

Her brown eyes locked with my gold, "Detention." We said together with strong distaste.

"Let's get going wolf girl." I sighed heaving my backpack onto my shoulders.

Her pointy ears twitched, "I'm not the one always making us late, kitty cat."

Oh did I forget to mention Vivian's a wolf demon? I didn't? How about that I'm a mixed feline demon along with the rest of my family? I didn't? Whoa, how did that slip my mind?

Alright kiddies here's a quick round up on who and what we are. Long long time ago there were creatures in the forms of animals that would take on the forms of humans, always moving back and forth between the worlds. As human's evolved or whatever you chose to call their progress in life, they began to call these animal creatures with great powers demons, gods, and spirits depending on the region where you grew up. The names sorta stuck and that's what we are.

"Whoops one moment." Both Viv and I sat our bags in front of us and closed our eyes. In sync with one another we snapped our fingers twice above our heads and stamped our right foot hiding our tails, fangs, ears, and in my case giving me brown eyes. Giving each other an approving nod we made our walk towards our place of education Red Crest High School home of the Stars. Yeah sounds like BS to me too.

I guess I could take this time to explain a few more things to you. Alright by now you've come to realize demons exist.

I am living proof of that.

Sadly not everybody knows this, so feel honored I'm tell you this. Oh yeah awhile ago we were all over the place living among people like it was nothing. But something happened, someone said something about someone's mama, there was a few bitch slapping here and there, and everyone realized things just wasn't working out right. Our existence was wiped from people's minds…well most people's minds and well to sum it all up there aren't as many demons around as their use to be so we have to hide ourselves a bit to live in this world or go live in the other. It's painful really to live so long and watch the old ways die slowly, I remember when magic was everywhere, and not in some Vegas show with mirrors and wires.

Got it? No? Yes? Doesn't matter I'll tell you more about it later…if I feel like it.

What you do need to know is, yes Vivian's a wolf, and yes I'm a cat type demon (I'm not sure which because my parents are two different breeds of cat: mommy lioness, daddy wild cat). Usually cats and dogs don't mix but we're demons and we have a whole different level of behavior, and because we are demons whose numbers are so low we stick together as friends.

"Eeeeii! Vivian-sama! Bastet-sama!" Our spines were jerking involuntarily thanks to the piercing shriek of delight. Within seconds something clasped down on my back and hugged me to the point that I'm choking.

Ooh look at the pretty blue spots. Jimmy Hendrix?! Is that you? I haven't seen you in ages!

Just as I felt as if I was about to die the hold was released and the owner of the shrieking voice jumped onto Viv. I could see the two long white, not blonde, white pigtails catch in the wind as Uri landed on the unsuspecting Vivian's back.

"Good morning Vivian-sama. You look so beautiful today! I hope that when I get as old as you I look as pretty." A hyper 14 year old girl squealed as she ran her dainty hands over Vivian's hidden tail. "Ooh you're tail isn't soft today? What happened? Are you getting older?"

Uri had only been talking for two minutes and already Viv's left eye was twitching. New record.

Uh-oh, she's looking at me. Yipes!

The both of us were on the ground within seconds. "Cute cute kitty ears! Oh I just loooove your ears, Bastet!" She cooed practically forcing the back of my head into her already developed breast to rub her face against my ears.

Meowing I struggled to get onto my own two feet and run before…before-oooh soo good.

"Heehee, you are so cute when you purr." Uri laughed messaging my ears, a very sensitive pleasure point might I add, reducing me in a mass of purring jell-o.

By then the twitch in Viv's eye was ticking by the second, releasing a growl she grabbed hold of my feet and yanked me, very ungracefully, from the bubbly girl's menstruations. "Ruugh, we have to get to school Uri!" She yelled before setting us at a fast paced run away from her.

"Why is it out of the few special human's that can see us through our disguise the one we meet would be a cat person?" I demanded running at a demonic pace along side Viv, both of us uncaring that our skirts are hitched up above our waist.

Damn skirts. We really need a new uniform, better yet a regular dress code. Oh there I go off subject again.

"I don't know! She's the one of a Japanese priestess blood lineage, how the hell that happened I don't know." Viv said as she ran, neither of us panting. "What where they called again? Makos? Tacos? Mikos! That's it mikos!"

After being ambushed again by Uri our day couldn't possibly get any weirder. I mean it's a human school, it can't get any worse. Right? Right? Why do I get the strange feeling I'm wrong?