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Uri in a Lot of Trouble

April 11th 13 hours and 15 minutes completed

To my joy the day had gone quickly by. I woke up, chucked Penuck at my alarm clock, ate two stacks of waffles and went to school. What really made my day was that when I arrived a fully recovered Viv was awaiting my arrival from her post beside my locker.

Before I could even get my lips to form some sort of greeting Viv huffed, "If there is one thing that I absolutely hate it has to be getting sick. Once word got out that I was bedridden for over a day all the old aunts, crones and what have you were coming over shoving spoon after spoon of their nasty home remedies down my throat and putting things on my chest and face. That stuff is disgusting, it was all those hundreds of years ago when they invented it and it still is today." Viv ranted on with her arms still crossed over her chest.

Putting away and grabbing my needed books for the period I looked about the hall to see something very usual going on. Down the hall right in front of Long's locker there was a huge mound of flowers, stuffed toy teddy bears, cards, and two candles framing a picture of the boy, who I just noticed wasn't leaning against Viv as he always was.

"Where's your boy toy? And what the hell are those idiots doing now?" I asked hugging my books to my chest while nodding towards the small group of girls standing before the locker.

Viv gave an annoyed sigh, "Long caught my cold so he's stuck in bed. And with him being the fire bird that he his it's really bad for him, but he'll be okay in a day or two."

"So they built a memorial?" I demanded in my shock.

"Yeah," Walking Viv lead us in the general direction of our first class. "I heard rumor that if he's not well by tomorrow they're going to call the Make a Wish Foundation."

"Oh that reminds me I have something juicy to tell you." Just as I was about to spill the beans the bell rang commanding us to get a move on. "I'll tell you in history you're going to love it!"

Despite the fact that Viv complains that I get her into too much trouble sometimes she was indeed overjoyed and rather edger to get in on the prank we had in mind. But that wasn't all, once we had gone off to lunch I told Viv about my new job as Xion's every other day personal secretary, though I happily kept what happened to myself, except for one embarrassing moment for one Sharon.

Walking off the school's campus Viv howled once more with laughter with what I had told. "You're kidding me!"

"No, and then she literally rips her shirt open. I couldn't hold back anymore." My words were cut short as Viv laughed impossibly louder, "You should have seen her rush out of there!"

"Oh man, I wish I was there. See, I would have been there if it wasn't for you!"

"Me?" I asked.

"Yeah, if you didn't hold such a damn grudge all of the time I wouldn't have gotten sick!"

"You? All you did was walk around topless; I was the one you and your boyfriend allowed to fall into the pool. If anything I should be the one sick! Anyhow I already knew that you would have ditched me the moment I mentioned that I was going to visit Xion."

Viv laughed playfully, "You've got me there."

In no time we had made our way home, waving goodbye to one another we go on our separate ways.

Walking into the house I kicked off my shoes and walked in farther only to be greeted by a short dusty brown creature as it latched itself onto my legs nearly tripping me.

"Bazz is home!" The shout I knew well from the countless times of being pounced on as a wake up call, but still I couldn't believe this dirty things was who I thought it was.

"Ty!" I screamed looking at the dirt clod that was my brother underneath. "What in the hell- who was suppose to be watching you?" I demanded picking him up by what I believed were the cleanest parts of his clothes.

"Um, daddy is."

"And where is he now?"

"Upstairs with mommy." Ty replied. "She says she had a rough day. Daddy says Mr. Maggi-Magin-Maggon-"

"McGinnis." I filled in.

"Mc-Gin-is is busting his balls for something."

I sighed deeply; we really need to learn how to keep our mouths shut around this kitten. Once my father had said aloud that one of his clients were full of shit, when the guy had came over Ty immediately took him to our restroom. When asked why Ty innocently answered, 'Cause daddy says that you are full of shit.'

We never heard from that guy again.

"Tyger Tyger, what have we told you about watching what you repeat?" I questioned lifting him up to my level.

"Be careful."

"And why is that?"

"Because we don't know if someone from social service is watching." He smiled puffing his little chest out with pride for having remembered his lesson.

"Good boy." I smiled back praising him with a loving rub behind his elfin-like ear. "Alright, why don't you sit down while I make something to eat then we're going to take a bath."

"We are?" Ty asked happily.

I brought my tail forward to tickle against his nose, "Yep, now go and don't tract any dirt on anything."

That was one thing about my baby brother I really didn't understand, as I've stated before the cat in creatures like my family are practically overpowered by our need to stay clean and dry, but my baby brother didn't care. I can only guess that he developed the love for being dirty was the fault of hanging out with Viv's younger brothers and sister most of the time, not to mention the different assortment of children at the daycare who didn't fuss over hygiene nearly as much as we obsess over it.

It didn't take me long to make dinner, shrimp cooked with onions, green peppers, lots of garlic in a tomato sauce all on top of a huge pile of white rice along with a simple side salad.

It didn't take long for me to make it and it wasn't long before my parents wearily hobbled out of their bedroom to sit in a slumped manner in their respected chairs. That night Ty provided us with most of the conversation, telling us about what he did in daycare and who he played with.

Within a few moments my father stopped his chopsticks paused only about an inch from his lips as he finally took a good look at his youngest son, "What the hell happened to Ty?" Daddy asked looking towards me.

I shrugged standing up to clear away the dishes and leaving everyone else to finish up the rest of their meals, "He was like that when I got home."

"Tyger." My mother sighed reaching out her hand to wipe the dirt smudged on his cheek, succeeding only in smearing it in worse. "How on Earth do you keep getting so dirty? You're my little cub not a piglet."

In responds to my mother's comment my brother snorted like a pig, smiling and laughing when mom flustered slightly before tickling him.

In a matter of minutes I made mom an after dinner cup of cappuccino and served everyone a small serving of French Vanilla ice cream while I enjoyed the last scrapings of the Reese's flavor ice cream.

"Mmm, thanks Bazz, we really needed that." Daddy smiled looking far peppier than what he did when he and mom first practically crawled to the table.

Momma on the other hand had gone through the ever amazing transformation that over took her whenever she had that cup of magic by the name of coffee and was smiling again chatting happily about her strenuous day at the temple.

Picking up my brother we headed off to take our bath.

One thing I like most about the main bathroom of our house was that the tub wasn't some small thing that barely one and a half people can fit into it. Oh no, it was actually a huge square tub with jet streams and massaging action and something or another that kept the temperature constant without the need to add more water. That with a few bath bubbles and milk protein enriched bath beads and I really didn't care much that I was in a huge body of water.

Sighing I reclined to rest against my navy blue bath pillow imagining how nice it would be to live constantly moving back and forth between my bed, this bath, and basking in the sun.


"What the-" I sat up looking around.


"The hell is that?"

"Duh-duh duh-duh."

I pushed the sudsy bubbles away from me as I looked about, "Where is that coming from?"

"Duh duh duh-duh duh duh duh-duh."

"I can't be hearing the Jaws theme."

"Duh-duh-duh! Ragh!" The water behind me exploded as Ty's naked soaked body jumped onto my back and his tiny teeth bit into my shoulder.

"Aaah! Help me, help me!" I screamed in a high pitched voice flailing my legs about making the water splash over the bath's edge. "Aah! The great Tyger shark is going to eat me! Someone please save me!" A spot of yellow floated by us, Ty's rubber chicken (yes I said rubber chicken, Mr. Quack Attack the duck had his poor head bitten off months ago in our bathtub theater of Lake Placid).

After a serious water battle between the infamous Tyger shark and the mighty Rubber Chicky of Doom dum dum dum, with me as the prize, the victorious Ty allowed me to take him out of the bath.

"Can't catch me! Meep meep!" Ty shouted running off with my robe dragging behind him.

So there I was running bare ass naked through my house after my equally naked baby brother, who I might add seemed to really enjoy the feeling of the cool air hitting his wet furry hide. There wasn't anything wrong with that right? I mean my folks were never modest and neither were we, so why worry?

The answer to that question came when I came upon the still dripping wet Ty standing in the living room doorframe, his tail lashing back and forth every few seconds.

"Gotcha!" I cried reaching out for him. It took me about 2.4 seconds to realize that not only was Ty's tail moving but he was hissing beneath his breath, or was that a gas leak? No definitely him. My eyes looked into the direction of his own and I couldn't help but yawl and punch our intruder in the face.

"Ow! Shit what the hell is wrong with you?" It was after I had punched him that recognition had sunk in a little too late. On our floor seated on his rear holding his bleeding nose was Xion Maki.

Pinching his nostrils closed with the dishrag Ty had grabbed from the kitchen I looked apologetically down onto Xion, who was lying on the couch with his head resting in my lap. "I am so sorry; I didn't know who you were." I said for the hundredth time in a span of two minutes.

"What scared someone's going to come and rape you?" He scoffed. Bloody nose and all he was still arrogant. "What are you doing running about the house in the nude anyway?"

"Well excuse the fuck out of me but this is my house and…wait a minute." I pushed him off his rest on my lap and the couch. "How the hell did you get in here? What the hell are you doing here? And who the hell gave you the right to look at me as if I'm the most repugnant thing in the world?" I demanded.

"Does your vocabulary always improve when you are upset?" He questioned having caught himself before falling on his ass as I had intended.

I rolled me eyes. "Humans get upset, I'm mad."

He cocked a brow at me, "I have every right to visit the home of my fiancée if I please."

Why does everyone bring that up to use against me I will never figure out, "Hey stop saying that, we're trying to get that damn contract voided, remember? Besides that still doesn't explain why you're here."

"I'm here because I need to ask-" And that's when it happened. A horrible scream backed with a huge aftershock of energy crushed into our humble abode like a surging tsunami.

The house shook as all of the portals connected to the house began breaking open all about turning the inside into a gale of screaming wind and unstable power.

"Ty! Bazz!" I heard my parents call for us from upstairs.

"Momma! Daddy!" Ty and I screamed back.

"Get out of the house!" My mother screamed.

Picking up my brother I thrust him into Xion's hands, "Get out of here!" I shouted above the howls of the wind. Xion, for once in his stubborn life, obeyed without question rushing out of the backdoor.

I too left soon after running out of the front door rushing full speed dressed only in my bathrobe towards the source of the surge. Something like that needed immediate attention and due to my position in the DSG not to mention thanks to the time I spent hunting with Asp and the other boys in Cairo it was nearly instinctive.

The tapping of foot falls beside me brought my attention to both Viv and a bit farther behind us the now well looking Long. "Did you hear it too?" Viv asked between breaths.

The scream that fell onto my ears was a voice I knew all too well. "Yes, something's happened to Uri." I growled moving faster and faster.

Within seconds we had passed Uri's home and were a little ways into town on the street that was well lit but void of people, sniffing lightly we slid to a halt nearly passing the narrow alleyway where the scent of our dear Uri was strongest. There was saw it, hunched over what we knew without a doubt as Uri was a large green creature with a long tail that coiled slightly behind him.

"Hey!" Long shouted.

The creature, a large lizard demon I knew well thanks to the many pictures and reports Asp had sent me, turned its bubbling rotating eyes back towards us.

Seeing young Uri unconscious on the ground beneath him I saw that my first priority was getting him away from her. Growling I dashed forwards swinging my sharp nails down digging my nails into his back. He hissed loudly in pain before leaping up and away from me clinging onto the wall before running up.

"He's getting away!" Viv shouted.

"Viv, stay with Uri and call for the SCEMT!" I commanded unsheathing my nails before I began jumping onto the wall, jumping from side to side scaling upwards with Long flying up before me as we began to pursue.

"Come back here you son of a bitch!" Long shouted as we landed on the roof top of the grocery store.

The lizard only looked back at us with those big ugly bulging eyes before yelling a curse then fading from sight thanks to camouflage.

"Shit." I growled looking around trying to sniff him out, which wasn't easy given a cat's sense of smell wasn't nearly as strong as a canine's and the bastard's scent was all over and on my hands from where I had attacked.

"Bazz, can you smell him?" Long questioned looking about.

I sniffed that repugnant smell of rancid lizard demon blood once again and cringed at the stench, "Yes and no. I can smell him but I can also smell him from where he's been sitting here. There were just too many different trails to pinpoint his escape path. This is why I hate reptiles." I growled trying to whiff the horrid two week old wet trash smell away from my nose.

"Bazz, get down here, he did something to Uri." I heard Viv shout for us from down below.

As Long and I came back down to the ground where Viv sat holding the still unconscious Uri in her arms I could hear a large vehicle speed quickly by only to slid to a sudden halt. Ignoring the Special Cases Emergency Medical Team I turned my eyes to the pale girl laid on the dirty alley ground, so pale, except for a large nasty looking bruise on her neck. I sighed deeply bending down to check on her…still alive but what was about to come afterwards she might wish she was dead.

In a matter of seconds the SCEMT came running in quickly taking Uri and laying her on the stretcher before they placed her into the ambulance and drove off. In the hustle and bustle a Special Case Officer gathered the three of us and escorted us into his car saying things to calm us down as he raced after the ambulance to the Ender Hospital on the demon side.

"Now you kids don't have to worry." He said looking into the backseat at us.

"We're not."

"I know that must have been really scary."

"Not really. It was just a rogue lizard, barely above a D class."

"If any of you feel like you need special care or anything-"

Tuning the man out Long turned towards me, "Um do you think we should tell him that the lizard got away?"

"But don't worry this is his comfort zone, and more than likely the DSG's special police put up a barrier in a good fifteen mile radius the moment they felt the surge and Viv made the call." Sighing lightly I leaned back against the seat enjoying the ride as best we could with the officer babbling on about the trauma he was sure the three of us were suffering.

Poor thing didn't even know that this generation of youth has been seriously desensitized. Not to mention that this cat once did this sort of thing as a sort of summer job.

It didn't take long for us to finally get to the hospital. The SCEMT had done everything they possibly could for Uri before taking her to the doctor for further examination. The Special police and detectives put us through an hour's worth of the usual questioning and interrogation that didn't cease until Viv could no longer stand their asinine questioning and revealed the fact that she was with a skilled huntress and DSG member to be and that they had better leave us alone or she would go ballistic on the lot of them.

"I said leave us alone before I get medieval on your asses! I swear you're like boy bands, you keep coming back!" Viv shouted picking up the chair beside her ready to swing.

"Excuse me," The doctor called sweetly as she poked her bubblegum pink haired head out of the door, "You can come see her now."

I quickly took the chair from Viv as Long began to guide her into the private room.

"Um we'll contact all of your parents." The detective stammered looking out from his hiding place behind the vending machine.

Uri didn't look right just laying there in that sterile room, she was just too still, too quiet. I knew Uri, the hyperactive human teenager, always smiling always edger to do something, anything that she was able to. The Uri we knew would be trying to pet us, checking and marveling over our demon traits that only she seemed able to see through as she went about telling us about some mundane thing that was great in her mind. The Uri we knew would most likely be lying in that bed in a spread eagle fashion, snoring the tiles off the ceiling.

"So what happened?" Long asked the doctor while looking down at Uri.

"He tried draining her of her essences to make himself stronger. He didn't get much, thank goodness." The doctor stated in that chipper go-lucky mood of hers as she checked Uri over once more.

I felt so stupid, how did I not think about it sooner?

All of the demons in our area were smart and strong enough to protect themselves from the rogue; perhaps with only a little difficulty. But how was it that I didn't think about the one other odd factor to our community? A pure untrained miko with degenerate powers lying dormant in her body. That was a small fountain of youth so to say and I hadn't even thought about it.

"This is my fault." I whimpered hiding my face in my hands as I sank down to into a seat in the corner.

"No it's not." Viv cooed bending down to comfort me.

"Yes it is! The second Asp told me about the rogue I assumed that he wanted one of us demons and left it at that. All of the years I spent with Aunt T and the Cairo Boys I just forgot everything I learned, and look what happened to poor Uri." I nearly shouted pointing to the pale unmoving form in the bed across from us.

"Bazz don't worry, he only tried to drain her. Tired. She just needs a little rest then she'll be okay."

"Actually," The chipper tone to the doctor's voice died hinting towards some unsettling news we knew we were about to here. "His attempt to drain her has left her powers unstable."

At hearing this my shoulders and ears dropped lower and the guilt came on even heavier.

"Explain." Viv commanded.

The doctor tried to explain but couldn't quiet find the words. Looking up I began to explain for her, "Think of a mosquito bite, the bite causes a slight reaction that makes the skin swell and itch because of the antihistamines. Well the same has happened with Uri only think of it like she's fatally allergic to it, and her body is shutting down, fighting itself confusing herself with what the lizard's bite has left in and took out of her body."

I didn't know if the explanation was accurate but it was enough for all of us to understand.

"If the DSG would have allowed someone to train her she might be able to handle this." The doctor sighed shaking her head sadly at the situation.

"If those arrogant bastards had allowed it she wouldn't be in the mess to begin with." I snapped.


"Don't mind her, Uri lives in our neighborhood. In fact we interact with her nearly everyday." Viv provided. "In a way Uri is like a member of her pride or a member of my pack, annoying as she may be but still one of ours. To see her harmed in our territory is a blow below the belt."

Staying by Uri's side I kept an eye on her not really caring when my family arrived along with Uri's grandmother or when Long and Viv finally went home. I didn't really hear what the Special Police had to say about our home being quarantined until some professionals could mend the unstable portals on both ends and that for the time being we were homeless. I didn't even notice when Asp and the rest of the Cairo Boys came to question me, scrap my nails for the lizard's blood and left promising to check on me again.

I didn't really notice anything until I felt long fingers comb through my hair soon followed by a light kiss to my forehead. "Are you hungry, honey?" My mother asked with that nice soothing accent of hers.

I shook my head from side to side watching the monitor scene that kept track of Uri's unstable energy signatures.

"Bastet, it's not your fault." She said reading my mind. "All of us didn't think that this would or could happen. Stop punishing yourself for it."

"Momma," I leaned over into her arms. "I've been watching her for who knows how long and nothing's changing. Each time it looks like she's about to recover a little then it drops down again. Up and down, up and down, she's not going to get well this way."

The arms wrapped about me tightened in a sign of comfort. "The doctors really don't know what to do, even dormant her powers are something to be weary of and really they have only been trained to deal with our kind."

"Why can't they just give her an injection or a transfusion?" I asked.

"Same reason honey. Her blood and powers may reject it given no hospital anywhere has any miko blood or essence, if anything it might make things even worse. If we had it just pure maybe, but the procedure in extracting it is too risky. Not that many are strong enough to do it, take too much and the donor may die." My mother explained. "We can only hope and pray that Uri will get better soon."

"Where's her grandmother?" I asked.

"She's resting in the hotel with us. Here, this is where we're staying and this is our room, when you start to get tired I want you to come and get some sleep okay?" She asked her tone of voice leaving no room for arguments.

"Yes ma'am." I nodded, accepting another kiss from my mother before she left.

Thinking about what my mother said I suddenly knew there was at least one thing I could do. Something my dad actually taught me.

Bring on the rippling dissolve flashback effect...

It was years ago, exactly how many I didn't know for sure but I could remember the serious look on my father's face as he stood in the dojo looking unfazed by the vigorous training session we had just had ready to begin a new lesson, 'Bastet, this is a very dangerous technique that I never wanted to teach you for I don't want to imaging or see you ever in the position where you would need to use it.'

I stood before my father fighting back my urge to allow my weak body to collapse. 'Understood.'

With a small sigh and a sign of reluctance he began my lesson. 'If ever an opponent is stronger than you or a fight is too strong and you find yourself mortally wounded there is one thing you as a feline can possibly do to ensure your survival. It's a move that steals more than just the chakra but the life's energy of someone that will help siphon into your own, restoring you depending on just how much you decide to take.' My dad had explained pointing to me on my body the paths of energy flow as he spoke.

It was then that I understood why he didn't wish to teach me this. I would have to be on the brink of death and the only person around to steal life from would be my enemy and if that's the case I wouldn't just be taking a little to restore myself no I would have to take it all.

With meticulous care my father had explained every little step and every little detail of the technique to me. 'This begins with a paralysis, once this is initiated your opponent can't break free or resist until you are done. Synchronize your breathing so that when they exhale you inhale and vise versa. In time it will begin. If you take a little it will take your enemy at least an hour to recover, in that time you must make your escape and recover.'

'Why does this take longer than a normal energy siphon?' I had asked.

'What I have been teaching you lately has been mere energy leeching, you're stealing or removing their energy not their essence. The essence is far harder and takes more concentration. Now do you think that you have everything down?'

I bowed down at the waist with deep respect, 'Yes daddy.'

(Okay enough of the flashback)

The Stealing Cat's Breath, aptly named after the old wives tale of cats stealing the breaths of babies,

But I would be doing something different, a backwards Stealing Cat's Breath. Looking at the clock I knew I had at least fifteen minutes of free time before someone came in to check on Uri.

More than enough time.

Crawling onto the bed and onto Uri I placed my hand over her heart monitoring her heartbeat for myself. Bending down I tilted her head upwards and made sure that her mouth was open nice and wide enough. "Okay Uri, if this works you owe me a month's worth of no pouncing." I whispered before I bent my head down lowering my mouth to hover about two inches away from hers.

Doing as my father had taught me I breathed in when she breathed out, repeating the process over and over again until she began to breathe deeper striving for air instead of my breaths. It was then that I had control, when I breathed deeply she did the same, over and over until a pale whiff of what someone would believe to be smoke began to drift past her lips, just what I was looking for. I took a deep breath drawing it into me feeling it as it drifted into my lungs and like a serpent wrap around something within me. Refusing to swallow the feeling down I pushed it out with a long exhale forcing the pale 'smoke' out and back into Uri aware of the fact that wrapped around it was another bright blue wisp of 'smoke' coming from my mouth and into Uri's.

I paused for a moment leaning back enough to see that I wasn't drawing anything back in and that Uri wasn't rejecting it. Smiling I breathed in and out again forcing more into Uri with each breath that I took, feeling a little weak and light headed the more I gave.

It was no wonder daddy never wanted me to do this, I felt like I was suffocating.

No longer able to give anymore I leaned back feeling dizzy and disoriented, I took a look at the monitor and was pleased to see that Uri was now stable; in fact she was practically recovered.

Smiling I moved to climb off only my body wasn't really doing what I was telling it to do…at most it got the point of moving to the side, only I kept going. Tumbling over to the side I saw the floor for a moment rushing up towards me, lucky me I blacked out before I hit the floor.

I don't know just how long I drifted in and out of consciousness; I was just too tired to really stay up long enough to differentiate what was going on between my dreams and what was real. I'm pretty sure that anything and everything that involved my parents 'chiding' me for doing something so stupid alone was real. Everything else from the ghosts of the people who died in the room and the floating items was pretty much apart of my dreams.

Opening my eyes once more I looked towards my side looking to see if anyone my family members or friends was there to keep watch of me, but who I saw at my bedside told me that I was still dreaming.

"Xion?" I asked looking towards him, "Am I doped up on morphine or are you really here?"

Xion scuffed from his place in the chair to the right of my bed, and as always doing something related to work. "You only bumped your head, Bazz, nothing serious that would require you the need of drugs."

"Oh good, how long was I out?"

"You've only been out for two days." He answered sitting down a small report a top a carrier bag on the floor before coming to help me sit up.

"And Uri?" I asked looking around to see the young untrained well of power was no longer in her bed.

"She's fine. Just as soon as you passed out she came to." He answered taking a seat on the bed's edge. "Your family has been looking after her."

"So why are you here?" I asked. "No offense or anything but I expected to see my mom, my dad, my brothers, my aunt, your dad, Viv, Long, the doctors, orderlies, a priest, a rabbi, or a minister of all people to be here instead of you."

"Well," Xion lifted one coal black brow, "No one wanted to leave you alone so I voted to stay while your family showed Uri around."

"She tried to pet you didn't she?" I laughed.

"So she is always like that."

"That doesn't explain why you are here. Checking up on me?" I purred leaning forwards until I could rub my cheek against his shoulder.

Scoffing he pushed me away before standing to grab his things. "I'm only here because my idiot car-less brother and Vivian needed a ride here. I felt that since I was here I might as well come and see how you were doing."

"Aw so you were checking up on me!" I squealed.

"Idiot. I wanted to see if you would be awake soon, don't forget about our little problem." He stated leaning down so that we were eye to eye with one another. "Which I hope you will think about before you go and do something else stupid like that ever again." As he spoke he leaned in emphasizing his point. If I didn't know him any better I would have thought that he was actually concerned about me and worried about my habit of making careless decisions.

"Sorry Xion." I whimpered leaning away. He looked shock at my apology, but I wasn't about to let it last long. "As much as I hate the idea of marrying you but the price of an innocent life isn't worth voiding that contract."

Picking up his things Xion left me to myself but not before muttering something as he headed out the door, "That's noble of you, Bazz."

I couldn't help the warm feeling of pride that washed over me at that comment, not to mention the entire event; Xion and I had our first conversation that didn't end or contain any arguments. But still that didn't excuse the fact that I had lost two days, two days that we would have to make up somehow.

I looked down on my watch. April 13th 14 hours and 45 minutes completed, I couldn't help but smile before turning on the television. "Xion, you're such a liar."

Watching TV I blissfully put myself into ignorance, if only for the rest of my short visit in the hospital, of the things poor Uri and I would have to face…against the very heads of the DSG.