I found myself spacing out yet again and my eyes wandered around the room. Everywhere I could see glassy eyes and fake smiles, but those people were not the guests of honor; I was. I frowned upon remembering why I was in such a place.

I, a girl the age of sixteen, was about to be married to that awful man, Cyrus Banks. I admit that at first I thought he was an okay guy, a real gentleman and all those qualities you look for in a friend, but that was before things got weird.

On the outside Cyrus was a plain guy, quite normal and polite, but once you got to know him, opinions started to take a turn for the worse. Upon talking to him, he instantly believes that you're great friends, which I thought to be, well… friendly. But his 'friendliness' doesn't stop there, because then he'll fall for you. When he does this, he falls hard! If he was a tree and someone shouted 'Timber!', you could run, and even if you were still a mile away when it hit. You could feel the tremendous vibrations. He would get so wrapped up in emotions, you would be dragged in as well. I am very sorry to say I thought I loved him for a while. That was before I got fed up.

I mean, honestly, after spending a month with somebody during almost all the time you're awake, you really start to get sick of them. I could tell you his five favorite conversation starters, the clothes he would wear multiple times a week, and any other random fact about him that you might want to know; I won't do that because thinking about him just angers me.

And what angers me more is that I have to MARRY this guy!