This was another of piece I had to do for a workshop. It was originally under 400 words, but I added to it for this site. Anyway, I hope you all like it. Please R/R

The Hunter Turned.

What a waste of time. Three months of chasing shadows, chasing phantoms, chasing a friggin' fairy tale.
Doctor Jonathon Zelig stood on the train station platform, waiting for his train out of this god forsaken place. He sat down on a rickety wooden bench and watched the sun disappear behind the beautiful Romanian mountain ranges in front of him. A quick check of his pocket watch told him he still had an hour to wait.
A man appeared from nowhere and lit the lamps around the platform. He gave the doctor a nod before he disappeared again.
Doctor Zelig turned up his collar to a cool breeze that blew in from the west. The train station was now only lit by the flickering flames of the lamps. The doctor stood up and paced the platform to stay warm. His breath plumed out in front of him as he exhaled. As he paced he thought about the last few months.
He was angry with himself; a doctor, a scientist, believing in such an absurd legend. He wondered if the university would revoke his tenure once he returned to the states. He felt so foolish, and.
Footsteps on the platform behind him broke his thoughts. When he turned, the doctor saw a figure standing in the shadows at the other end of the station. The figure began walking slowly toward him, his head down, a large hat covering his face. The hem of his coat swept the ground.
"I believe you've been looking for me," the man said in a raspy voice that sent chills up the doctor's spine. When he stopped walking, he was only a few feet from the doctor. The wind rustled his coat.
"You must be mistaken."
"I've been watching you for nearly three months, Dr. Zelig. I am the one you seek."
The doctor took a step back to the outer ring of light. "How do you know my name? Who are you?"
The man uttered a bone chilling noise the doctor could only construe as a laugh. "I have been known by many names through my existence, but, for now, you may call me Vlad."
"Why are you here?"
"You wanted to see me. Were you interested in an interview? I wanted to speak to you sooner, but always had your entourage with you. I prefer the privacy of a one on one interview."
"I assure you sir, I do not know you."
The man spewed out the laugh noise again. He stepped forward into the middle of the light, lifted his head, and took off his hat. "You do know me, good doctor."
Dr. Zelig felt his stomach churn. He took a step back and gazed upon the legend's face. The deep blue eyes, pale skin, and wavy, dark hair. But none of those features instilled the fear and dread that he felt at that moment. "Dear God! Nosferatu."
The man's blood red lips spread into an evil smile. "Yes, good doctor, that's another of my names." In a fraction of a second, the man had the doctor by the throat.