You said you were coming home...soon. In a few minutes, in a few hours, in a few years, in a few long lifetimes. After you've told a few lies, made a bit of money, found someone new to love. Then, you'll be coming back.
Oh, I remember how you loved me, how your eyes told me lies I, like a stupid, ignorant child, thought were they shone, unblinking, and there was nothing but joy in their blue seas. You said you had given me your heart, and so I gave you mine. Didn't even think. Didn't make you win it, just gave. I was such a fool back then; happy, but a fool.
I let you hold me, whisper to me in a voice that seemed to me, heaven, and so much more, and your words were my very life. Yes, my friends, my family, they all warned me not to believe, but, what can I say? I believed what everyone wants to believe, that someone could love them more than anyone else in the world. Maybe you loved me, once, but now you're gone, a million miles away from caring for my broken heart.
Where'd you go? I hardly care anymore, for I knew from the moment I said, "come back soon", and you wouldn't look me in the eye, that I'd never see you again. How could anyone help but to sometimes wonder what happened to their love...Did your dreams come true? Did you find someone better than me? Did you ever stop to think about what happened to that little girl who used to love you?
She still loves you, don't ya know?
She can't stop herself from loving you...from reinventing your image in her head every night. I wish you could've really been the perfect, flawless picture that is painted in my memories. How could anything keep me from still glancing through the daily crowds to find you again, just for a second?
I saw you again the other day, but I could barely recognize you anymore. Funny how the man I loved, the man I remember is so different from the one I see now. That man was alive, but this one, He's dead.
The last time I saw you? It was at your funeral (though you didn't know that's what it was). I read about it in the local paper that morning, decided to go by the church for a final little goodbye. I watched quietly as they lowered you into the ground; saw the people crying and whispering your name; saw tears fall, bury you out of sight. I stood outside the cold, iron fence, away from all those strangers who I didn't know, and cried secretly.
I watched as they raised the headstone. Elaborate, (you must have found your fortune after all) and beautiful, (the way I loved you) it sticks out of the cold, hard ground that blankets you, a scion of darkness.
They covered your tomb with flowers, white ones, decorating your death, and sang songs to your memory. They're all just like me. They can't forget you, even now you're gone.
It's been weeks now, since your death, and I've gotten back to my life. But I still marvel at what one's and mind can see, the thing is...(and I've known it all along)

You're not dead.