[A/N:  Hey there.  Yet another school assignment.  Most of my poems are I think.  Oh well.  Here's the scoop – we has to write a sonnet.  That's what this is.  We were told to write with "lofty language", so here it is.  If it's too hard to understand, and enough people tell me so, I'll add the 'translation' as another chapter.  We were also told to write in a retrospective tone.  I think I took it a bit too far.  Whatever.  If you like it, tell me.  If you don't, *sigh*.  I guess everyone is entitled to his/her opinion.  *tsk, tsk*]


Thou hadst no time to hear what I told thee,

That night so many long long days ago.

Thy mother warned, "Do not take Ecstasy",

Thou didst not listen, so now thou must know. 

Thou laughed at her and drove off with a vroom,

Thy ears were ringing with the sound of Rock.

The night was young and so the TV boom'd,

So was thy thought – and all thou did was mock.

As thou danced up a storm upon the floor,

The punch was loaded – how could thou not know?

They called thee names and now thou know'st no more,

At that last final party long ago.

Thou drove under the influence – but why?

And thou never even lived to hear us cry.