You call my name,
Expect me to be there
You call my name,
Expect me to want to be
You call my name,
And I've given up
On responding to you.
I don't know what you think
That you are accomplishing here
I don't know what you think
That I am getting from this
Other than hate, solitude
Other than seclusion
You keep saying that you give me so much
So what is it, exactly, that you have given me?
Private schools? True. But do you think
Of the cost that going to those private schools
Has been paid by me?
I'm not talking about money,
I'm not talking about homework
Or education.
I'm talking about friends
I'm talking about social life
I'm talking about the things that I never had
Because you never let me.
You always talk of the great things
That I am supposedly going to do
But then why are you as condescending as you are?
If you want me to love you,
Then shut up and realize
That I'm not two years old anymore.
Look, I can walk, and, look!
Nobody's mugged me.
Nobody's assaulted me.
Hey, I think I can take care of myself now
So why don't you just let me?
All those damn places you sent me
To better my education,
To improve my future potential.
Did you ever stop and wonder
If I wanted to go?
If I wanted to change schools again?
You went to the same school system
Your entire life.
You went to your community college,
Kept the same group of friends
Stayed in the same group of people
Your entire life.
In ten years you have sent me to eight schools.
Do you want me to be happy?
Do you want me to have friends?
It doesn't seem like it.
Fuck your invisible sacrifices,
And let me stay where I am
For once.
Let me have friends,
And let me try and keep them.
You've never given me that.