~A/N:I wrote this one in 3rd hour study hall.

To dream of you
I had to see
What you were
inside of me

It hurt right here
when you dissapear
how I wish you
could reappear

I wish you were with me
It would be so cool
Insted of my self drowning
in a twirling blood pool

My eyes are closed
and lights flash like fire
like someone getting hit
by a dangling live wire

It flashes and then I believe
that I'm talking to you
Through ESP and in my mind
and find out that's not true

I wish I were a celebrity
so I could be with her
I never used to feel this way
Anytime before

~After Note: Hope you liked it.... I will try posting my songs... I want to start a band and become popular... And possibly be like linkin park or somethin'! R+R!