Rose petals dance across my lips,
Silky, warm, and delicate,
Moving across my faces and hands,
Tracing soft patterns on my naked flesh.
Drifting gently from the sky,
The rain of angels heard on high,
Close my eyes, feel nature's kiss,
Upon my lips, my nose, my cheeks.
Gentleness upon my neck and chest,
This brief glimpse of heaven,
One moment stretching ever on,
Far beyond the light of dawn,
Into the grasp of eternity.
I twirl around among falling petals,
Grinning as they spiral around me,
Clinging to my soft, warm body.
Sharp thorns cut through my lips,
My blood spills upon the ground,
Over and over the cruel thorns bite.
No longer do I feel the kiss,
Bright pleasure traded for this dark pain.
Bloodied tears spill from my eyes,
How easily love withers and dies,
Thorn wounds never meant to heal,
The hurt and pain I'll always feel.
Kiss of roses elude me now,
No longer is heaven visible,
All I know is hell's agony.
One rose drifts down upon the wind,
I life my face and catch it in my bloodied hand,
Vicious thorns slice through my palms,
Crying slightly I stroke red petals delicate and soft,
My eyes darken and my heart grows cold,
Hot fury surges through me,
Without mercy my fingers close around the rose,
Crushing nature's fragile beauty,
Within my heart shatters and bleeds,
Broken by a rose's kiss.