There is a story of a man
Who thought up a twisted plan
He hated all not from his clan
And so his motion began

He asked the others what they thought
They replied with a simple naught.
And so in his anger overwrought
He went alone and fought

He dropped his bombs on poor Iraq
Lacking power to fight back
With smoke and bombs the sky turned black
It was just the start of his attack.

He blew up hospitals and schools
Slaughtered people like common mules
Those who argued with his rules
Shed their blood, the stupid fools

And because the man labelled it as good
We helped him out where we could
We never wondered if we should
Shoulder to shoulder we found our self stood

And when we had all killed our share
We walked away without a care
At least we pleased Bush and Blair
Thousands dead without a prayer

Is your country better than before?
Was all the murder worth the war?
All your problems we shall ignore
Sort them out yourself, you scum, you whore