Bloodied handprints stain the wall
I feel my heart begin to fall
Metal clanging, children screaming
Yes believe; I'm still believing

A broken is at the door
Lying in ruins on the floor
There's a note attached to it
Scrawled in blood it seems to say this

"Lonely nights and whithered voices
You and me making noises
Fighting, screaming, slapping, fucking
You crimson bitch, you left me wanting

More and more but then you left
And now it's time for my revenge
Yes revenge; it's oh so sweet
Good night my dear and have sweet dreams"

I dare to breathe, I dare to think
This bittersweet lust; God it's sick
I dare to move, I dare to feel
The bloodied handprints at my heel

I see a creature and he grabs me
I dare not fight, I dare not breathe
Before he slits my throat he says to me
Good night my dear and have sweet dreams