Tears stain my page as I write
Negativity in the light
Crumbling down; gonna fall
A full length mirror against my wall

Pushing and pulling me to look
Pain overtaking all I have
Looking in my walls were shook
Anger is rising questions asked

Mirror, mirror what did I do to you
Why are you showing me things that I just can't escape
Mirrror, mirror I know I'm the fool
But quit showing me things that I just can't erase
Mirror, mirror; look into my eyes
Such innocense I show, but I'm still guilty
Mirror, mirror, I see all my lies
But please tell me know can you notice me for me

Shattering of broken glass
Negativity comes so fast
Not wanting to know or to find
Reflections that I just can't deny

Living in a mirrored house
My face, covered in my shame
Mirror reflections bringing down
The pain that I just can't escape

Hating my life everday
Can't understand why the pain
Not knowing where it came from
And you wonder why no love

No love is here, there is just hate
Writing and crying with the blood of a girl
A girl with for herself so much pain
A girl who's looking back at herself through a mirror
(Chorus 2x)

A mirror of bloodshed and tears
So much to lose and to fear
Pain until a point of no loss
Nothing in a room but us
Reflections that make me burn
But it's just a girl and her mirror