When I'm gone and life is dead
Roses will blossom 'til no end
Tears will fall and drench my face
Lying in a salty rain

As I look into her grave
I see such a fragile face
Pale and gone with it's death
Letting go of what life meant

She fought so hard to win
Bruised and beaten to no end
So delicate her face seemed
Too delicate to mean much to me

She used to be such a show
She had had a china doll's glow
But if you saw her all alone
You'd see her with a look of no

You'd wonder why she cried so much
Hurting darkness, fading dust
Tears would stream down her face
Falling onto deaf ears and pain

Scars of memories still there
Remembered with a single tear
Singing softly to herself
A tune she made for herself

Deprived of what life did to her
She grabbed a knife as her heart burned
She cut her wrist and she tried
Bleed, oh god, how she cried

I stare into her deathly look
So pale her face like from a book
Her red fire hair on her cheek
Highlighting her good mystique

I lean down and I start to cry
My head on her chest as she died
How I wish I could've been there
To stop her from trying to not care

They don't see me they can't hear me
This little girl with a good mystique
A fragile face so deathly pale
Too dead enough to tell the tale

I have awoken to tell the tale
But now I must return to my hell
In my coffin where I sleep away
With such a fragile, delicate, pale face