Yet More Amusing Songs --- Part 3


Since the beginning of time.

Man has yearned to know.

The ultimate answer, to the ultimate question.

Why are walnuts so knobbly?


Oh, walnuts, they really don't do much

Just sit in a jar that gets open and shut,

Oh, walnuts, they really don't do much

Just sittin' around all day, being nuts.

But the bit that doesn't fit,

It puzzles me intermidably,

Why are these little brown shapes of joy

So odd and kinda knobbly?

Well I think I have the answer,

To a question that's been so long unanswered

If you think about it, really,

If they were smooth. they'd be almonds.

Now, I don't know about you, but this HAS to be one of my favourite songs I've ever written. And t all came from a one-liner I made up too. Oh, and in case you wondered what "intermidably" means. I made it up. So don't lose sleep. Back soon, with more. It's writing season folks, and the crops this year are good!