By Anime Queen


I looked at the paperclip again, traced my fingers over it. It hurt, the paperclip was hot. I picked it up just the same, and fingered the metal. Such a beautiful thing. But I remove it and it leaves a red mark on my skin. It burns.

I start to unbend it. If I succeed, the current of electricity will flow smoothly once again and the metal will cool down. I unbend all four sections of it, but where the bends were before, now there are bumps. It hurt my hand less now, but it was still warm.

You look over, and ask, "Watcha doing?"

Just another random thing you did without thinking. Just like the other four times. But it's nothing to you.

"Getting this paperclip straight," I tell you, a tad bitterly, but you don't notice. You stretch out your hand and take the piece of metal from me. You ignore the warmth still in it and try to straighten out the bumps. I watch you without saying anything. So much irony. It was you who bent the paperclip in the first place.

"I don't think anyone can completely straighten it."

You hand it back. Just something you only care about when you have nothing better to do. Just like the other four times. And every time increasing the current in the metal burning my hand. But you don't care. You have no use for the paperclip. Neither do I, not anymore.